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Road Trippin

Complete Road Trip.

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How to unlock the Road Trippin achievement

  • Slickconcker15Slickconcker1533,201
    17 Feb 2012 17 Feb 2012 04 Jun 2012
    24 1 17
    As mentioned above, you have to play each team at least 4 times. First, through the bronze, silver, and gold matches, then, once you complete bronze-gold in a region, the platinum medal will appear where you have to play "jambots". These guys are severely cheap mofos that will have you rolling your eyes on more than one occassion.

    Here is what I did/who i used to get this. I needed someone high in steals (like 9 or 10) and someone who was high in dunks/blocks. There are quite a lot of combos that will meet these requirements, but my two favorites are stockton/malone in Utah and Clinton and Obama on the Democrats.

    Stockton/Malone: Stockton has either a 9 or 10 in steal and a 10 in pass. he also has a 7 in 3 pters. Malone has a 10 or 9 in the block and dunk categories and also has an 8 or 9 in 2pters.
    My recommended strategy is to first try to steal with Stockton and then use malone when they try to dunk it. On offense use the pick/push to free stockton for a 3pter.

    I used these two exclusively until i started losing here and there. Which leads me to my next and best choice:

    Clinton/Obama:Clinton is much like stockton except he has a higher block percentage. He has a 7 in steals (good enough to steal on most people), but most importantly he has an 8 in 2 pters and and 9 in 3pters. Obama has a 9 in block and a 10 in dunk. he can also steal on most people and has an 8 for 2pters and a 7 for 3pters. So either one can hit from long range (VERY IMPORTANT), and Clinton has a good enough pass to alley-oop to Obama. Obama is your shot blocker. Plus, there's just some great satisfaction seeing a former POTUS and our current one dunking ferociously on your oppoenents. This was an added bonus for me.

    Offensive tactic: As I said these jambots are cheap cheap cheap. Unfortunately Clinton/Stockton is not very strong so when you start with the ball you have to run away from them and use a push/pick option. then have Clinton/Stockton run around and towards your hoop. Your big should be trailing and you should send him for an alley oop or to pick/push the other opponent. Then you either fire a 3pter or pass it to your dunker for the alley-oop.

    Rinse and repeat. And always try to get someone on fire BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF A BASKET. Trust me, it's better to get the 2pter than to try to line up someone to go on fire. Also, it's ok to take long 2s. Both of these teams have a high percentage inside the arc (unless you're fading away). Run a bunch of pick/push so that the jambots don't block you.

    You will have to play at least 120 times and playing the jambots can get a little boring. However, if you can handle the jambots, then the beastie boys are not even worth discussing. You should have no problem with them. They appear after you've obtained all platinum medals in all regions.

    Obviously there are other teams you can pick...but these are the main two that i used. Please leave a comment as to the ones that you like.

    fyi, you can purchase stockton/malone in the jam store once you get a silver medal in utah and the Democrats I believe are 5000 or 10000 credits. To pick them you'll need to hit RB to see all the "hidden" teams that you've earned/purchased.

    EDIT 6/4: I must say that while playing online my Obama/Clinton Combo has been beaten more than I would like (still a winning record). Larry bird and ray allen, however, have been unbeatable. You can even use rajon rondo to steal the ball for you and larry legend will take care of the rest. that's the combo that I'm using now to get the "Arena Vet" chevo.

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    SiRFaPaLoT420Obama is now a former POTUS. Let’s not talk about our opinions on that.
    Posted by SiRFaPaLoT420 on 16 Aug 18 at 23:40
    madmaxeyAngry Mascots (Chompy & Rar) & Skeleton Crew (Skinny & Skully) made the jam-bots pretty manageable to beat for me.
    Posted by madmaxey on 18 Jul at 19:54
    Guile132The Rainmakers is the perfect team to use if you're good at 3 points.
    Posted by Guile132 on 19 Jul at 16:59
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  • ClemenstationClemenstation128,008
    11 Nov 2011 03 Mar 2012
    16 1 5
    Boston Celtics. Use Ray Allen and unlock Larry Bird ASAP so you can dominate with 3-pointers -- both players are a 10. Keep pressing LB to get your teammate to push over the guy guarding you, then drain the 3. Even if the opposition dunks on you every time at the other end, you'll still outscore them consistently (even better if you can start to stop them once in a while on D).

    Works the whole way through, although there are some game challenges that obviously favour dunking. Consider the Orlando Magic there -- Howard and Shaq.
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    Shadow XBLdoes the "turbo X button" trick work on this like it did in the first NBA Jam on 360?
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 08 Sep 13 at 05:12
    ll Viper 61 llAlso, you can use the team of Rice and Ray Allen on the Miami Heat. Plus its kind of fun to win as the heat without having to use any of the "Big 3"
    Posted by ll Viper 61 ll on 20 May 14 at 13:47
    Darkness727420So far garnet and bird combo is what's working for me. Allen is t on Boston since the update.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 22 Jul at 15:27
  • mossfan563mossfan563740,417
    24 Dec 2015 24 Dec 2015
    3 1 0
    Alright so here's an updated solution for those who are playing this now/still playing this.

    When I tried using the 2 solutions posted for this achievement, Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen weren't on the Celtics for me and Dwight Howard was on the Lakers. So obviously they updated the rosters. Because of that I had to change the strategy a little bit.

    For all Bronze games:
    I used the Miami Heat with Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. You can use whatever team you're comfortable with as the AI on these games don't pose that much of a challenge.

    For all Silver games:
    I used the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. I used Kobe for his proficiency in 2's and 3's and Howard because he's very good at blocking dunks and shots. The AI will be a little more difficult so be wary.

    For all Gold and Jambot games:
    I used the Boston Celtics with Kevin Garnett and Larry Bird. Larry Bird is godlike with 3 pointers and KG is good at pushing people over. My strategy with these games was to use LB as much as possible when you have the ball to push over the AI and make a clear lane for a 3 or a dunk/layup. However, there will be times where the game won't listen and your AI teammate will not be in the best position or go for an alley-oop (-_-).
    You could also use Dwight Howard and Kobe here if you're comfortable with them but the AI plays so cheap at this level. They will be constantly shoving and stealing the ball from you.

    For the Beastie Boys game:
    This will be available once you beat all Bronze, Silver, Gold and Jambot games. This game is no joke. It's definitely at a Jambot game level so the AI will still be cheating you out of good shots. If you keep using LB to push people over though, you should be ok but this game may take you a couple tries. (I used the Celtics for this game and thankfully it took me one try :) )

    Other tips:
    Go for whatever score you can get. Don't constantly go for 3's. If you have a lane for a layup and you're not confident in making a 3, go for the layup.

    This is just the strategy I used. If you feel better using other teams, you're more than welcome to try. This was just my key to success and I hope it helps you guys out. :)

    If you vote negative, please let me know why so I can help change the solution for everyone. :)
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