Nine Darter achievement in Kinect Sports: Season Two

Nine Darter

Complete a game of darts with a nine-dart checkout.

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How to unlock the Nine Darter achievement

  • x InSoMniA ox InSoMniA o443,743
    30 Oct 2011 30 Oct 2011 05 Apr 2012
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    This will take a lot of practise and test your patience!

    The best method I found to throw a dart is to have your hand as a fist as opposed to the traditional way in which you would throw a dart. Using your fist, moderately use a punching motion as straight as you possibly can so that you are accurately throw the dart toward the centre of the crosshair each time.

    You want to line up your cursor so that it is perfectly where you want it to throw by following the cursor. When you pull your fist back it will lock it in a position. If your not happy with the position you can move your hand to the side and try aiming in that perfect position again. You want to pull back when your in the perfect position and steadily push forward when your in that sweet spot... not too fast and not too slow. If you don't move your fist back straight it will not go into the centre of the circle.

    Now, there are many ways in which you can achieve a nine dart finish. The one I used and found most effective was this:


    The reason I believe this to be a good method is because you don't have to get three darts in the same small space in any round like this 501 finish:


    It will take a lot of practise. I spent a good two hours trying once I got relatively good at darts. I eventually found getting 60's every time quite easily and for that reason I would always go for the triple 19 or 18 first (triple 19, triple 20, triple 20 - triple 18, triple 20, triple 20 - triple 20, triple 20, double 15).

    This isn't an easy achievement, I perfectly got the first 8 darts where I wanted and missed the final double not once, but THREE times. Just keep at it and you will get it eventually!

    Good luck!

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    SchiZoPHreNiikzTriple 20,20,20
    Triple 20,20,20
    Triple 20,19 double 12

    Worked well because I was good at 180s after a while
    Didnt take more than 1-2hours to get. +1
    Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 28 Aug 17 at 03:52
    MattiasAndersonI struggle so badly with this. I blame it on the stupid invention called Kinect.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 14 Mar 19 at 18:00
    MattiasAndersonSuddenly got it! I had never got 3 correct hits in a row and suddenly after like 6-7 hours I got it...its the Kinect that made it hard. Not my skill.

    I made it doing it like this:

    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 14 Mar 19 at 19:39
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  • El3ctr1cW4rr1orEl3ctr1cW4rr1or78,950
    03 Sep 2012 03 Sep 2012 29 Aug 2013
    19 1 15
    This bugged me so much as I manged the other dart cheevos pretty easily..
    I couldn't hit the treble 20 again and again so after trying some of the methods from above what eventually worked for me was
    Treble19.. 57
    Treble20.. 60
    Bullseye.. 50
    Total.. 167
    multiply by 3.. 501

    Just wish I'd tried it sooner.... It worked as soon as I thought about trying it..

    Season 2 now complete yey

    If you play your darts in the order stated it works, you must finish on the bullseye not on a treble. Doh...
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    A1337HaxorFANTASTIC! I've been trying the methods where you have to get two or three darts onto the triple 20s and always missed a dart on the final set. I managed to get two 9 darters in a row, so I beat the CPU in 18 darts, a perfect two round game.
    Posted by A1337Haxor on 10 Oct 13 at 12:41
    The GlobalizerThanks for the recommendation - a lot easier than other methods that demand you hit the same spot twice.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 14 Dec 13 at 23:07
    JuicyjamsThis solution kind of worked for me, however here is the key that worked for me after 3 hours of doing it like this. Using your fist to punch in a slow motion, do it as if your holding a mug of hot coffee up by your face, slowly pull back and get the reticule to lock where you want it. Reset til its perfect. Now slide that coffee across a pretend table in front of you. Having trouble hitting that crooked ass 19? So was I get down on your knees and shoot the same way. Fucking perfect. I hope this helps as I was almost about to lose it with this tedious achievement. Ps got it first try this way after. Thanks for the number guide I did like that part better than the rest.
    Posted by Juicyjams on 04 Mar 15 at 19:27
  • MasonCooper42MasonCooper42114,899
    12 Jan 2012 12 Jan 2012
    6 1 2
    The Nine darter is known as the perfect game, and you will need to be.

    I don't know why but i cant seem to miss the bull on the centre of the board. important for me.

    The Minimum score you can hit is 151 (150 and less means you cant get to a checkout after 6 darts.

    You can do it without hitting a 180, as stated above, but most real life players prefer to do this as it is off putting to their accuracy to come down to treble 19.

    The prefer method of

    180, 180, 141 is simplistic as you only have to hit three numbers, 7 x Treble 20. 1 x treble 19 and 1 double 12.

    Now as i knew i was accurate on the bull (50 Points) i went 180, Hit a 4th Treble 20, i then threw two bulls to leave 161.

    Then I hit the Treble 20 Leaving 101, Treble 17 leaving 50 and then i hit it.

    But it is tough, and good luck,
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    RheinadlerI agree with you on the Bull's Eye. I would start with the T17, though. It's definitely the hardest shot IMO, so if you miss, you can restart right away.
    That makes my perfect order: T17, T20, T20 - T20, T20, T20 - B, B, B
    Posted by Rheinadler on 29 Mar 12 at 17:18
    Rheinadlerbtw, i think the reason why we both found hitting the bull's eye easier is because it slightly locks onto it. if you aim for the bull's eye, stay on it and then try to very lightly aim away from it, your reticle resists a little bit, which is good for your throw. also i would very much advise against the fist Thing that the first solution suggests. pressing the thumb and index finger together helped me concentrate and i think it also makes the throwing Motion more accurate. it might just be me though.
    Posted by Rheinadler on 19 Apr 13 at 13:31
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