Bucket List achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

Bucket List

Finish 1st in every single race in the Event List in Career play mode.

Bucket List+1.8
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How to unlock the Bucket List achievement

  • The MascalThe Mascal1,901,261
    12 Nov 2011 23 Oct 2011 26 Oct 2011
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    Welcome to my guide for the Bucket List.

    Before starting, let me say you should start this achievement only after you finished Season 10, as it will avoid you to do the same race twice on some events.

    Also, do not bother about grinding the Affinity Level to 50 (unless you are using a Hired Driver) in a make of car, as you probably will get to it before the end of Bucket List.

    A quick explanation about the squares on the event list, found under Career, Go Race, Event List.
    - A White square means that you need to buy a car for that event.
    - A Blue square means that you have a car in your garage eligible for that event.
    - A Green square means that your current car is eligible for that event.

    There are two ways about going for this achievement.

    1. You love the game (like me) and play every single race in every event. That will take you over 200 hours and, as the AI is ridiculouslly easy, I recommend that you increase the the difficulty to Medium or higher, this will net you more credits and affinity XP. Try to stick with a make of car where possible, Chevrolet in my case, many events you will have to use another make.

    2. Hire a driver. This will be less boring for most people not inclined to actually spend time racing. Have a wired controller on hand or a play and charge kit. Do not forget that the hired driver is slower than you are, so it is going to take a lot longer using this method.
    The bad thing about using a hired driver is that you will get almost no Driver or Affinity XP, so you will need to grind the Affinity according to the guide on this website.

    Hope it helps, I hope you are enjoying this gaming masterpiece as much as I am.

    [UPDATE] Changed the no driver/affinity xp gained using a hired driver, as per FPSDeath instruction.
    [UPDATE] Changed the white square description. Thanks to GrmRpr69.

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    XxZhiTxX@JamesBond007 Yes it will. Best of luck!
    Posted by XxZhiTxX on 29 Oct at 14:57
    JamesBond00719398.1% in Essentials Edition is required for this achievement.
    Posted by JamesBond007193 on 23 Nov at 06:08
    JamesBond00719398.1% in Essentials Edition is required for this achievement.
    Posted by JamesBond007193 on 23 Nov at 06:14
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  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    70 9 23
    Welcome to my guide to the "Bucket List" achievement in Forza 4.

    First off looking at the event list there is no doubt that ticking of all 290 squares is a big task which in total equates to 1,299 races overall. (be advised, Earning the "Legend" achievement before attempting this is key because it knocks off over 100 events from the list)

    Colour key(IMPORTANT)
    Green = Your current car is eligable for that event
    Blue = Your current car is not eligable for the event but you own a car that is eligable for that event
    White/Grey = You do not own a car that can take part in this event

    Races and Types

    European Manufacturer Races

    This Section takes up 61 squares on the grid covering 194 races. These range from 1 race to 5 races per event and Cover Classes E-275 to R1-998

    Asian Manufacturer Races

    The Asian races take up 45 squares on the grid and cover 142 individual races. These also range from 1 race to 5 races per event and Cover Classes E-275 - R2-875

    North American Manufacturer Races

    The N. American races cover 34 squares on the grid and cover 117 seperate races. These once again only range from 1 race to 5 races in an event and cover classes F-200 - R1-998

    Semi-Pro Body Style Races

    Body style races don't just cover classes in terms of restrictions so i will cover both bodystyle type and class restriction. These events take up 10 squares on the grid and cover 50 races as they all have 5 races in each event

    City Car - F200
    Economy - E-275
    Hatch - C-425
    Wagon - B-500
    SUV - B-500
    Sedan - B-500
    Roadster - B-500
    Superlight - A-600
    Sportscar - A-600
    Supercar - S-700

    That covers all ten bodystyle types and the corresponding classes for the events

    Semi Pro Powertrain Races

    Once again this is like the previous event type but using cars with certain drivetrain types instead. This also has a drivetrain- class thing going on so there will be a list below. This Section also Covers 10 grid squares while each event covers 5 races each totalling 50 races

