Bringin' Home the Bacon achievement in RAGE

Bringin' Home the Bacon

Earn 750 Dollars in one episode of Bash TV in the Campaign

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How to unlock the Bringin' Home the Bacon achievement

  • MrsodMrsod616,856
    13 Oct 2011 14 Oct 2011 26 Oct 2011
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    OK I was having trouble with this until I looked up a special solution.
    1. Go through all the rooms and do your best, but don't sweat it too much
    2. Don't leave the last room. Look at the fake ship floating in some fake waves.
    3. There should be 3 track lights on the ship, equip shotgun and shoot them from right to left.
    4. Immediately look down a bit and see a fake green fish jumping over the fake waves- shoot it!
    5. You have 2 more chances to shoot it as it jumps the waves from left to right.

    If you get the fish it is a $200 bonus! It is easy to get $550 during the show, so only 1 hit on the fish is really necessary.
    *Edit* for those of you doing the 1st run through, this is actually in room 4, not the last room with the final mutant.

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    Gerbasgamerdid it on accident without the fish the first time I got there...
    Really not that hard as I wasn't even aiming to get it.
    Posted by Gerbasgamer on 13 Aug 18 at 18:54
    EthigyDid it without having to shoot the fish as well. Each round I’d deploy either two Advanced Sentry Bots, two Advanced Sentry Turrets, or a combination of both. Also made sure to get at least one kill to net me the 100% accuracy bonus. Really simple achievement in the end.
    Posted by Ethigy on 01 Dec 18 at 20:10
    Posted by MumblesMcBabble on 26 Jan 19 at 05:00
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  • o KeyserSoeze oo KeyserSoeze o332,243
    04 Oct 2011 05 Oct 2011
    35 2 6
    Author's Note: This is my first guide; please keep that in mind.

    This achievement was moderately tricky to obtain in Nightmare difficulty, so I thought I would share some tips. There is a minor spoiler at the end of the solution regarding when you may play the Bash TV side-mission.

    If you did not obtain the necessary $750 on your first attempt, you may replay the Bash TV side-mission again (in fact, this "re-run" is another mission in and of itself).

    This solution will assume you are playing the Re-run of Bash TV.

    You total take is calculated by your total amount of kills, accuracy each round, and how well you compare to the par time of each round. Furthermore, Round 3 is a jackpot round, allowing the player to obtain extra earnings by successfully scoring points.

    General Strategy

    - Use Wingsticks. They are fast, cheap, and they have slight homing on targets once thrown. If you have the correct armor, crafted Wingstick do even more damage than purchased ones.

    - 100% Accuracy across all four rounds will give you $400, well over half of your required take. Again, Wingsticks make it difficult to have an accuracy of less than 90%, assuming the player is familiar with using them. It is generally best to line up your throws after sidestepping a mutant’s attack; they will be unable to dodge and you will have a difficult time missing.

    - Beating par time is important; the lower your time under par, the more money you are awarded. However, I have not discerned a formula relating the amount of time under par to the payout. When I first unlocked the achievement, I was averaging about 0:10 – 0:15 seconds under par each round. As long as your accuracy is near-immaculate, shoot for at least 0:10 under each time (which is easily manageable with Wingsticks).

    - The jackpot wheel has enormous potential. Each wheel is the same; there are three mutant icons (if you land on these, the “bonus” is over) and in between these there are two “$$$” symbols. Shoot the target under the spinning wheels to stop it at the “$$$” while it is easy to do so. The wheel will spin faster with each successive spin, assuming you do not hit a mutant icon. After the third spin, unless you are confident in your quick reflexes, time your shots to hit the target after the three mutant logos have passed. You will hit a “$” or “$$” each time if you are quick. The jackpot seems to go on indefinitely, spinning faster and faster each new spin until you inevitably land on a mutant icon. My best earning from the jackpot was $122, though when I first unlocked the achievement I had a mere $55.

    - Be sure to pick up the caches of bandages and ammo after the first and third rounds. Even if you don’t use any of it while getting the achievement, it will definitely come in handy later.

    The rounds are as follows:

    ROUND 1
    Par time: 1:40
    Kills: 20

    Note: The fire-throwing mutants on the raised platforms can sometime be difficult to hit with a Wingstick due to the bars on the side. If you are having difficulty, use your shotgun on them to preserve your accuracy rating.

    ROUND 2
    Par time: 1:00
    Kills: 14

    Note: The spinning, bladed gorilla has a tendency to steal your kills by mulching the attacking mutants. The loss of money is trivial compared to your time and accuracy, so do not be discouraged or distracted if you miss more than a few potential kills.

    ROUND 3
    *Jackpot Minigame*
    Kills: 6
    Par time: 1:00

    Note: You will earn an obscene amount of cash from this round due to the jackpot game (see above note). Focus on accuracy, as one miss will severely damage your rating (there are only two waves of three mutants).

    ROUND 4
    Kills: 11
    Par time: 1:30

    Note: After playing through three times, I continually arrive at 11 kills. It is possible that the floor spikes kill one of the mutants (11 is an odd number), but I cannot observe this. The spikes are easy to avoid, simply move around during the battle and, again, focus on speed and accuracy.

    Thanks for reading and good luck!


    You may play the Bash TV mission after reaching Wellspring and returning to Dan with supplies. The Sheriff sends you on a mission to obtain the Cuprino, during which you must participate in Bash TV.
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    Zero JudgementAs is posted in the Achievement Guide on x360a, therefore they get the credit, use the Dopefish method. It gave me an easy $400 therefore I got the achievement in the re-run otherwise it is nearly impossible to get in the re-run.
    Posted by Zero Judgement on 13 Oct 11 at 15:40
    rdfreeman33can I still get this cheevo if I miss in the 1st part??
    Posted by rdfreeman33 on 14 Oct 11 at 20:10
    stefb42i did it before the point of no return on disc 2,1st room i set up 2 advanced sentry turretts in the doorways before stepping in the middle,then got 1 shot with my shotgun and let the turrets do the rest,round over in 45 seconds,2nd round 1 single turret at the exit and again 1 shot with shotgun foe 100%,3rd after jackpot wheel used an advanced sentry bot and again 1 hit for me with shotgun,last round take the sentry bot with me and set up another,again 1 shot with shotgun and leave the rest for sentry bot,got £849 dollars as the you get the kills the turretts and bots make,you just need to make 1/1 shots hit for the 100%
    Posted by stefb42 on 14 Oct 11 at 23:53
  • SteellarSteellar323,837
    11 Oct 2011 11 Oct 2011
    9 5 0
    Once you get the advanced wingsticks, obtain 40 or so and just use those accuracy will be near 100%, easy to obtain 750 even on nightmare
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