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Finish the Campaign on Nightmare difficulty

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How to unlock the RAGE Nightmare achievement

  • vikingbloodlustvikingbloodlust282,930
    24 Oct 2011 24 Oct 2011
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    When playing on nightmare, not a whole lot changes from other difficulties. The enemies act exactly the same, they take the same amount of damage and Id doesn't throw more enemies at you to make the experience tougher. The only difference you should notice is that you take more damage, faster than the lower difficulties.

    There are a few things to keep in mind while you are playing. The first thing is, when was the last time I saved? The reason I bring this up first is that the only time the game auto-saves for you is when you hit a load screen going from one area to another, meaning that if you die 45 minutes into a dungeon (or whatever you prefer to call the different levels) and you haven't saved, it will make you start all over from where you entered the area. Save OFTEN, you shouldn't die very much (I only died once and had a hand full of defibs) but it's still very irritating to have to replay large portions of the game. It may have been a little excessive, but I saved pretty much every time I cleared a room.

    The second thing to know is what type of enemy are you facing. Against the Ghost clan and Mutants, it's always a good idea to have a large number of wingsticks on hand, they are one hit kill and it makes it much easier to keep these enemies at a distance when you are hitting them with wingsticks. Having sentry bots is also a big help against these enemies. They give your enemies a distraction and usually do a lot of the work for you, in fact i would recommend using these against all enemies if you're finding yourself in a bind or start to get overwhelmed. When facing the large mutants, throw down a sentry bot to keep the smaller mutants off of you and either use rockets or pop rockets on the bigger threat. When it comes to enemies that are less melee focused and more weapon focused, the pistol with fatboy rounds is immensely helpful. Against the shrouded it's usually a one-shot kill if you get a headshot and against the enemies that eat up your ammo, such as the authority or the gearheads, it's two headshots for a kill (as oppose to burning an entire clip on a single enemy) . When facing the various faction's larger boss characters, I always kept a shotgun with pop rockets handy, it usually takes 4-5 hits to take them out, but they really can't shoot at you when you are peppering them with this ammo. It's also a good idea to stick up on grenades against enemies that primarily fire weapons as oppose to use melee combat, you can usually clear entire rooms with one or two well placed grenades and if it doesn't kill them, it draws them from cover to make for easier shooting. This is also great against the shielded authority soldiers, throwing a grenade behind them will either kill them or force them to turn and expose their back for you to shoot. The only other useful thing I can say regarding the different enemies is bring plenty of sniper ammo and be ready with your shotgun when facing the Jackals, they mix long range combat with lots of melee enemies as well.

    The final thing to keep in mind is how you're spending your money, in order to continue to afford the ammo you need to best defeat your enemies, you can't waste your cash. Avoid vehicle combat as much as possible. There is no bigger waste of money than having to buy ammo and pay for repairs that you have because you drove in circles fighting for no reason. To help keep costs down, always loot your enemies and search areas after you clear them to find more ammo. The guns I found myself using the most were the double barrel shotgun, the pistol (with fatboy rounds) and the authority mg. Most of my ammo costs came from buying buckshot and various components to make sentry bots and pop rockets, so keep that in mind as well.

    Hopefully this is helpful to your Nightmare run-through and if you see anything that was helpful to you and isn't included, or have questions feel free to comment. Also, if you down-vote, please specify why in the comments, thanks!

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    JodmeisterSome additional tips from me to add: If you need to make cash do 4 rounds of 5-finger fillet and then cash out before the final one. $40 each time in a minute. The last mission is a doddle; you only need the pulse cannon and the authority mg - plus take as many sentry bots as you can - they are far more effective than the turrets, and keep spamming new ones as soon as they die.
    Posted by Jodmeister on 26 Jun 12 at 12:45
    Mobius EvalonThis game's nightmare mode is a joke, really -- if you breezed normal you'll breeze nightmare, too. Ignore all side missions except for hanging onto all of your feltrite from the beginning of the game, so you can insta-finish Jacob's quest in the Wellspring bar to get the defib charge enhancement, otherwise beeline from story mission to story mission.

