A True Legend achievement in RAGE

A True Legend

Complete a Legend of the Wasteland on Nightmare difficulty

A True Legend+0.1
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How to unlock the A True Legend achievement

  • VerserVerser112,177
    07 Oct 2011 07 Oct 2011
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    This one is pretty easy. Load up the first mission, go to settings and change to nightmare.
    General Tips:

    Take your time, by going slow and luring enemies back, your partner can take them out

    Explore every space. There are a TON of RC Cars, grenades, and wingsticks lying around

    Hit A at the ammo crate at the start, the match doesnt being with max ammo.

    Enemies spawn after you walk into the adjacent room. I ended up running an RC car to where i thought they would spawn from several rooms away, my partner ran closer to make them spawn. After the stairs down on the first level is where i did this, killed the whole room with this trick.

    lastly, try to ambush as much as possible, having mostly dead enemies and smaller numbers makes it easier

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    This level worked for me.
    Positive up by one. :-)
    Posted on 08 Jan 12 at 05:53
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  • ddog578ddog578102,529
    14 Oct 2011 14 Oct 2011
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    In my opinion, the easiest level to get this achievement on is the second one - "Season 1: Pilot". I think this level is easier than the first because all the monsters in this level are club-wielding mutants, and weak ones at that. They can all be one shot in the head with the combat shotgun. The only exception to that is the boss at the end, but he actually dies really fast if you use the shotgun and throw wingsticks at him.
    In the first level, most of the enemies are armored and have guns, so it's much harder.

    As a general tip, don't use your defibrillator unless you have to. You have a limited number of uses on it and it's better to stay incapacitated and wait for your teammate to revive you, if possible. Also, make sure not to neglect the use of bandages in tight situations. They are really life-saving.
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    stefb42yeah man,this is the level to do it on,tried a lot of others that seemed easy on normal but on nightmare they were just that,although this ones quite tough on normal it's not actually that much harder on nightmare,except the kracken so best to try and save everything you have to throw at him,also on this level if you die during one of the stages,there will be a break after the current wave of mutants if your teammate can clear them alone,even if that floor of the level isn't completed giving a good chance to revive fallen teammates
    Posted by stefb42 on 01 Nov 11 at 22:50
    Tried this level in co-op. Every time the floor-spikes will kill me. Due to the lag I can't see/predict where they will come up.
    Posted on 08 Jan 12 at 05:52
    ThaDevilzHandI say this is the best level. I actually did it by myself with two controllers on the same console. Only part I had a little trouble with is the Kraken. If you stay along the wall though and get as much distance from him he keeps charging at you and you won't have to worry about him using that tentacle attack that blinds you. When doing that though, you have to worry about the regular mutants chasing you around, but they do stop coming after you kill so many.
    Posted by ThaDevilzHand on 01 Oct 12 at 01:08
  • olde fortran 77olde fortran 77264,637
    01 Aug 2012 02 Aug 2012
    9 0 3
    I would argue that "Unwanted Guests" (6th mission, set in Wellspring, featuring Olive) is the easiest.

    When you emerge from the basement, there are only two enemies. One has a shield, but you have to throw an EMP grenade to take out the generator anyway.

    Next, don't leave the entrance to the bar. Stay at the top of the stairs and take out the enemies in the street one by one. Authority Mutants might charge up the stairs (though only one at a time), but with two shooters that shouldn't be a problem.

    When everyone in the street is down, you can either head for the garage and garage's office to pick up goodies, or head to the left and up to deal with two enemies who will spawn when you get near the bend.

    Take out the generator at the other end of the alley and deal with 3 or so Enforcers. Head down the alley to pick up goodies, including rocket launchers that you will need near the end.

    The next generator is in the street and just down some stairs. When you take out the generator, don't leave the alley. The enemies will all be to the left. Handle this the same way as at the entrance to the bar. Take out the enemies one by one and duck back behind the wall whenever you take damage. Watch for Mutants and perhaps a Shield Trooper to approach. You might consider deploying a turret to distract the Mutant when it comes up the stairs.

    When the enemies are done, leave the alley and head up the stairs on the right to pick up goodies. Maybe the designers intended for you to fight the previous battle from the second floor of the house, but if you'd done that you'd have to worry about enemies coming up either of the two stair cases.

    Head to the other end of the street towards an open doorway on the right. As you get close, two Authority Mutants will scale the wall on your right.

    When you step inside the office, an Authority Elite will spawn outside the other doorway. Blast him with the rocket launcher. You might need more than one clip, but I don't think he will step inside the room you are in.

    With the Elite down, go to where the Elite was and use an EMP grenade on the generator at the other end of the courtyard. A few Enforcers will be defending it, but I think that the mission ends as soon as you destroy that generator, regardless of the Enforcers.

    I also recommend this mission for the achievement where no one is incapacitated. I've done this mission on normal alone without being incapacitated, and on nightmare with two people and only one incapacitation (the Elite has a lot of firepower).
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    ryan beck 117definitely the easiest one to complete by playing splitscreen with a noob like a friend of mine..posvote!
    Posted by ryan beck 117 on 03 Oct 13 at 18:18
    psybOltOnWe just did it on this level and couldn't agree more. The key element is not to rush. There are 3 choking point where you can just stay back and pick off enemies one by one. If one goes down, the other can revive him from safety.
    Posted by psybOltOn on 18 Apr 14 at 17:17
    PlayUltimate711This was insanely easy. Thanks!
    Posted by PlayUltimate711 on 14 May 16 at 21:44
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