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Obsessive Compulsive achievement in RAGE

Obsessive Compulsive

Reach 100% Completion in the Campaign

Obsessive Compulsive0
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How to unlock the Obsessive Compulsive achievement

  • Delimar xDelimar x80,903
    12 Oct 2011 11 Oct 2011 21 Jan 2015
    109 7 141
    To combine all of the comments and all of the missed content from VogtOrDie's solution, I felt that this was the easiest way.

    Note: You may or may not get credit for completing some of these quests/minigames/collectables. This guide is just to show you what is out there and what you need to get to help you towards your 100% completion.

    To get 100% in this game, you need to have 130/130 under your stats.
    (You WILL get credit for completing these)
    Included in this 130 are:
    18 Vehicle Jumps
    54 Cards (43 on first disc, 11 on second)
    19 Recipes

    You also need to complete all of the mini-games including:
    (These are tricky and may or may not give you credit)

    Five Finger Fillet (round 1)
    Rage Frenzy (easy also counts)
    Tombstone (kill all the mutants atleast once)
    Strum (round 1)
    Wingstick tutorial

    Stanley's three "races"
    Wellspring's races
    Subway Town's races
    (complete all races before blowing up the authority bridge)

    Sides quests:
    Richard's quest in Wellspring's bar
    Both races against Starky (One in Wellspring, the other in Subway Town)
    Ramos in the Outrigger settlement (Must be completed before unlocking Wellspring)
    Norbu in Subway Town (opposite end of the bar outside the subway train)
    Dietrich - The Distillery (opens up after completion of the first main quest in subway town) Also, you get the Secret id room achievement in this place.

    All of the Job Board Missions: 9 total ***Courtesy of RaajTM***
    (These may or may not give you credit)
    - Wellspring
    #1 Missing Person - Return to the Ghost Hideout to find them.
    #2 Stolen Merchandise - Return to the Wasted Garage for the lifted beer.
    #3 Mutant Menace - Protect the worker from mutants while they repair the water lines.
    #4 Caravan Cover - Protect the Caravan as it heads out of Wellspring from bandits.
    #5 A Proposition - Leads to RC Prototype - Find the RC Prototype in the Shrouded Bunker.
    #6 The Exchange - Provide sniper cover for Sheriff Black.

    - Subway Town
    #7 Bounty Hunter - Stop the thief at the Distillery.
    #8 Eviction Notice - Evict the Shrouded Clan from the Blue Line Station.
    #9 Help Wanted - Shut down the Authority's Mobile Generators in the Gearhead Vault.

    Checkpoints - Please note that if you have more than i do, then good. It means you got something i failed to get in the first disc (like a card for example...)

    -I have 92/130 right before disc 2. I do not have five-finger fillet done yet, so that could make this 93 if i chose to do this now, i am also missing a card. So the max I could get in the first disc is 94/130

    -After completing the first quest and picking up all the side quests and visiting the shop and the bar. I also did Strum in my spare time. I now have 97/130

    -After completing the Gearhead Vault quest and the Distillery, along with a few side quests, i am now at 103/130

    -After completing all side quests and only 1 job board mission (the 1 job board didn't count to my progression for some reason), i am at 122/130

    -Lastly, you need to have 129/130 before entering capital prime. Remember, there are two jumps right before capital prime, so you might be at 127, but you are still fine

    The 3 ATV Field Goals are NOT included in this achievement. After spending 10 minutes trying to score the last one, i was finally able to check and see if they were. They in fact, are not required.

    The sewer missions are not included in this achievement either since they are DLC. The job board quest you get from each one, and the one after these 7, are also not included in this achievement.

    If you feel that I have missed anything or need to address something, please leave a comment. Within a reasonable amount of time, I should be able to respond. Also, if you down vote me, please give me feedback so that i can improve my solution.

    This achievement is random. Just complete everything. Some things you might get credit, some you won't.

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    Sir PaulygonHere's my experience. On Disc 1, I was at 91/130, but then I completed a Sewer mission from the Job Board (DLC), and it jumped up to 92.
    Posted by Sir Paulygon on 16 May 20 at 20:05
    Sir PaulygonAnother quick edit: actually got up to 93 when I completed all of the sewer missions from the job board. Only thing I can think of to improve my numbers is to replay the Mutant Bash TV mission(s) or continue with the DLC story -- going to revisit that later.