    Drivetrain Type/Class

    Three Cylinder - F-200
    Hybrid Drivetrains - F-200
    Inline Four - F-200
    Normal Aspiration - C-425
    Boosted - B-500
    Five Cylinder - B-500
    Six Cylinder - A-600
    Eight Cylinder - A-600
    Ten Cylinder - S-700
    Twelve Cylinder - S-700

    Semi Pro European Races

    These events cover 10 grid squares in total here and also contain 5 races each totalling 50 races. These events only take place on Tracks located in Europe but there is not a Car locale restriction meaning any car is eligable barr the class restriction which means the classes span from F-200 - R1-998

    Semi Pro Asian Races

    These events take up 10 squares on the grid with each event covering 3 races across Asian Tracks totalling 30 races. Once again no locale restriction is there and any car can enter barr restrictions whic means this group of events also has a class limit of F-200 - R1-998

    Semi Pro North American Races

    These events take up 10 grid squares and total 50 races meaning there is 5 per event. These are races on tracks throughout America and also span classes of F-200 - R1-998. These events once again bear no locale restrictions

    International Masters

    International Masters takes up 10 grid squares but have 7 races per event totalling 70 races in total. There is an event for each car class and these ar long drawn out races that are meant to last usually 10 - 15 minutes per race.

    TopGear Bowling

    Time to have a little fun while trying to beat a set score by knocking over some bowling pins round a short version of top gears test track. there are 10 grid squares taken up by this fun little activity and is only 1 event each making 10 little fun goes doing this. Their is tight restrictions though meaning you can only use cars from F-200 - B-500

    Multi Class Races

    These are the ameteur Versions of the multiclass events which only span from classes F-200 - S-700. This event also takes on another 10 grid squares and another 50 total races to complete making it 5 per event.

    Fujimi 1v1 Mountain Chase(King of the Mountain)

    These events are basically a 1v1 Sprint battle to the end of the cut bit of course. Bearing the name in mind these events are around 4 little stages of Fujimi Kaido. Sometimes the same couple normal and reverse. Thes events also take on another 10 squares and total to 40 sprints to the end which means 4 pieces of course per event. These range from E-275 - S-700

    Super Speedway Series

    These take place on 3 or 4 courses which are
    Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway
    Sedona Raceway
    Brickyard Speedway
    Nissan Speedway

    The classes range from C-425 to X-999 which is the highest class rating. These Races take 10 more grid squares and cover 3 races per event calculating to 30 races total.


    Autocross is a slalom event in which you have to beat a lap time round a course(in 1 lap) and go through a majority if not all the cones (achievement "autocrosser" can be earned here) and finish under the time. Classes here range from C-425 - S-700 and events range from 1,3 or 4 events totalling to 28 autocross events. Perfecting 10 of these will net you the "autocrosser" achievement

    Track Days

    Track days is where you have to overtake a certain amount of cars in an event in 2 laps. for these you are given a certain manufacturer plus their restrictions. these take up 10 grid squares and covers 38 races.

    Chevrolet - A-600
    Nissan - A-600
    BMW - A-600
    Ferrari - S-700
    Dodge - S-700
    Lamborghini - S-700
    Aussie V8 supercars - R3-800
    Aston Martin GT1 - R2-875
    Nissan GT500 - R2-875
    Audi - R1-998

    Nurburgring 1v1

    Basically the same as the Fujimi kaido one. Split into 4 parts and spread from classes A-600 - R1-998. These events cover 10 grid squares and total up to 40 races.

    Pro Multiclass

    All containing 7 races each and 10 squares this covers 70 races towards the total. these follow very strict guidelines though which i will cover below.

