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Gotta Have 'Em All achievement in RAGE

Gotta Have 'Em All

Collect all Playing Cards on one play-through

Gotta Have 'Em All0
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How to unlock the Gotta Have 'Em All achievement

  • ExultraviolenceExultraviolence167,422
    13 Oct 2011 11 Oct 2011 28 Dec 2012
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    Unlike a standard deck of playing cards, there are 54, not 52, cards in the Rage Frenzy deck.
    (Heads Up)
    Make sure you complete all Outrigger assignments before going to Wellspring; including the Mutant Alert assignment for Ramos Outrigger. The Reward for this assignment is missable: the Adrenaline Overdrive schematic.
    Also, if you run back to your vehicle during this mission, after setting off the fireworks, you can score a few Mutant Roadkills as well.
    Dead City first visit:
    Bring a RC Car with you before venturing out on this quest. You don't want to miss out on the Large Mutant card (located in the area where the mutants throw firebrands at you.)
    The Well:
    Be certain you get The Mine and Valder's card, because these will be only be avaible for purchase after you leave.
    Authority Prison:
    One shot only. Acquire all cards on your first and only visit here, unless you'd rather buy them later.
    Dead City second visit:
    On your second visit ONLY to Dead City, The Drone will be available under the stairs leading down. The Large Mutant card will be not be there at this time!
    Looks like previously missable cards will now be offered for sale, thanks to a recent update. If you'd prefer to get them all on one playthrough, without purchasing them, pay close attention to the cards and areas now labeled "(no longer missable)".
    Thanks to all those who contributed to this guide.
    Complete Chronological List:
    Hagar Settlement
    1. Dan Hagar
    2. Grenade
    3. Loosum Hagar

    Ghost Hideout
    4. Ghost Bonestick
    5. Ghost Boss

    Outrigger Settlement
    6. Janus (no longer missable)

    Radio Walkway
    7. Sentry Turret
    Radio Tower
    8. Rikter
    Make sure you talk to Ramos Outrigger and do the Mutant Alert mission BEFORE Wellspring

    Wasted Garage
    9. Wasted Club
    10. Wasted Pistol
    11. Wasted Turret

    12. Dagger Thrower
    Ghost Hideout Second Visit
    13. Ghost Pistol (Requires Lock Grinder)

    Hagar Settlement
    Win Race
    14. Dune Buster

    Starter Deck
    15. City Guard
    16. Club Mutant
    17. Jetter
    18. Mayor Clayton
    19. Sherriff Black
    20. Sally

    21. Crazy Joe

    Mutant Bash TV
    22. Scoop Mutant
    23. J.K. Stiles

    Qualify for Race
    24. Cuprino

    Shrouded Bunker
    25. RC Bomb Car
    26. Shrouded AR
    27. Shrouded Heavy

    Feltrite Crater
    28. Shrouded Minigun

    Kvasir Lab (outside)
    29. Sentry Bot

    Dead City Entrance
    30. Enforcer
    Dead City First Vist
    Dead City Streets
    31. Large Mutant (Requires RC Bomb Car) (no longer missable)
    32. Kraken
    Dead City Central
    33. Slime Mutant

    The Well
    34. Mine
    35. Valder

    Authority Prison (no longer missable)
    36. Power Supply
    37. Giant Mutant
    38. EMP Grenades
    39. Drop Ship
    40. Captain Marshall (Requires Lock Grinder)
    41. Shield Guard

    42. Elizabeth

    Dead City (Second Visit)
    43. Drone (no longer missable)

    Disc 2
    Subway Town
    Resistance Base
    44. Authority Mutant
    Blue Line Station
    45. Dyno-Mutant (Requires EMP Grenade)

    Gearhead Vault
    46. Advanced Sentry Bot
    47. Gearhead Shotgun
    48. Gearhead Jet

    Power Plant Entrance
    49. Monarch
    Power Plant
    50. Gearhead Boss

    Abandoned Distillery
    Regenerative Infusion Schematic
    51. Portman

    Jackal Canyon
    52. Jackal Crossbow
    53. Jackal Club

    Authority Bridge
    54. Elite Guard

    All credit goes to PowerPyx for the following comprehensive video guide.
    I found this video to be exceptionally useful, with all the cards in chronological order.

