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Acquire the Lordvessel.

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How to unlock the Lordvessel achievement

  • themegamancavethemegamancave143,167
    11 Oct 2011 11 Oct 2011
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    To acquire the Lordvessel, you first need to defeat the twin bosses Dragon Slayer Ornstein and and Executioner Smough. I found that the best strategy for this battle is to take Ornstein out first by keeping him as far separated from Smough as possible. Chances are he will pursue you more since he is faster. Ensure your weapon is two handed during this battle to maximize your efficiency with it.

    Once Ornsetin is down, a small cutscene will play, and Smough will appear with more health, and powered by the lightning ability. To defeat him, stay locked on, and dodge his attacks vice block, since the lightning ability will null and void your chances of blocking without taking damage. When you see him irradiate with lightning, it's time to move out of the way, or he will butt slam you, and yes it does hurt a lot O.O

    Once both bosses are defeated, make your way up one of the rising platforms and into the next room where you will find Gwynevere. Talk to her, and she will grant you the Lordvessel. Bing, achievement unlocked. Be wary, this boss fight is one of the more difficult ones in the game.

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    Carlos AgainYou meet these bosses at the end of Anor Londo. I would also advice summoning a buddy, or Solaire. These guys are a lot easier with a partner.
    Posted by Carlos Again on 16 Oct 11 at 05:28
    True XenoBladeI summoned Solaire and a random player, toppled these bosses second try. One note of advice though is IF you want to get all the achievements or plan a second playthrough is to NOT defeat Ornstein first, because the last thing you need in a new game plus is a EVEN MORE deadly Smough. You need both there souls in the longrun for achievements and the one who dies LAST gives you their soul. My advice is to suck it up and defeat Smough first, while the battle will be alot harder. Just imagine there stats on a new game plus when you have to defeat him for HIS soul O.O
    Posted by True XenoBlade on 19 Oct 11 at 11:12
    JibbermidgetI REALLY wish you would edit this solution to let people know to kill Smough first. It's alot easier in the first playthrough. It's flat-out impossible in NG+.
    Posted by Jibbermidget on 28 Apr 14 at 00:30
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  • Whats A GatsbyWhats A Gatsby72,127
    09 Jul 2012 09 Jul 2012
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    For those like me who want to get Ornstein's soul and the leo ring by killing Smough first, I thought I'd share how I eventually beat them.

    Both are weak to fire. I believe that at least Smough is also weak to lightning, but I don't believe Ornstein is. After failing a few times with my +5 Lightning Iaito, I decided to upgrade to a +4 Quelaag's Furysword, which does fire damage, and scales with Dexterity and Humanity (the latter capping at 10 humanity), which worked the first time.

    I got the Dark Wood Grain Ring by killing Shiva of the East's bodyguard, who will only appear upon joining the Forest Hunter covenant. Generally, I found it to be a better idea to stay nimble in this fight rather than block too much, so the ring allows for very quick movement up to 50% equip burden. I stacked up on some Havel and Black Iron gear for the poise and phys/lightning defence, and did the best I could manage.

    Block as you're entering in case of Ornstein's attacks from across the room, then move around a lot, behind pillars where possible for a respite. As Quelaag's sword stacks with humanity, which I had farmed already from the rats in the depths, I tried to use it rather than Estus flasks to heal, so as to get a damage boost at the same time. I went in with 2 humanity and ended with 5.

    Smough is most easily dealt with using pyromancy if it's available, and it really helps with the upgraded Ornstein as well. Chaos Fireballs did a lot of damage, whilst regular fireballs were nice to fall back on when it was 1v1. Rolling toward's Orstein when he was attacking seemed to work well for me, taking 2 - 3 strikes then rolling away again.

    Good luck, and know that the feeling of relief when you beat these two is definately worth the frustration of getting there.
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    LastJediIs it possible to hide behind a broken pillar and just attack Ornstein with a bow? As far as i know he starts spamming his bolts when you hide behind one.
    Posted by LastJedi on 13 Feb 14 at 22:13
    Whats A GatsbyI've never tried, and I probably wouldn't recommend it if you can avoid it. You can defeat them with just a bow, as Lobos Jr does in this video (fight starts at about 1:24:30), but it's more hassle than just trying to beat them normally. The most important things are the fire/chaos weakness, being nimble, and getting 2-3 hits then moving away again.
    Posted by Whats A Gatsby on 14 Feb 14 at 06:28
    Mazraelthe archer/pillar trick seems to work better with Super Smough.. Orstein (in my experience) will push around past the pillars, more so as you get further away.. if you have one pillar between you need to watch for his spear going straight through and doesn't always have to even hit your character
    Posted by Mazrael on 19 Jul 16 at 17:47
  • Kev0222Kev022273,843
    27 Nov 2011 30 Dec 2011 30 Dec 2011
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    If you are going to summon Solaire then make sure you kill the white knight dragonbow archer and the 2 giant halberd knights before you do. This can be done with zero damage using a reinforced bow (as high as you can, just to speed things up) and poison arrows. If you don't kill them then they damage solaire on the way in and sometimes keep him deadlocked and he won't make it to the O&S fight alltogether.

    You get poison arrows from the female undead merchant in the sewer on the way to the undead burg/the depths

    Kill the archer from across the other side of the room with repeated headshots and standard arrows. If you keep hitting in head he won't get a shot off with his bow and he won't move position so just keep hitting the fire button until he's dead. You can also poison him first but it's a waste of poison arrows as they don't have that much health and making the switch back to normal arrows might give him a chance to shoot you.

    The two big knights can be poisoned with 2 or 3 arrows. Then switch to regulars to speed things up. You need to be far enough away no to agro them with the bow shots. This way they will not heal themselves.

    Takes a bit longer than a straight toe to toe fight but you'll have all 20 estus flasks for facing O&S.
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