Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin achievement in DARK SOULS

Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin

Defeat Dark Sun Gwyndolin, the Darkmoon God.

Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin0
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How to unlock the Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin achievement

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    Defeat Dark Sun Gwyndolin

    In order to fight this boss you first have to find the Covenant "Blade of the Darkmoon"
    Gaist Heidegger has a great guide on how to accomplish that
    Dark SoulsSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Dark Souls worth 60 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    After you get your covenant achievement walk through the fog wall and you will be treated to a cutscene, then the boss fight begins.

    *note that passing through the fog will break your covenant and turn the Anor Londo firekeeper hostile, killing the boss will lock you out of the "darkmoon blade" miracle for that play-through.

    Gwyndolin will be at the end of a never-ending corridor and throw 3 different random attacks your way;
    he'll raise himself off the ground and fire a few volleys of arrows your way - you can raise your shield and defend or you can hide behind the many pillars along the walls,
    his second attack he will raise his staff and fire a group of homing magic arrows - hide behind the pillars against this attack as it will damage you even if you're defending,
    his third attack will have him raise his staff and fire a large magic attack - you must dodge this it as it will travel through the pillars.

    Once you get close he will teleport down the corridor and continue attacking you so when you're a few pillars away dodge his next attack then sprint towards him and get a few hits in before he teleports. Fire seemed to work very well against him, a high level pyromancy and chaos fireball should make this fight a lot easier.

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    YuhansWell for his magical attacks I would recommend Crystal Ring Shield. I swapped between this shield and my normal shield (for his arrows), when I was running up to him.
    Posted by Yuhans on 05 Nov 11 at 17:34
    MulgikapsasThis is the way I defeated this boss: i put on my character very light armor with big magic resistance, then put a shield on, which has 100 physical damage reduction and the strongest weapon i had i my inventory.
    As mentioned above, the boss has 3 patterns: arrows, big magic shot and small magic orbs.
    Shield easily protects you from arrows, which is the deadliest attack of hers in my opinion.
    In order to avoid small orbs, just hide behind a pillar and go out only when she strikes with her big magic orb. Those big orbs are easily dodged.
    Posted by Mulgikapsas on 15 Jan 14 at 15:43
    CallHercules69I used the Tin Crystallization Catalyst, the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and equipped the Crystal Homing Soulmass. All I had to do was block her arrows, dodge her spells, heal (once in a while), and run towards her. Every time she teleported, I cast the Soulmass again.
    Posted by CallHercules69 on 14 Aug 14 at 18:00
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  • originalhksoriginalhks176,983
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    You can also beat this boss using a cheap poison arrow strategy. Equip a poison arrow and with enough range you can shoot him without him engaging the fight. Even if you do no damage, after a few arrows (sometimes up to 8) he will still be poisoned. The poisoning does a little more than 400 points of damage per poisoning, so after a few sessions he should be dead without the need to get your hands dirty.

    Also, killing this boss makes you permanently sinned in the game and Blades of Darkmoon will always be able to invade your game (even if you request absolution of Oswald).
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    Nelson SoldierFirst I stood far enough away for my arrows to hit, but at a distance where he/she won't attack. I then used poison arrows on him/her, use the Hawk Ring (Found behind the Giant black smith in a chest) for greater distance. Then to speed up the process, use the Dragonslayer Greatbow. It took me around 10-15 arrows.
    Posted by Nelson Soldier on 08 Aug 13 at 12:04
    Will the sin of killing him count in NG+ or will that reset? Basically, can I wait until the end of the game, come back and kill them, and then everything be all good for the next game?
    Posted on 21 Jun 14 at 11:44
    originalhksThe perma sin from him should be absolved in NG+.
    Posted by originalhks on 22 Jun 14 at 14:01
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    If you're having trouble with a melee approach just follow 3 rules.

    1) When he casts the homing soulmass (lots of small projectiles) hide behind a pillar

    2) When he casts his big single projectile spell dodge (roll) diagonally sideways (or roll straight backwards if you're behind a pillar, as it will go through the pillar)

    3) When he raises for his arrow attack zig-zag run towards him. Make it a fairly wide zig-zag and his arrows will all miss you. Eventually you'll get in close and you can hack him a few times. When he warps attack the empty space because he still takes damage when not visible for a second or so.

    I recommend doing this as the last thing you do before the final boss. So you don't lose the use of the useful anor londo bonfire (which you will if you even enter the fog gate)
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    Shadow XBLgood call. At level 72 and +15 claymore, it took me only 2-3 cycles to kill him. One of the easiest bosses in the game.
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 14 Mar 14 at 19:19
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