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Defeat Bed of Chaos

Defeat the Soul Lord Bed of Chaos.

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How to unlock the Defeat Bed of Chaos achievement

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    This achievement is for defeating the boss Bed of Chaos. He is a super simple boss to defeat. The achievement is called "Defeat Bed of Chaos".

    Once you get passed the Chaos Queen and ring the bell, you will then need to fight the Ceaseless Discharge. He is easy as well. All you need to do is get the armor in front of him and he will start to attack. Sprint all the way back to the white light door, and then the Ceaseless Discharge will try to pound you with his fist. Attack his fist a few times and he should just fall off the edge and die.

    After getting passed the Ceaseless Discharge you will then need to fight the Demon Firesage which is basically the Stray Demon (first boss you fought in the game) on fire. Defeat him and go further down. Eventually you will reach another white light door and will have to fight the Centipede Demon. When you are fighting him, make sure to cut off and kill his tail. Doing this will give you a ring which lets you take minimal damage from walking on lava, which you WILL need later on. I'm not sure if the ring will drop after you defeat it, but it will if you cut off its tail.

    Once you get passed the Centipede Demon you will have to past a room filled with giant enemies. Taking them on isn't too hard but they can be a pain sometime. If you have a lot of arrows you get them to follow you near the entrance where they can't get through and just chuck arrows at them.

    After this area there are a bunch of Demonic Statues, and they are super slow so you can just run passed them. Go up the stairs passed the the giant vine enemy, and the first left turn there is a white light you can traverse through. Traverse through it and slide down the ramp. The boss is basically a big tree. On the sides of her are two orbs. Stick to the walls and go to one orb and hit it. She will then start to disperse the floor so watch out. Luckily if you die and come back, you don't have to hit the orb again. Hit the other orb as well. You can actually just use an arrow to hit the orbs as well if you have good aiming. You don't have to actually go towards the orbs.

    Once you do that go to the middle, and run towards the boss and the floor in front will then crumble and this is where you have to jump and land a tree. Then all you have to do is cut the branches in front of you to reach the center and attack her soul once to kill her.

    Here is a video on how to beat the Bed of Chaos.

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    CeitanXNot necessary to cut the tail. I don't cut and still get the ring
    Posted by CeitanX on 09 Sep 12 at 05:20
    KeiyarlaDragaThere's one thing that you forgot to mention. In order to get to the Demon Firesage, you need to defeat Ornstein and Smough in order to get the Lordvessal. Since the Demon Firesage is behind the golden fog gate. The Four Kings is the only boss you can just go and beat without having to go through Anor Londo and beat a pair of annoying bosses to get said item. You can't just beat the Ceaseless Discharge and go and beat the Demon Firesage to get to the Bed of Chaos. The golden fog gate just won't let you through.
    Also I find it easy to snipe the shield to the left easier than trying to run to it to physically destroy the shield. It took me some time but it made the second phase of the boss fight easier than the third phase.
    Posted by KeiyarlaDraga on 11 Apr 16 at 21:26
    MazraelI always find the last part of this boss tricky.. I mean all you have to do is drop down (slightly to the right), but the boss has the 2 sweep attacks which can send you sliding off the floor as if it were ice., and when you do drop down you might just fall victim to the awful clipping in this game and when you do reach the "fence" it has a chance to go all ID4 (it OHKOs my character).. survive all that, it's fairly simple.
    Posted by Mazrael on 02 Aug 16 at 16:56
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    Dont be afraid with this boss and get intimidated with the life bar on the bottom. At most you only need to hit him 3 times. This boss is considered as 3 Phase boss. 1st Phase will be hitting one Orb, 2nd Phase will be hitting the other orb, 3rd Phase will be hitting the cetral "Heart" under the boss.

    Once inside you will fight a giant tree like enemy. On its left and right side there are shining yellow/orange force fields Once near them you need to destroy the roots to get near them so jsut roll towards it to clear a path. Get to them and hit both. When you destroy the thing inside the force field like aurathe boss will grow a new hand with blade attack. Holes will also appear once you get near certain points on the map. Dont worry the holes are preset and wont close up if ever you die. If you die the last state the boss was in will still be the same so you wont need to hit the orbs again.

    Now the strategy part, When you get near the center the floor will crumble and you will see a Root coming up from the holw towards the boss central hive. Just jump towards it and rush to the center by rolling over the obstacle roots. At the end you will see a Bug like creature that cant attack at all. Just hit it once it boss wil die.

    How to get to the core while the boss is attacking? THe boss has more or less 3 types of attack that you should be aware. Sickle Flame Hand attack that will hit you Vertically so just side step to avoid, no need to roll. This is his staple attack if your far away from him. Once you get close enough the tree(wooden) hands will raise up and swipe the floor 2 times horizontally. Once you see him raise his hands move back and away, this has a maximum distance so just step back a few rolls away. Once he swipes the floor for the second time, rush to the Root and jump over the gap. Just go and follow the ramp and roll over the roots blocking your way. Once inside Boss will sometimes use a One hit Kill Flame attack AOE that will hit you even if your inside or under him so hopefully you avoid this by not getting hit by the flame pillars on the ground.

    Beaten this guy both in NG and NG+
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