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Get first place in a public Road RAGE match

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How to unlock the MVP achievement

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    Road Rage is 4 person co-op games.

    First to 200 or highest points when time limit is reached.

    Easiest way to do this:
    Get 4 people. Leader adds all as friends on xbl.
    Go to:
    Road Rage -> Invite Friends
    Once all are invited then go to Quick Match.
    Rotate winners through 4 games.

    Happy boosting.

    Game Modes

    Deathmatch - FFA
    Scoring: Player Kill +10 Points
    Time Limit: 8 Minutes
    Score Limit: 200 Points

    Chain Rally
    Collect as many Rally Points as possible. The more you collect, the higher your multiplier will be (max. 5x)
    Scoring: Rally Leader Kill +1, Rally Point Capture +2 (increased by multiplier)
    Time Limit: 8 Minutes
    Score Limit: 200 Points

    Meteor Rally
    Collect the fallen Meteors and drive them to capture zones to score; able to capture multiple meteors at one time.
    Scoring: Square the number of meteor captured.
    Meteors Captured/Points

    Time Limit: 8 Minutes
    Score Limit: 200 Points

    Triad Rally
    You need to capture three consecutive Rally Points to get capture points.
    Scoring: Triad Capture – +30, Player Kill – +5
    Time Limit: 8 Minutes
    Score Limit: 200 Points


    You can do this w/ fewer than 4 as such:
    I did this w/ my cousin & we played against 2 public people.

    Doing it this way we had the person not winning run interference on the other 2 people. This gave us easy wins.

    **Updated w/ game mode descriptions and scoring. Should be accurate as of 10/19/11**

    Please let me know if anything needs clarified or corrected. Thanks
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    Jakk DannielzWouldn't mind boosting this...GT: Jakk Dannielz
    Posted by Jakk Dannielz on 14 Mar 13 at 20:01
    Comedian Josh WStill looking to complete this achievement myself. If anyone wants to help, or boost, I would be very grateful.
    Posted by Comedian Josh W on 28 Oct 13 at 15:01
    ElderWolfAngelChain Rally is the fastest.
    Posted by ElderWolfAngel on 17 Jan 15 at 03:46
    fedayi007Anyone willing to boost?
    Posted by fedayi007 on 10 Jun 16 at 13:45
    DarkDragonEye7Looking to boost this, GT: DarkDragonEye7
    Posted by DarkDragonEye7 on 14 Feb 18 at 15:52
    The Nerds ClubThose of you who are still looking to get this if you have xbox one create a looking for group post or add GT Rage 2 Ranger he plays rage all the time i added him he helped me get 2 other people & we all got the 2 road rage achievements.
    Posted by The Nerds Club on 10 Jan 19 at 23:47
    SPARTAN089 AceThis can be done with 3 players! I just got these Achievements yesterday. We started looking for "Quick Match" in hopes of finding a random fourth player online, but instead the game just started with 3 players after a while.
    Posted by SPARTAN089 Ace on 25 Sep 19 at 08:00
    Calebyou can do these with 3?
    Posted by Caleb on 12 May at 07:46
    CalebNeed help... last achievement for this game! Gamertag is Caleb9359
    Posted by Caleb on 12 May at 08:22
    ShanklvitzCaleb if your still looking for people I am in need of the achievement as well.
    Posted by Shanklvitz on 27 Aug at 16:30
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