    For now, I'm going to go ahead and travel to Subway Town and continue the main plot.
    Posted by Sir Paulygon on 16 May 20 at 20:56
    DenverMax27Just found out that if you finish the game without 100%, then go back and wrap up the things you missed, you can still be awarded this without having to replay the ending. Whoo! I'd done everything except a few of the Subway Town races that were a real bitch...went ahead and did the last mission so I could get my achievement for completing the game on normal difficulty. Then reloaded a save, turned the difficulty down to easy so I could beat the remaining races, and this achievement popped along with "win all races" right after I got the last gold.
    Posted by DenverMax27 on 03 Jan at 01:17
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  • ZavisticZavistic961,927
    19 Dec 2011 19 Dec 2011 28 Mar 2015
    84 6 38
    Below is a list of items that will count towards your 130 goals you need to complete to hit 100% in RAGE.
    Copy and paste the text from this into a notepad or print and mark each goal off as you go through the game

    *Would recommend you do 100% on your first playthrough as you do most of the 100% doing the other achievements
    *Some players experience problems with this achievement where Minigames and Sidequests are counting towards their 100% so you will want to complete everything below to make sure you hit 100% completion.
    *Last, if you are going to leave a negative against my guide please tell me your problem and i will do all i can to help you or change the guide.

    Collector Cards: You want to follow the video below for the location of all Cards within each area
    DISC 1
    #1 Dan - Hagar Settlement
    #2 Grenade - Hagar Settlement
    #3 Loosum - Hagar Settlement
    #4 Ghost Bonestick - Ghost Hideout
    #5 Ghost Boss - Ghost Hideout
    #6 Janus - Outrigger Settlement
    #7 Turret - Radio Walkway
    #8 Rikter - Radio Tower
    #9 Wasted Club - Wasted Garage
    #10 Wasted Pistol - Wasted Garage
    #11 Wasted Turret - Wasted Garage
    #12 Dagger Thrower - Wasteland
    #13 Ghost Pistol - Ghost Hideout
    #14 Dune Buster - Hagar Settlement
    #15 City Guard - Wellspring
    #16 Club Mutant - Wellspring
    #17 Clayton - Wellspring
    #18 Jetter - Wellspring
    #19 Sheriff Black - Wellspring
    #20 Sally - Wellspring
    #21 Crazy Joe - Wasteland
    #22 Scoop Mutant - Bash TV
    #23 J.K. Stiles - Bash TV
    #24 Cuprino - Wellspring
    #25 RC Bomb Car - Shrouded Bunker
    #26 Shrouded AR - Shrouded Bunker
    #27 Shrouded Heavy - Shrouded Bunker
    #28 Shrouded Minigun - Feltrite Crater
    #29 Sentry Bot - Kvasir Lab
    #30 Enforcer - Dead City
    #31 Large Mutant - Dead City
    #32 Kraken - Dead City
    #33 Slime Mutant - Dead City
    #34 Mine - The Well
    #35 Valder - The Well
    #36 Power Supply - Authority Prison
    #37 Giant Mutant - Authority Prison
    #38 EMP Grenades - Authority Prison
    #39 Drop Ship - Authority Prison
    #40 Marshall - Authority Prison
    #41 Shield Guard - Authority Prison
    #42 Elizabeth - Wellspring
    #43 Drone - Dead City Reverse
    DISC 2:
    #44 Authority Mutant - Subway Town
    #45 Dyno-Mutant - Blue Line Station
    #46 Advanced Sentry - Gearhead Vault
    #47 Gearhead Shotgun - Gearhead Vault
    #48 Gearhead Jet - Gearhead Vault
    #49 Monarch - Power Plant Entrance
    #50 Gearhead Boss - Power Plant
    #51 Jackal Crossbow - Jackal Canyon
    #52 Jackal Club - Jackal Canyon
    #53 Elite Guard - Authority Bridge
    #54 Portman - Eastern Wasteland

