Growing Club achievement in FIFA 12

Growing Club

Achieve a club value of 85,000,000 in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

Growing Club0
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How to unlock the Growing Club achievement

  • L Figo 007L Figo 007162,964
    23 Oct 2011 13 Oct 2011 21 Oct 2011
    38 1 10
    You need to have A LOT of players in your club to raise your club value to 85 million.

    For start you want to buy bronze packs - keep every player, other cards quick sell (you can apply contracts). Having more and more bronze players in your club will mean that you will get a lot of duplicates. Then buy cheapest silvers and gold ones on the market (max price 250 for silver rare, 300 for gold, 600 for gold rare - if you get duplicate, you can quick sell without loss).

    You can calculate individual value of each player this way - mark down your club value (leaderboards), send the player you want to know his value to trade pile, mark down your new value.

    Individual value of that player is the diffence between old and new club value.

    Values are about:
    BRONZE - 55.000
    BRONZE RARE - 130.000
    SILVER - 80.000
    SILVER RARE - 185.000
    GOLD - 140.000
    GOLD RARE - 265.000

    Individual value can vary - depends on quality of the player (for example Ashley Young's (GOLD RARE) value is 307.063).

    EDIT: Another way is to buy Bronze Rare players on market for 150 each. Going on this way now, seems even better (have many duplicates in bronze packs)...

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    H3L xSHARINGANxFinally knocked this headache of an achievement out. I had to buy 30,000 coins from an ebay seller to finish though (was only £3). I bought around 600 rare bronzes, keeping a list of every player's name in a word doc. so when I went to buy a player, I CTRL+F'd the doc to see if I had the name already. It's taken about 3 days and I'm gald it's out the way. There's no real easy way of doing it and it took around 90,000-100,000 coins total.

    Admittedly, however, I have a friend who used to play UT a lot and he sent me all his left over players he didn't need. The rarest player he sent, Drogba sold for 20K so that sped the achievement up a bit. Good luck to anyone starting this achievement, you may need to spend some cash : /
    Posted by H3L xSHARINGANx on 12 Aug 12 at 15:42
    UNDEADZ3LD4Just started fifa 12 again only got this cheevo left on 17m lol
    Posted by UNDEADZ3LD4 on 17 Apr 16 at 18:11
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  • OlsAbsss xOlsAbsss x138,827
    25 Oct 2011 18 Oct 2011 22 Apr 2012
    23 2 2
    From my experience, the best way to get this achievement is to buy rare bronze players from the market. Each bronze rare player is worth about 130,000 meaning you would need about 653 rare bronzes to unlock the achievement (from scratch). Search for bronze players max bid 150 and max buy it now 200. Sift through the pages placing bids of 150 on any rare player you see. You will 90% of the time win the auction. If you get a duplicate just put him up for trade for 150 to make your money back (people will buy it at this price). If you buy 653 bronze players at 150 coins each then this will cost 97950 coins compared to 182k if you bought bronze packs over and over. Hope this helps :)

    EDIT: I use the web app to buy my players as its quicker/easier to do so. After every player i buy i record his name in an excel document and every time i go to buy a new player i quickly search my document (ctrl f) to see if i already have him to avoid buying duplicates. Also, if you are running out of bronze players to buy just move onto rare silver players (i bought about 20 of these to get me over 85mil)
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    L Figo 007Very good solution - going on with this method too (even with the excel table :-)).
    Posted by L Figo 007 on 21 Oct 11 at 12:06
    BulleTBiRdyBeen a very successful solution for me so far. I'm literally bidding on rare bronze players - 150 coins each. 95% of the time you will win the bid (on the odd occasion someone will outbid you). My club value has shot up from 15 mil to 27.6 mil within a few hours!
    Posted by BulleTBiRdy on 04 Nov 12 at 16:47
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,135,826
    27 Dec 2011 18 Dec 2011 18 Dec 2011
    6 0 4
    I just wanted to add to the solutions above (which are great.) When you buy bronze packs to get the achievement, keep just the players( has been said) but fitness card and injury cards are easy to sell to other players. minimum price 150 buy now price 200 and time 1 hour. If you've got e.g. 2 fitness cards and both sell them for 200, you earned back the money you spent on the pack. I'm increasing my club value and earned about 15,000 coins with it until now.
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    Itzz Sh0wt1m3yeah had the same problem, tough I'm glad it helped you as well.
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 12 Mar 12 at 14:20
    BrutalTrve GeekHow can you "reset" the packs ? Because after you bought 40 packs of 400 it seems you have to wait like a day long befaure they spawning again.
    Posted by BrutalTrve Geek on 23 Jul 14 at 22:28
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3Never had this problem from what I remember, so unfortunatelynI cant help you with that.
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 24 Jul 14 at 11:02
  • No 1 RichyNo 1 Richy309,329
    02 Apr 2013 02 Apr 2013 12 Apr 2013
    3 0 1
    Ok the gist of the achievement has been explained brilliantly by others in this thread.. I just wanted to write a word about optimisation. The reason it has a high TA ratio is because people leave it until last and it is very tedious - you will get bored. IMO you need to be aiming for about 3-4 million a day in club value whilst you mix it up with the other achievements.

    For me, that's one tournament a day, 3 million in club value - if you do it right you should pop trophies first, but hopefully 100 matches and 85+ million at around the same time.

    10 Ultimate team trophies
    100 Ultimate team matches
    85+ million club value

    IMO it was a mistake splashing out on decent gold players to get the "85 skill" achievement - I'd leave that to last of all. You are going to want to win the Underdogs trophy 10 times and for each game you play - if you win you will be somewhere between 400-450 coins and if you lose 350-400 coins. That's 40,000 coins for the 100 matches, not including tournament win bonuses. Also just field bronze players, it's easy enough to beat on amateur on underdogs, with a bit of practice.

