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Roll 4 Targets in the first round of Tombstones

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How to unlock the JACKPOT! achievement

  • Calex dEUSCalex dEUS1,044,123
    08 Oct 2011 08 Oct 2011
    123 9 40
    There is no solution to this, it is pure luck, this is Vegas and the house always wins, you might get this 1st go and then again you might have to bash the a button a million times.

    Forget about people saying bet $5 or $10 or $25 I saw just as many losses on those and 4 skulls as any other bet. 4 skulls is stacked to come up trumps regardless from my experience.

    So my advice is to watch some TV with the controller in hand and press "a" every few seconds on a $5 bet, and when the show is over come back and find the achievement to be unlocked (like I did, and it was a god episode of CSI too :) ) or not !!!!

    Negative votes are cool for this but i'm only spelling out the truth, there is NO solution to this , it is pure LUCK, you might get it 1st time and then again you might get it after 1000 presses of the "a" button.

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    FireRaiser1985Turbo controller FTW!!!
    Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 01 Aug 15 at 21:15
    IMKevin117I got this first try!

    I looked at this guide, said to myself "ughhh this is going to take forever", got my blanket, some popcorn, and South Park set up on my computer screen, rolled the dice 1 time and got the achievement LMAO laugh
    Posted by IMKevin117 on 14 Jul 19 at 05:13
    MaurickShepherdI literally got four skulls in a row... 27 times. Something tells me today is not my day on Rage 😂
    Posted by MaurickShepherd on 28 Apr at 23:36
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  • MaxxxineMaxxxine207,334
    04 Oct 2011 05 Oct 2011 21 Jan 2015
    37 6 40
    When you get to Wellspring you will eventually come across a group of three men on the floor surrounding what looks like a board with holographic characters on it. (I think it's next to Coffers, where you get your change of clothes). This is Tombstones. I basically saved my game before playing and then kept on rolling (keeping my bet at $5) until I finally rolled four targets on the first round.

    If you do not get four targets on the first round, do not quit the game by pressing B (unless you're making a nice profit) as this will quick save. Just keep on rolling and betting through the remaining rounds in order to get back to a 'new' first round. After the achievement pops, just quit back to the dashboard and load up your save game!

    This didn't take me too long, probably under 10 minutes!

    Edit: Added a video guide to all the minigames (this one included) as requested by xTMDxMorbidDead. This is not my video.

    Edit: Had to take the video link down as it was no longer available.
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    Lurid JesterAfter about an hour trying to get this achievement to pop (crimson elite armor, normal dif, $25 bet) and seeing 4 targets in a row only once, on a third roll I decided to check this site. Read the guides, for what they're worth and saw a string of comments stating that after betting $10 they got the achievement rather quickly. I decided to give it a try.

    Set bet to $10. Rolled.
    4 targets, first time.

    Second round was 12 skulls.

    I hate Tombstones.
    Posted by Lurid Jester on 23 Dec 12 at 04:27
    Cheese TouchI seriously doubt that the amount of your bet, crimson armor, etc. has anything to do with the odds of winning. I farm this game all the time for $$$ and it appears completely random.
    Posted by Cheese Touch on 04 Jan 13 at 01:16

    The amount of your bet, Crimson Armor, or anything else does not affect the odds of you winning. The only thing that matters is luck. This game is purely luck based. Simply put: You roll 4 "dice" or whatever they are. If you get the four targets on your first roll, you get 10x's the amount of your bet. If you roll the four targets on your second roll it is 4x's the amount of your bet. If you roll the four targets on your third roll, you get your money back. If you miss rolling the four target's on your third roll, you lose your bet. Simple. It is pure luck.

    Provided the "dice" are 6 sided and the target is only on one side you have a 1 in 1,296 chance of rolling four targets in your first roll. 1 in 1,296 translates into a 0.077% chance. So, you have less than a 1/2 of 1% chance of rolling the four targets in your first roll.

    There is nothing more or less to this achievement other than rolling the dice and hoping that you are lucky enough to roll four targets the first roll with 1 in 1,296 odds of doing so. However, based on those odds, it could take awhile to actually roll four targets on your first roll.

    Good luck with the dice. Hopefully the "dice gods" or "Tombstone Gods" are on your side when you roll and you don't have to sit there and roll the average of 1,296 times (or more) to actually get the four targets in the first roll. Because that could take a LONG time. Say an average game takes a minute. That still would translate to 21 hours, and 36 minutes on average to roll 4 targets (provided the "dice" are four sided with only one target per dice).
    Posted by Flyboy80498 on 04 Jan 13 at 03:07
  • rotorschneerotorschnee356,207
    01 Dec 2011 04 Dec 2011
    29 3 3
    As stated, this achievement is based purely on chance and luck. So there is no skill involved, or any right or wrong way to get the achievement. Simply play it, and overtime it will unlock. You can see Calex dEUS and Maxxxxine's solutions for tips and advice on this matter.

    What I can offer instead is the probability of you rolling 4 Targets on a dice roll.

    I rolled 71 dices over the course of an evening before I got utterly bored of notating my results. But here is what they are:

    Dice 1: 22 targets
    Dice 2: 29 targets
    Dice 3: 28 targets
    Dice 4: 32 targets

    So the average is 27.75 targets rolled ( (22+29+28+32)/4 ) on a given dice.

    Dividing 27.75 into 71 dice rolls yields a 39.08% probability of rolling a target on a single dice. I doubt Id software coded this number, so I am going to round up to 40% which seems more feasible. In essence, think of a five sided dice where 3 of the faces are skulls and two which are targets (since the mini game is with holograms and what not, I don't see this as being too farfetched).

    So to roll one dice as a Target is 40%, or 2/5.
    To roll two dice as Targets is 16%, or 4/25 (2/5 * 2/5)
    To roll three dice as Targets 6.4%, or 8/125 (2/5 * 2/5 * 2/5)
    To roll all four dice as targets is 2.56%, or 16/625 (2/5 * 2/5 * 2/5 * 2/5)

    So overall you have a 2.56% chance of getting all Targets on a dice throw.

    Not very encouraging!

    (hope that math is right, it's been a while since I took that stat class back in college)
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    rotorschneeyou can nevah escape! :D
    Posted by rotorschnee on 31 Dec 11 at 02:05
    jasonlc3221And worst of all, that 2.56% is just any roll. The achievement pops only if it's your first roll. So rounding up, it's 3/100 chance, but we're looking for a specific turn, and there are 3 turns. The number I came up with is .0027% (yes, that's 27 ten-thousandths of a percent) to hit all 4 targets on your first turn. Jesus, good luck to all of us.
    Posted by jasonlc3221 on 06 Jul 13 at 14:33
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