    Spam EMP grenades at the Authority (because they basically equal HE grenades in effectiveness against them and will fuck them up real good) and spam wingsticks at everything else, and this will be a breeze.

    I did not bother with engineering anything besides wingsticks, bandages, and the occasional lock grinder. Work on maxing out Av2x rounds for the Authority MG, so that by the time you find it in the Shrouded bunker you'll be on easy street. The final mission is all advanced wingsticks and the pulse cannon you get from Portman, the ammo for it is spammed all over the level and nothing can withstand more than 6 shots from it. Don't bother with the plasma ball thing it does, though -- takes far too long to charge and reload.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 11 Sep 12 at 09:50
    LoddosI used the mini games to make a lot of money. After you got the rocket launcher (It's Alive) buy max ammo and this is a walk through the park. So spend 2 days and make money
    Posted by Loddos on 04 Aug 13 at 14:24
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  • MissFuchsiaFireMissFuchsiaFireThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    14 Nov 2011
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    First things first: Difficulty achievements are stackable! Woohoo!

    There isn't too much difference between the different difficulties except that you will take more damage from enemies. There will still be the same amount of enemies on every difficulty, however, and you will still deal the same amount of damage to them.

    Overall I would rate the campaign difficulty a 4.5/10. If you have already played through this game once and are now attempting it on a harder difficulty then you will know where the hard parts are (few though they are) and you will know when to save in case of a catastrophic failure. If this is your first playthrough, however, then here is my best advice:

    Save often!
    You might as well save as much as possible since you have the option to. Big fights are pretty easy to see coming as they often take place in large, open areas, so definitely save before moving on to a large battle.

    Use Wingsticks & Sentry Bots!
    I always make sure to have a full inventory of Wingsticks and I spam them on enemies far more frequently than I use bullets. Aim for the head and you will most likely get a 1 hit kill even on some of the tougher enemies. You can buy Wingsticks from any vendor after you have unlocked them by talking to Loosum Hagar toward the beginning of the game.

    Sentry Bots are not only adorable, but when it comes to weaker enemies such as mutants they will pretty much do the entire fight for you and you won't have to lift a finger. They are also very helpful against boss type enemies because they make a great distraction for anyone in the room letting you focus your full attention on the boss. You can have 2 out at a time. You can buy the parts to build them from any vendor.

    That should be enough to give you an idea of how to play this game, and the rest is up to you. The best part of Rage is exploration, so I don't want to tell you too much of what to do. I will give you a few more resources, though, to help you with various parts of the game if you're interested. Thanks for using my achievement guide!

    Full Walkthrough:

    Obsessive Compulsive Achievement (includes Jumper, It's Good!, Gotta Have 'Em All, & Master Chef:
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    FFX BrotherhoodI completly agree with the wingstick spamming , it definetly helps when your being swarmed by mutants particularly in the Mutant Bash TV Mission.

    Cheers for the guide Z3RO ;D
    Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 01 Jan 12 at 19:24
  • FoolsAndKingsFoolsAndKings887,076
    30 Jan 2012 31 Jan 2012
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    As Abba said its all about "Money, Money, Money".

    This is really easy if you flash the cash. Find the game Tombstone and preferably a nice Turbo Controller (leave it for an hour each time) and play it over and over with $25 bets. By the time I completed the game I'd got over $100,000 on the one play through.

    Buy all upgrades for health and amour.
    Buy as many Sentry Bots as possible, especially on disc 2. I started each level with at least 10 and let them do all the donkey work.
    Start each mission with Max Grenades and 1000 ammo on the weapon of choice (Shotgun and Sniper for me)
    Have a Rocket Launcher with 100 shells as backup for sticky situations (Only use this in TV Bash .. I got $1,390 in one episode).
    Lots of Bandages also.

    Easy when you know how.
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