    Schematics: You want to follow the video below for the location of all the Schematics within each area
    DISC 1:
    #1 Wingstick - Purchased from Halek Hagar after the quest "Wingstick Mastery"
    #2 Bandages - Rewarded by Janus Outrigger after the quest "Where's Juno"
    #3 Adrenaline overdrive - Rewarded by Ramos Outrigger after the quest "Mutant Alert"
    #4 Lock grinder - Given by Johan Outrigger during the quest "Find the Buggy Parts"
    #5 Pop rocket - Purchased in the Outfitters after the quest "Dan's Message"
    #6 Sentry bot - Purchased in the Outfitters after the quest "Dan's Message"
    #7 Sentry turret - Purchased in the Outfitters after the quest "Dan's Message"
    #8 Fat momma - Purchased in the Outfitters after the quest "Dan's Message"
    #9 Dynamite Bolts - Purchased in the Outfitters after the quest "Dan's Message" or Purchased in the Jani's Supplies after the quest "Subway Town"
    #10 RC bomb car - Given by sheriff Black during the quest "Destroy the Bomb Caches"
    #11 Apophis infusion - Rewarded by Richard for the quest "Miracle Cure"
    #12 Advanced RC bomb car - Rewarded by Phallinx Hagar after the quest "A Proposition"
    #13 Mind control bolts - Given by Antonin Kvasir during the quest "Secret Delivery"
    #14 EMP grenade - Found in the Authority prison during the quest "Liberate Captain Marshall"
    DISC 2:
    #15 Authority augmenter - Given by Mark Lassard in the Resistance base after the quest "Subway Town"
    #16 Advanced sentry bot - Purchased in the Jani's Supplies after the quest "Subway Town"
    #17 Advanced sentry turret - Purchased in the Jani's Supplies after the quest "Subway Town"
    #18 Advanced wingstick - Purchased in the Jani's Supplies after the quest "Subway Town"
    #19 Regenerative infusion - Rewarded by Dietrich after the quest "Abandoned Distillery"

    Wellspring / DISC 1 has to be completed before the Authority take over Wellspring
    Beginners Luck
    #1 - Dusty 8 - Time Trial - Buggy
    #2 - Southern Highway - Non-Combat Race - Buggy
    #3 - Southern Highway - Minigun Race - Buggy
    #4 - Dusty 8 - Rocket Race - Buggy
    Speed & Thrills
    #1 - Dusty 8 Reverse - Time Trial - Buggy
    #2 - Southern Highway - Rocket Race - Buggy
    #3 - Scorcher Land - Non-Combat Race - Buggy
    #4 - Scorcher Land - Rocket Race - Buggy
    #5 - Dusty 8 Reverse - Rocket Race - Buggy
    #6 - Southern Highway - Rocket Race - Cuprino
    Murder & Mayhem
    #1 - Southern Highway Reverse - Time Trial - Buggy
    #2 - Dusty 8 - Rocket Race - Cuprino
    #3 - Southern Highway - Rocket Race - Cuprino
    #4 - Scorcher Land - Rocket Race - Cuprino
    #5 - The Canyon - Rocket Rally - Buggy
    #6 - The Canyon - Rocket Rally - Cuprino
    Subway Town / DISC 2
    Crash & Burn
    #1 - Meteor Crater - Time Trial - Buggy
    #2 - Gearhead Valley - Non-Combat Race - Buggy
    #3 - Meteor Crater - Rocket Rally - Buggy
    #4 - Gearhead Valley - Rocket Race - Cuprino
    #5 - Gearhead Valley - Rocket Rally - Cuprino
    #6 - The Shipyard - Rocket Race - Buggy
    Road Rage
    #1 - The Shipyard - Rocket Rally - Cuprino
    #2 - Authority Area - Rocket Rally - Cuprino
    #3 - Gearhead Valley - Rocket Race - Monarch
    #4 - Gearhead Valley - Rocket Rally - Monarch
    #5 - The Shipyard - Pulse Rally - Monarch

    Job Board Missions:
    Wellspring / DISC 1
    Missing Person
    Mutant Menace
    Stolen Merchandise
    Caravan Cover
    A Proposition
    The Exchange
    Subway Town / DISC 2
    Bounty Hunter
    Eviction Notice
    Help Wanted

    You want to follow the video below for the location of all the jumps within each area
    Western Wasteland / DISC 1 (11) (Start these once you have unlocked access to Wellspring)
    Eastern Wasteland / DISC 2 (7) (Start these once you have unlocked the Authority Bridge)

    Field Goals You want to follow the video below for the location of all the goals
    Western Wasteland - All goals are located on disc 1

    Side quests:
    DISC 1
    Mutant Alert - Given by Ramos in Outrigger Settlement (Must be completed before unlocking Wellspring)
    Miracle Cure - Given by Richard in Wellspring Bar
    Starky's Challenge - Given by Starky in Wellspring
    DISC 2:
    Comet Bloom - Given by Norbu in Subway Town
    Abandoned Distillery - Given by Dietrich in Subway Town
    Starky's Monarch - Given by Starky in Subway Town

    Minigames: (All minigames are located on disc 2 so you don't need to do them in Wellspring, can wait till Subway Town)
    You need to simply win any amount of money from each mini-game
    Five Finger Fillet - Must beat at least 1 round
    Rage Frenzy - Must win on Easy, Medium or Hard
    Tombstone - Killed all mutants once
    Strum - Must beat at least 1 round

    LAST MISSION Before entering Capital Prime make sure you have 129/130 in your stats section as the last mission counts towards 100%

    Once completed you should have 100%, Congratulations!