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    Warboy925Just in case* Lol
    Posted by Warboy925 on 05 Jun 15 at 18:40
    Warboy925Edit: There is a job board in Wellspring that takes you back to the Ghost Hideout (but that is out of order from the guide)
    Posted by Warboy925 on 05 Jun 15 at 18:44
    StanleyCup CAPSThere are 54 cards in a standard deck if you count the jokers! wink
    Posted by StanleyCup CAPS on 17 Sep 17 at 02:16
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  • Vorpal SmilodonVorpal Smilodon254,754
    09 Oct 2011 09 Feb 2012
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    Compiled with the help of as I haven't played through and confirmed as of yet

    MISSABLES (there are apparently two sections with cards that you can't return to get, and one card that is only available during a certain quest)
    in the Dead City Central and Dead City Streets areas, four cards
    in the Authority Prison area, six cards
    in The Well area, two cards
    during the defibrillator upgrade quest is the only chance to get the Large Mutant card even though you can go back to Dead City streets afterwards, it will be gone

    List: (you may not reach them in this exact order)
    __Ghost Hideout__
    01. Ghost Bonestick - on the first floor, near strung up corpse, on a wooden barrier
    02. Ghost Boss - on the floor, under a table on the first floor near the Cube statue
    03. Ghost Pistol - behind a locked door on the hideout’s first floor

    __Hagar Settlement__
    Dan Hagar - on the nightstand beside the bed in Dan’s Gas Station
    05. HE Grenades - on top of a barrel next to Becky (when she stands outside)
    06. Dune Buster - Reward for Durar’s timetrial (the guy who gives you your first car)
    07. Loosum Hagar - on a rock near Dan's Garage

    |__Outrigger Settlement__| CARDS IN THIS SECTION ARE MISSABLE
    08. Janus Outrigger * MISSABLE - on the couch next to Janus
    09. Rikter Outrigger - Near the ladder in the Radio Tower shack (you get sent there by the outriggers on a quest)

    __Wasted Garage__
    10. Wasted Club - on the floor of the dead end staircase on the third floor
    11. Wasted Pistol - in a box under the second floor stairs (after walking down them)
    12. Wasted Turret - near the Piston Assembly in a knocked over box on a shelf, after the Boss

    __Starter Deck__ - Picked up in Wellspring for $50
    13. City Guard
    14. Club Mutant
    15. Jetter
    16. Mayor Clayton
    17. Sherriff Black

    18. Sally - quest reward, Sally asks you to kill some bandit vehicles
    19. Cupino - Reward for winning the Cupino (unlocking a car, main questline)
    Elizabeth - On the stairs where you meet Captain Marshall and Elizabeth in the Second Chance Bar

    __Mutant Bash TV__
    21. JK Stiles - Reward for completing an episode of Mutant Bash TV
    22. Scoop Mutant - on a crate on the left side of the corridor, after surviving the last phase of Mutant Bash TV

    __Wasteland___ - these aren't all that close to one another, since the wasteland spans most of the game
    23. Crazy Joe - on the workbench in Crazy Joe’s shack
    24. Sentry Bot - near a rock next to the Stanley Express Mailbox, before heading across thebridge to Dr. Kvasir’s lab
    Dagger Thrower - in the Dam, near the Wasted Garage exit; reach the Dam facility along the small path above the exit
    Elite Guard - behind some boxes on the Authority Bridge
    Enforcer - on the ground near the pipe enterance to Dead City
    Monarch - near the entrance to the Power Plant
    Portman - on the right side of the cave before entering the Abandoned Distillary
    Sentry Turret - on a chair in the dead end room of the concrete building, near the Wasted Garage and Radio Tower
    Shrouded Minigun- in the blue shipping container, after the Feltrite Refinery

