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Car Explorer achievement in Forza Motorsport 4

Car Explorer

Fully explore any car in Autovista.

Car Explorer0
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How to unlock the Car Explorer achievement

  • SpilnerSpilner854,374
    13 Oct 2011 13 Oct 2011 17 Nov 2011
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    Kinect is not required for this achievement and navigating Autovista using a controller is simpler.

    I will explain how to get this achievement using the Ferrari 458 Italia.
    From the main menu select Autovista and select the Ferrari 458 Italia.
    Note: You do not need to watch/listen to the information about the car, once started you can press B to go back, though its nice to hear about the cars.

    Once the commentator has finished telling you about the car for the first time and you gain control of the car head left to face the front of the car and interact with the following areas of the car:
    ~Open the hood/bonnet
    ~Close the hood/bonnet
    ~Black fin lower right of your screen
    ~Black fin lower left of your screen (Top gear icon - Jeremy's commentary)
    ~Headlight left side of your screen.

    Now head left again so you are facing the cars right hand side and interact with the following areas of the car:
    ~Ferrari logo on the wing
    ~Open the door
    ~Walk forward and get in to the car
    ~Get out of the car
    ~Close the door

    Now head left again so you are now at the back of the car and interact with the following areas of the car:
    ~Lower right of screen (Near the underbody)
    ~Open the engine cover
    ~Walk forward to take a close look (interact with the magnifying glass)
    ~The car's engine (there is only one thing to interact with in here)
    ~Now go back
    ~Close the engine cover

    Now head left again so you are now viewing the left of the car and interact with the following areas of the car:
    ~Rear wing (Paint change)
    ~Open door
    ~Walk forward and get in to the car
    ~Start the engine (First interaction available, is a key icon)
    ~Move right stick to the right to view the centre console and interact
    ~To the right of the steering wheel above a vent
    ~Get out of the car
    ~Close the door
    ~Front wheel

    Achievement unlocked.
    Here's a video just to demonstrate. (Shows all details of car too for those who are interested)

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    Billy N Maniacthank you
    Posted by Billy N Maniac on 01 Feb 13 at 00:06
    Yummy BaklavaFlawless. Thanks for the great description.
    Posted by Yummy Baklava on 31 May 13 at 05:29
    Onyx GrimoireExcellent solution dude. I even learned some things from the autovista visit.
    Posted by Onyx Grimoire on 02 Sep 13 at 04:48
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  • l 2Bad2Fast ll 2Bad2Fast l203,182
    22 Oct 2011 28 Apr 2012 28 Apr 2012
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    Here is my simple easy to follow video guide

    check my other guides for all forza 4 achievements! & other games hope you like.

    © TheGreatGameMaster ©
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    SpilnerWouldnt hurt to also write something for the solution for people dont want to/cannot watch videos.
    Posted by Spilner on 28 Apr 12 at 03:47
    l 2Bad2Fast lyes i might do that, i just find it easyer to follow a video but your right not all want to watch/cant.
    Posted by l 2Bad2Fast l on 28 Apr 12 at 04:03
    Posted by Spilner on 28 Apr 12 at 11:01
  • BearerOfLightBearerOfLight111,114
    09 Oct 2011 09 Oct 2011
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    You do not need Kinect to get this achievement.

    Go to Autovista mode from the Main Menu, choose a car and play the Jeremy Clarkson commentary, listen and watch all the highlights, enter the car and sit in both seats, open and close all doors and look / zoom in the boot and under the bonnet.
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    ADaughenI tried this a few times (GT, 458, M5) before finally getting it on the Lexus LFA. A few items aren't selectable if the doors are open or the spoiler is up. Make sure you manipulate everything.

    Passenger headlight - Top Gear overview
    Driver's wheel - Wheel and brakes
    Driver's door - Open/Close
    Driver's interior - paddle shift, turn on engine, display, interior seating
    Driver's rear quarter - color change
    Exhaust - exhaust
    Driver's side Spoiler - up/down
    Passenger side spoiler (has to be down) - aerodynamics
    Rear hatch - open/close
    Passenger rear quarter - cooling
    Passenger door - open/close
    Passenger interior - same interior seating as driver's
    Hood - open/close, engine view
    Engine view - data on engine
    Posted by ADaughen on 11 Oct 11 at 19:34
    peacemak3rI just got it with the 458 Italia, I believe when you open the trunk, you have to look into it also. That's where it popped up for me.
    Posted by peacemak3r on 12 Oct 11 at 00:33
    JASimmonsVDo not forget to manipulate every point, even the paint feature.
    Posted by JASimmonsV on 12 Oct 11 at 05:20
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