    LMP1 GT1-GTS - R1-998
    LMP1 GT2 - R1-998
    LMP2 GT1-GTS - R1-998
    LMP2 GT2 - R1-998
    GT1 GTS LMP1 - R2-875
    GT1 GTS LMP2 - R2-875
    GT1 GTS GT2 - R2-875
    GT2 LMP1 - R3-800
    GT2 LMP2 - R3-800
    GT2 GT1 - R3-800

    World Championships.

    Now isnt this one a decieving little bugger. The event list tells you that this is 12 races per event so it leads you to believe that thier are only 120 races to do throughout all ten world championships but what it lets you find out for yourself is that each event is split into 2 heats which means instead of 120 races you are doing 240 races. These use All classes up to R1-998 and totals off to 1,299 races if you followed the guide

    This will no doubt take a minimum of 200 hours to complete this achievement. Stick with it if you are as far through as i am and you shall reap the rewards.

    Hiring a driver will make this achievement much better for you as you will not tire yourself out as much then.

    Anyway enough blabbing on, Thanks To all who read the guide. Please if you Negative vote leave a comment with some constructive criticism so i can improve upon current solutions and improve future solutions to make gaming for achievements easier

    Anyways Good Luck, your going to need it for this one
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    Petrolium BearThanks, Since people are comparing stats, My Bucket list achievement unlocked today at 98.2% it was a nice suprise, Time driven 157h 46:35, Time spent in menus 60h 46:12, and if you add up the other time records it adds up to 230hrs, I gonna do the remaining races just to say I actually have 100.00% in career.
    Posted by Petrolium Bear on 15 Dec 12 at 13:40
    ZZRsyI finished my 10 year career and NO races had been marked off on the bucket list- that was forza 3, I am half way through the bucket list as I type this now.
    Posted by ZZRsy on 15 Jun 13 at 23:01
    hugo3104@ZZRsy : did you finished the races on first place ??
    The first place is marked with gold medal, the 2nd with silver and the third with bronze ...
    To get the bucket list, you had to finish on 1st place on all the races ...
    Posted by hugo3104 on 16 Jul 13 at 15:47
  • Koi No YokanKoi No Yokan244,662
    07 Oct 2012 07 Oct 2012
    20 2 7
    I won this last night but am still waiting for the site to update me.

    Anyway, I carried out a little experiment which I will share with you now...

    If, like me, you have the Porsche DLC, you will have noticed, like everyone else that it drops your career progress down by about 5%. If you don't want to get all the way up to 100% percent complete, or fancy saving a little time, then this is for you.

    I was at 96.6% complete (with the DLC), saved my game and went back to the dashboard, erased the DLC from my HDD then booted up the game again. Looking at the Event List, everything had gone back to the old layout and, checking my progress, I was at 103.1% complete. I then started, completed and won an event I had not yet done and "Bucket List" popped on one of the rewards screens.

    I know it's not much but, it saved me doing just over 3% of everything including DLC events.

    I can't confirm whether or not that it still unlocks at 98.1% when you own the DLC, I just wanted to let you all know that you can remove it and still get this early.

    I had 2 events left in the Porsche Pack and a few Autocross and Multiclass events left from the original list. This proves that you can do a mixture of events.

    I hope this saves someone a bit of time at least.
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    BKLortzJust to add my experience - I had the Porsche DLC but I completed the regular grid first (all the boxes to the right of the first two columns for the DLC). The achievement did not pop.

    I went and deleted the Porsche DLC from my drive and restarted the game. The grid showed completely filled (without the Porsche DLC columns).

    I re-raced one of the the shorter races and the achievement popped after finishing.

    I re-downloaded the Porsche DLC and unfinished columns returned.
    Posted by BKLortz on 30 Jan 14 at 18:13
    Koi No YokanIt's a big weight off your mind when this achievement pops. Congratulations :)
    Posted by Koi No Yokan on 30 Jan 14 at 18:58
    Sgt Malarkey BrDeleted the DLC. Done all the races from regular game. Doing one more race. Let's wait. PLZ !!!
    Posted by Sgt Malarkey Br on 22 Aug 14 at 14:11
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