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Masterpiece achievement in Fruit Ninja Kinect


Slice a 10 fruit combo with the Calligraphy Brush, Parchment and Ink Shadow equipped.

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How to unlock the Masterpiece achievement

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    I didn't have a second person to play with, so I used Arcade Mode. Start getting combos (3 or more fruit at a time.) The more combos that you get, the more the banana power ups appear. I combined a Frenzy with a Freeze and swiped my arms collectively across the screen. You can work on this at the same time as the Dripping With Power (Slice 30 bananas in arcade mode) achievement.

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    spegelbilderGo to "In Mode Select" and select "Party Mode" "Team Arcade" and 2 player.
    Let one person just stand there and the other one do big sweaping movements with his or hers arm.
    Best to do with "Frenzy" as well.
    We got 12 in one go =)
    Posted by spegelbilder on 06 Mar 13 at 21:18
    TruthTwoStill, nobody here has stated the requirements for the achievement or what the backgrounds have to be (if any) etc.
    Posted by TruthTwo on 14 Dec 17 at 13:58
    segagamer@TruthTwo that's because it's in the achievement description
    Posted by segagamer on 03 Sep at 13:35
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  • GatorFistGatorFist458,218
    23 Feb 2012 23 Feb 2012 21 May 2021
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    This achievement requires you to get a ten fruit combo. I don't believe you have to equip anything specific, but some people have reported you have to equip the Calligraphy Brush, Ink Shadow, and Parchment background, so you might as well do it just in case.

    To do the achievement, go to Party Mode -> Team Arcade. If you don't have a second person just use a jacket or something to trick the game so you can swipe ready. I had a stand lamp that I hung a hanger with a jacket on. It looked like a person sort-of and tricked the game enough. Then I reached around it and used my arm to swipe. It takes a bit of messing about but eventually I got it. Then just knock yourself out. After my first 10 fruit combo the achievement unlocked.

    Contrary to other comments, this has not been patched (I just unlocked it on 2/23/12)
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    UncouthTruthOK, so I gather you need a 10 fruit combo, but do you need to equip anything special? Should prob state the requirements of the achievement at the top of the solution. Thanks
    Posted by UncouthTruth on 18 Mar 16 at 09:43
    GatorFistNo, I don't believe so.
    Posted by GatorFist on 18 Mar 16 at 15:47
    segagamerCan confirm that putting a jacket on a hanger worked well enough to trigger the "ready" screen. Had to shake it around to get the jacket to swipe ready.

    Can also confirm that doing Team Party solo makes this super easy - got it in the first round.
    Posted by segagamer on 03 Sep at 13:51
  • derektwopointohderektwopointoh993,549
    05 Jan 2018 05 Jan 2018 05 Jan 2018
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    Here’s a solution with all requirements. Equip the Calligraphy Brush, Ink Shadow and Parchment background. Go to Party Mode, then Team Arcade. Trick the Kinect into thinking you have a second player next to you with a jacket or something more human looking. It took me a few minutes of going in and out of camera range with my jacket buddy but it eventually worked. You basically have to swipe Ready with your hand and then flail the jacket arms around to swipe Ready for the “second player”. You’ll notice that your swipe is red, whereas your dummy player’s swipe is blue. So if it swipes red with the jacket/object, it’s still only reading you as one player. After it starts the game, drop the jacket and get a 10 fruit combo, most easily done during a freeze or frenzy. Then pop goes the achievement!

    It’s also worth mentioning that your equipped items might not show up during a party game. However it is required that you equip them in the dojo prior to playing. Those requirements only show up in the 360 achievements menu. I can confirm that playing without equipping these items first prevents a 10 fruit combo from unlocking the achievement.
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