    __Gearhead Vault__
    Adv. Sentry Bot - In the backseat of a car near the exit in the parking garage
    Gearhead Jet - In the office after leaving the vault and heading up the curved staircase
    Gearhead Shotgun- On the planter to the right, in the bank lobby

    __Power Plant__
    Gearhead Boss - In a filing cabinet in the office above the control room

    __Subway Town__
    Authority Mutant- Beside the dead mutant in Elizabeth’s lab, in the Resistance Base

    __Blue Line Station__
    Dyno-Mutant - During the Eviction Notice job, on the second floor of the Guacamolito restaurant

    __Jackal Canyon__
    Jackal Club - In the shack where you open the gate to enter the canyon
    Jackal Crossbow - In a small alcove to the left, after entering the canyon, near some Dynomite Bolts and Beer Bottles

    Large Mutant * MISSABLE - Requires RC Car: Enter the supply room through the drain pipe close to where you fought the launcher mutant and blow up the barricade to open the door
    Kraken - on the floor, in the blood filled alcove where thetentacle mutant spawned

    Drone * MISSABLE - On the coffee table in thehospital lobby, under the escalator – available on your second trip
    Slime Mutant - On a table near the shop in the mall where you enter by exploding the gas tanks

    __Shrouded bunker__
    RC Bomb Car - Above the RC Bomb Car’s hole, near the bunker’s entrance
    Shrouded AR - On a shelf near the elevator, after the atrium fight
    Shrouded Heavy - in a pipe above the top floor of the workshop beside the second bomb cache

    Drop Mine * MISSABLE - After the long passage with the concrete pillars, there’s a ladder on your left that leads to some supplies
    Valder * MISSABLE - While Valder is attempting to open the gate to the final area, go down the dead end tunnel

    Power Supply * MISSABLE - On a shelf beside a Hardware Packet, after disabling the first generator and passing through the security barrier
    Giant Mutant * MISSABLE - Through the hole in the corridor’s left side wall, before reaching the first security turret
    EMP Grenade * MISSABLE - After the fight in Cellblock E, head up the stairs and find this on the shelf to your right, in the corner
    Drop Ship * MISSABLE - inside the crate that Captain Marshall pulls his rifle out of, after you rescue him
    Captain Marshall* MISSABLE - In a closet behind a locked door after breaking Captain Marshall out
    Shield Guard * MISSABLE - After splitting up from Captain Marshall and before exiting the prison, in a closet room on theright side of the corridor
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    number 9 is missable if you try to go back the tower is closed
    Posted on 04 Nov 11 at 01:38
    DJ KroniikZnumber 9 is not missable to clear up any confusion. I am at the last part of the game where you are able to freeroam before going to the final area and i went back to the tower and got it perfectly fine so the ritkter card is NOT missable.
    Posted by DJ KroniikZ on 03 Jan 12 at 23:07
    Crimson DrifterNegative vote. Although I printed this list off and used it, I was sometimes tripped up by the order of them.

    You need to finish numbering them, as well as putting them in order in their respective areas, i.e. Large Mutant should be first instead of the Kraken card in Dead City Streets.

    Make a few change ups and I'd be glad to give you a positive vote
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 08 Feb 12 at 16:23
    22 Oct 2011 14 Oct 2011 26 Oct 2011
    14 3 4
    Below you will find the link for Rage wiki ,that contains all the 54 cards with pictures , how to find them , the location and the exact spot!

    It was really helpful !

    NOTE: Do not forget that you have only one chance in authority prison! And Dead city you will only visit it twice but some cards are only obtainable through the first visit!!

    Good luck,
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    LMEPHISTOYour welcome Z3RO 37 :)
    Posted by LMEPHISTO on 06 Nov 11 at 10:02
    buzzo9neoUsed this link many times on my play through. Very useful link, better than any of the other guides for this achievement
    Posted by buzzo9neo on 04 Apr 17 at 14:02
    LMEPHISTOThank you Buzzo9neo.
    Posted by LMEPHISTO on 05 Apr 17 at 04:28
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