    The video below is not my own and is owned by TheMachin333 on Youtube
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    z RagnaroK zThe guide states that the 3 field goals are required for this. They are not required to obtain 100% competition.
    Posted by z RagnaroK z on 24 Oct 18 at 20:48
    EthigyGreat solution. That video was incredibly useful!
    Posted by Ethigy on 30 Nov 18 at 06:30
    Dr MartyI second Dreadful. The video was clutch.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 09 Apr 19 at 11:17
  • JoshVqzJoshVqz386,543
    02 Mar 2012 07 Mar 2012 10 Mar 2012
    43 4 15
    I've been reading a lot about this topic, additionally, I've been testing some theories by playing simultaneously the whole game with different accounts and I found nothing new or different to what has been said, but, I want to put it all together, plus, I have "Developed" a tool to make things easier. The link to download it is at the end of this guide

    This tool contains too much information and includes the info written below in this guide (which only serves as a brief introduction) if you omit to read it now you will be able to read it later in the tool. I highly recommend to read everything.

    About 100% Completion System
    > 100% in this game means that you have to have 130 / 130 points under your "Obsessive Compulsive" In-game stats
    > Rage uses a "random" points-assignment system
    •That means that by performing the same action "Obsessive Compulsive" will increase for some players while, for others, it won't
    •It seems that, almost always: Cards, Recipes, Schematics, Vehicle Jumps, Races and Jobs will give you 1 point each, but, be aware! It does not always happen that way, don't worry, instead of that, they will give you points by completing Side Quests. I noticed that sometimes I was getting points for everything I did, then, some things ( - which were supposed to - ) started to randomly not give a point for it.
    •Some actions will only give you points if you make every single part of their set, that is to say, you have to complete two or more Side Quests in order to get one point. A good example of this: Minigames, unfortunately, for the rest, this process is random and there is no way to predict when and how.
    > That said, you should be fine as long as you collect every card, recipe, perform every jump, win every race, complete every side quest and every job to ensure you will get the achievement.
    > There is no solid evidence about this achievement to be Glitched, just try to play by your self and avoid to follow "the verbatim" walkthroughs from other players since the results could be different than expected resulting in confusion.

    In-Game Hints & Tips
    > Items / Actions / Stats, etc. Won't carry over playthroughs. Make sure you to get everything in a single playthrough
    > Rage allows you to have multiple save files, use this feature indiscriminately, this could save you time and headaches
    > Always check your stats after loading. This way, you will ensure that you are opening an updated file
    > Although it is not entirely necessary at all if you track perfectly your progress, I highly recommend that you get everything before going to Subway Town. If so, you should have between 91 and 94 points under the "Obsessive Compulsive" stat by the time you leave
    > You can go back to Wellspring anytime after arriving to Subway Town
    > There is no Free Roam for this game after the end, make sure you to get everything done before going to Capital Prime. ( Warning: Missable Items / Actions before that point ).
    > If you are not one of the lucky ones who got the achievement before the end of the game:
    •By the time you have to go to Capital Prime your stats should show 127 / 129, It depends on If you haven't / have performed two jumps located in what was a Restricted Area before Assault the Authority Bridge quest.
    •You should get the very last point towards "Obsessive Compulsive" when you Complete Rage

    Tracker Overview
    > As its name says, this Tracker will help you to "Track" all actions that should count towards "Obsessive Compulsive"
    > In addition, the Tracker provides information which comes from official sources, posts, forums and my testing and investigation:
    Video: IMO The best videos that I found for the collectibles. Due to compatibility, libraries, etc. I'm only providing links for those videos within this tool
    Written: Relevant information that will give you a quick preview of each item / action such as if they are missable, locations, tips to get them and avoid to miss them, etc.
    > Sometimes, video or written information may seem to be few or not enough by themselves, try to use them together to make the most of them.
    > Although you will be fine with this tracker content and by using it you should get several achievements towards "Obsessive Compulsive", it is not a Walkthrough. If you need specific information on how to get a different achievement, check out their associated guides

    Download the Tracker:

    Make sure to use the upper right corner button to download it. The site only shows the preview of the first page and you won't be able to use it from there
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    Good effort. Great tool. Thank You Kindly.
    Posted on 22 Apr 14 at 22:33
    EarthboundXThis will be a great help when I start the game soon, thanks!
    Posted by EarthboundX on 23 Jul 14 at 08:21
    buzzo9neoVery helpful excel sheet. Thank you for creating it. Let me find where i was missing my last few oc points.
    Posted by buzzo9neo on 04 Apr 17 at 14:03
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