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How to unlock the Got ‘em All achievement

  • XerostomiaXerostomia1,023,419
    05 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013
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    I found this one to be a little bit of a pain. This is what I ended up doing:

    1. In settings make sure you pick easy, and 9 innings.

    2. write down in a vertical column 1-9. This will be the scorecard for you to keep tract of what each player does. Use S-single, D-double, T=triple, H=homerun. (use graph paper to keep things neater).

    3. I found the best option is to play showdown, and pick MLB players. For each position, find the players with 5 stars for speed, and ideally 4-5 stars for contact. For example, Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Elsbery, Ichiro Suzuki, etc. Some positions will not have 5 star speed (catcher, 1st baseman) so pick the 5 star for contact and highest possible speed. Power and fielding is not important. Anyone can hit a homerun with the turbo button.

    4. Play as visitor, so you will have 9 innings to work with, if you play as home, likely you will only have 8 innings.

    5. As a batter hold the left stick up and slightly to the same side as the side he bats, and make sure that you swing when the pitch is in you 'hot zone'. This zone will be very large when you pick 5 stars for contact. Use 'A' not 'B' as we want as many hits as possible, not homeruns. It is worth not swinging on a strike if it is not in the zone. You will many times hit into the gaps, so getting a double is frequent and easy because most of your players will have 5 star speed. Take a gamble, when the ball is still in the outfield and you are near second especially when the ball is in the right field, as it is a longer throw to 3rd from there. The goal is to get as many different players triples. Triples are the hardest. You need doubles, singles and home runs as well, so if you get them 1st no big deal, just keep tract on your scorecard. If you have someone on base, frequently the outfielder will throw home, so you might be able to stretch into a triple. I got thrown out sometimes, but worth taking the chance. Similarly if you have a lot of turbo saved up, you can press LT when you pass 1st base, and he will run even faster.

    6. Home runs are actually the easiest, as the turbo (left trigger)is an automatic homerun if you swing at the correct time. Obviously you cannot do this in the 1st inning.

    7. Using the lineup of all-stars, I had 5 players get triples in the 1st 3 innings, and at the end Ichiro got the cycle, because he got a hit every at bat, and I had to hold him back to get a double and single. If he had failed I had 2 other guys that needed a HR as well to hit for the cycle by that time.

    8. The achievement will pop immediately once you get it.

    PS, you can use this lineup for the 10 RBI achievement as well. Just keep tract of the number of RBI each player has. The key is to have as many people on base before getting a home run (which should be very easy with turbo button). Because these same players should all be 4-5 star contact hitters, you should always have at least 1 person on base most of the time.

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    markiemark1112Worked like a charm, I'd recommend playing at San Francisco's ballpark as there is a unique outfield wall that can help you get triples easier.
    Posted by markiemark1112 on 09 Nov 14 at 16:25
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  • toddycsttoddycst518,899
    16 Mar 2012 06 Apr 2012
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    Easiest way to get a triple.

    -First pick a team with the fastest players possible.

    -With a runner on first (ideally) or second, hit the ball to the outfield even if it's a simple base hit.

    -Press and stay on the LB button to have both the base runner and hitter running.

    -As the base runners moves around the bases the computer will focus on trying to get the lead runner out.

    -While your lead runner is getting tagged at home plate, stay on the LB button and your hitter will make it to 3rd base without a problem.

    -You can do the same for a double too, just stay at 2nd base instead of going to 3rd.
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    LAFTAGreat solution.
    Posted by LAFTA on 29 Jun 12 at 23:24
    CamTheeGamerWhile this solution is top notch, in reality it doesn't match the rules of baseball. Thanks for pointing this out because I never would have attempted it this way because when someone else is tagged out it's a fielders choice in real life, lucky not in this game though smile
    Posted by CamTheeGamer on 01 Oct 13 at 13:45
    toddycstBut hey, its about achievements, not about the rules of baseball ;
    Posted by toddycst on 01 Oct 13 at 17:59
  • moroniccowmoroniccow853,018
    15 Sep 2011 15 Sep 2011
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    You need to hit a single, double, triple, and a home run in a game. I used the Flying Duchman (green guy) because he is very quick.

    Play as the home team so you bat last and that way you can get some turbo from pitching. You can start however you like, but i would try for the triple first. Make sure to use 'B' to swing, so you can get more power on the shot, and hold RT and use your Left Analog stick to keep him moving around the bases. The triple is the hardest to get, once you get that your golden.

    Of course the homerun is easiest when you use the turbo. The achievement will unlock in game (card will unlock as well).
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    kentgremlinyeah some of us from the uk, baseball is not really a major sport. I had to google what rbi and the cycle means lol
    Posted by kentgremlin on 24 Sep 13 at 21:49
    AllegingMonkI had to google what baseball meant. lol, for those interested its pretty much the same as rounders but played by tryhardsroll
    Posted by AllegingMonk on 30 Sep 13 at 15:35
    A 0 UB3RLOZ3Ri somehow got this without hitting a triple and i am positive i didnt maybe a little buggy in a good way?
    Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 26 Dec 13 at 15:59
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