    Next up, buy a combination of bronze packs for 400 points, and purchase bronze rares for 150. In any bronze pack there are 3-5 contracts, eg contract should be sold for "150 min price/200 but it now price" in a 1 hour auction, rare contract set a minimum of 200. It is unbelievable, but you will sell your contracts, even if you must re-list them a couple of times. With just 3 in the pack you gain a mere 50 coins, but on a good pack you can get 350-400 coin profit. Moreover each pack has 3 or 4 bronze players in which is going to keep your Ultimate team going as well as steadily increase the club value - don't bother applying contracts and stuff to you team, just swap out players that don't have a contract - so what if you got a LW playing in a RB? Doesn't make much difference on amateur. That's how I did it. You can store the badges, kits and physios in your club if you like, only 6 coins each on a quick sell, main thing is don't clutter your consumable queue, you only ever store players and contracts, quick sell the rest. Once your trade queue and consumable queue are full, don't buy any more packs.

    So the target here is to have a full auction and consumable queue. If they are full and you have spare coins, purchase rare bronze players for 150, no more. Priority is to make sure your queues are full as this is what is going to drive your money. 3 million is going to be around a dozen bronze packs and about 15 bronze rares. Moreover, you don't need to put any extra coins in doing it this way.

    Once you've got the achievement you can then start selling all the bronze rares you've got, and after a while you will have a big pile of coins to purchase players for the 85 skill achievement.
  • 3 0 0
    Very close to the Solution of "L Figo 007" & "OlsAbsss x" but I have some inprovements. It is also mainly more for people with already a lot of players but mostly Non-Rare.

    Again values are about (thnx Figo, it helped me a lot):
    BRONZE - 55.000
    BRONZE RARE - 130.000
    SILVER - 80.000
    SILVER RARE - 185.000
    GOLD - 140.000
    GOLD RARE - 265.000

    "Figo" & "Mr McCullxch" states Gold players for 300, but better is to buy 2 Bronze Rare for 150 each, as this is more worth for your Team Total (140.000 vs. 260.000). If you start running out on Bronze Rare, start buying Sliver Rare for 250, 300 max.

    Using the Web App:, works very good, as you can open a second tab with the playerlist you already have, to look up if you don't buy a double.

    Selling all Balls, Stadiums & Club Logo/Jersey's you don't need gives coins you can use for players when you sell them.

    My main way to reach it in a short time (35M. in 1 week) is if you have already a big group of players, is to sell all Non-Rare Players you have slowly. The Bronze & Silver I selled for 150-200 (start-buyout) and buyed a Bronze Rare for back (rise of 50.000+, depending on Bronze or Silver sold, per player), the Non-Rare Gold I selled for 450-600 (sometimes higher and mostly buyed trough buyout) and could then buy 4 Bronze Rare for back (rise of 380.000 per player).

    Look for Tournaments when you sell, now their is one where you need 18 from Primier or BBVA, so those players get buyed faster en for a small higher amount.

    If you not really want to play anymore you can sell your Club-Staff also. When I was on 50 Million a week ago and started to do what I described above. I not had played any matches anymore and had maybe only 2000 coins. I had already the 653 players stated by "OlsAbsss x" but mine where mostly Non-Rare.
  • danksy9danksy9552,726
    04 Oct 2011 04 Oct 2011
    9 6 3
    Ok this achievement can be very time consuming depending how your going to go about it.

    To obtain this achievement you must get 85,000,000 total value of all the players you own.

    Each player has a value (NOT THE COIN VALUE!). A rare gold card (Shiney ones) are worth between 200k - 300k depending on there stats etc. One way to get to your 85million is build up a good base of coins and play the trade market. You can pick up rare gold cards for between 600 coins - 800 coins (Or sometimes cheaper depending on the time of day your dealing). Another way is that you take the risk using Microsoft points and keep buying pack after pack after pack and hope for the best.

    Everything in the game has a value , you just have to keep ticking it over till you hit the magic number.
  • Rusk NUFCRusk NUFC83,128
    19 Feb 2012 20 Feb 2012
    3 1 1
    Best time to look at getting this is once you've got a good set of players together and you can win the featured tournament with ease.

    I started going towards this when my value was around £18mil, I then got to the £85mil mark in about 3 days. Firstly the best method is to buy Bronze packs for 400 coins, keep the players and sell the fitness cards and any shiny bronze contracts for 150 and 200 quick buy, this will effectively replace the money. This takes a little time as you can only hold 30 trade items and is much easier if you use the Web App.

    Once you start getting a number of duplicates then it's best to switch to buying shiny silver players at auction, pay no more than 250/300 for these as you can quick sell for same value if you can't be bothered to auction them at the end. You can also buy shiny bronze for 150 but these are worth around 45 so are much harder to get rid of if that is the plan once you get the achievement.

    As I say this took about 3 days, you need to be able to win the featured tournament easily as this will top up your funds around 8k every 4 games which will help with funding this.

    Once I got it I quick sold all the bronze players from the packs and auctioned the silvers mostly for profit and had this achievement and the achievement for opening 100 packs.
  • KingslayerKingslayer#6747134,423
    04 Nov 2011 24 Oct 2011
    4 3 1
    The best way I've found is to buy rare gold players at auction. You can very easily pick up most of them for 650 coins.

    On average they add £253,000 value to your club each.
    85,000,000 / 250,000 = 336 players.
    336 x 650 = £218,400 coins in total.
    Obviously some player are worth slighlty more but you probably wont pick those players up for 650 coins.

    The rare bronze method may be cheaper if you can pick the cards up for less than 350 but they are getting harder to find - and buying packs seems to throw up too many duplicates.
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