60 Year Dynasty achievement in NCAA Football 07

60 Year Dynasty

Complete 60 years of Dynasty.

60 Year Dynasty0
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How to unlock the 60 Year Dynasty achievement

  • SashamorningSashamorning2,506,343
    21 Mar 2010 21 Mar 2010 09 Jan 2013
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    An incredibly mind-numbingly boring achievement. I mean, what coach has (or will ever!) coach for 60 years??

    Set up a new dynasty. You can then choose to play through all 60 seasons (if you're that hardcore), or sim the seasons (or a combination). If you sim, you have to re-sim for the conference championship week, the bowls, the offseason, and the preseason. In other words, you have to tell the game to sim five different times to get through a single year (rather than, say, simply "sim to next season").

    The team doesn't matter, but better teams will have more success recruiting, etc., and so you won't have to worry as much about getting fired since the game is simming better recruiting for you. If you start having bad seasons, you can just take over, sim-and-save week-by-week so you have a better record, or actually, you know, play the games. smile

    If you get fired, it isn't a problem since there's some school out there that needs a coach. Just keep plodding through the years. Oh, and grab a couple of movies for your laptop while you press the sim button over and over again.

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    alladaskill17Found this game on my shelf! Gonna go for the 100%! I assume it says the year or season # so you can have some idea how far in you are? I won’t be doing this in one sitting and will like to look up from a movie or anything I’m doing to check in haha
    Posted by alladaskill17 on 27 Sep 17 at 15:41
    SashamorningIt shows what year it's on, so you have an idea how much longer you have lol toast
    Posted by Sashamorning on 27 Sep 17 at 20:22
    DeviousappleThis is a horrible "achievement". shock Thanks for the tips.
    Posted by Deviousapple on 29 Mar 19 at 15:18
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  • CadmusTheDragonCadmusTheDragon388,654
    05 Dec 2008 05 Dec 2008
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    Create a new Dynasty with the team of your choice, I would recommend one of the better teams like USC or Ohio State. There are two options: you can either do all activities and play in the games for you team or simulate through it all. One year of play includes the Pre-season, Regular Season, Bowls & Champsionship Games, Off-season. Quick save between each season and simulate through all 60 years. You can check your progress by going to the Coaching Strategy menu within dynasty mode and it will tell you how many years you have been coaching.
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    BiG PaPa ChIlLagreed
    Posted by BiG PaPa ChIlL on 28 Feb 10 at 03:36
    PinataZombiefuuuuck this achievement!!!...sooooooooo boring...

    good guide though
    Posted by PinataZombie on 21 May 10 at 19:20
    speedygamers90note: u don't need to coach for one team, it's combined
    Posted by speedygamers90 on 22 Jun 16 at 18:49
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    This is a time consumer! I would highly recommend that you do the other dynasty achievements with this one. Even if you have 12 coaches, just retire them as their contracts expire, should only be about 7-8 years before your down to 1 or 2. Just make sure you stick with a team or else you'll start all over again.

    NOTE: This is only one test I did. I figure it has to be about the same. I've rounded a bit but here's how it goes;

    PRESEASON: Depth Chart, Cutting, Red Shirts and whatnot
    This takes about 30=35 seconds of simulating

    REGULAR SEASON: Where your season games and Bowl games are played:
    NOTE: This is the entire process because you must hit sim 3 times in a season. Once at the beginning, then for Conference championship week, and then for the Bowl weeks.
    About 4 minutes and 10-15 seconds.

    OFF-SEASON: Recruiting and what not.
    This takes about 2 minutes and 50 seconds to 3 minutes.

    With my times I tested I came out to about 7 minutes and 40 seconds. I went ahead and did 7 minutes and 30 seconds just for a safe number and also I had to figure in time that it took to start and stop the timer.
    If you take that and times it by 60, (years), your going to get 450 minutes of simming which when divided by 60 is 7.5 hours. You obviously don't have to do the last step!

    So split it up into a few days or just sit down one afternoon and Get it done. You can also check how many years you have coached by hittting X (options menu), going to Coach Options and Strategy, Then clicking the RS, Your first season is the 2006 season. So just base it off that.

    A personal tip I noticed. When you get offers at the end of the year, DON'T accept them, unless the team fired you, and it will pop up and say you need to find a new job. If you switch to a team before your contract is up you may land a bad team and then be looking for work every 2-3 years. And that just adds time to your total.

    Good Luck
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    SidJacksI'm on season 26 before reading this. Hope I didn't screw up
    Posted by SidJacks on 09 Dec 10 at 08:31
    HEAVENS TWINTheres nothing fancy about the achievement at all. It has nothing to do with the coach. Just,keep simming with the same team. Decline all offers and stay with the same team(as a precaution). You can check the current year by selecting ncaa shedule but make sure b4 you do that click right stick next to school infoand make sure its on PROGRAM HISTORY so when you go to NCAA shedule scroll down until u see a high rank team itll have the year in parenthesis in which they won their confetence;that will be the year your in now.
    Posted by HEAVENS TWIN on 06 Apr 11 at 19:37
    Hirogen HunterFinally 60 Long Years Now Time To Idle Boost Gears 3
    Posted by Hirogen Hunter on 20 Feb 12 at 03:49
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