Keep Them Comin’ achievement in Cabela's Survival: SoK

Keep Them Comin’

Obtain gold medals in all Quick Draw Shooting Galleries

Keep Them Comin’+0.1
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How to unlock the Keep Them Comin’ achievement

  • Goots 88Goots 88422,992
    30 Dec 2011 07 Dec 2012 02 Jan 2013
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    Quick Draw - Use Hard Setting (Levels accumulate faster )Kill everything and anything as fast as possible. You have a time limit here to get to level 9. The more you kill the more levels you gain, every time you get hit by a predator you lose a level. Each level you gain you get different attributes (ie: wide bullet spread, auto lock-on, infinite ammo, etc...). Flocks of birds are you best friend here. Can likely gain 2-3 levels per flock, depending on the size.

    Quick Draw Galley 8 help - First section, immediately hit the arrow to make it point left. Kill the 5 wolves (don't worry if you get hit here, you don't have a level to lose yet). Next sections, kill the wolves that come from left then right, they alternate. At the next sign, hit the arrow to go left again. Dispose of the wolves under the arch and reload. Immediately aim to the fallen tree as a Big Cat Attack will occur. Use all 5 bullets to dispose of him then reload and kill the deer on top. After this you should be at level one. Next there will be another big cat attack, kill him with three shots and then switch to shotgun. Kill the birds in the next area then switch to rifle to kill the deer who come from top left to right. This should get you to level 3. Kill the next three wolves, one is metered so be careful. The next section the wolves come out at you quick., especially the one from the front right. After this you will come to a hill with birds. Kill the first flock switch to rifle kill the 3 wolves then back to shotgun for the 2nd and 3rd flock. This should get you to level 6. If not at this point the next beginning section start with 2 flocks (before the bear). Immediately after the flocks there is a quick approaching bear. Since you are at level 6 you will not need to reload. After him starts lap 2, which you should be on level 7. At the start again, this time you are wanting to go to the right. So hit the arrow kill the 5 wolves in the first section. Now going right there will be a close metered wolf. Quickly kill him (2 shots, double power level 8). After this there will be deer up on the right and then deer on the lower left. Kill as many as you can and viola. Level complete! Any questions PM me.

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    OliversuddennIs there a reason these end suddenly I’m doing really well and I’m about to shoot something and the mission ends!
    Posted by Oliversuddenn on 22 Feb 18 at 17:02
    Charles D WayneThank you so much man this saved me from insanity.
    Posted by Charles D Wayne on 16 Feb at 23:56
    Goots 88Glad it helped. Hoping they go back to making these games.
    Posted by Goots 88 on 17 Feb at 15:34
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  • xx Hollywoodxx Hollywood284,159
    24 Aug 2012 24 Aug 2012
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    Runner gave a great breakdown of the significance of the lights, and I have very little to add except for the importance of road maps for each of the stages in order to get gold.

    Stages 1-7 on normal - you can get gold by taking the shortest route (shooting the arrows) to the end of the level each time. Sufficient game is available to fill all the lights within a couple of laps, provided you're not getting hurt often. Most of the shortcut routes give you the better angle to attack the tougher baddies as well (cougars, bears) and there are fewer crows.

    For stage 8 - I found that taking the short route (shooting the arrows) didn't give me enough high point animals (deer, caribou, moose) to shoot and get a quick win. Instead, don't shoot either of the arrows on the trail, and take the 'longer' way. You'll end up with at least the lock-on (4th light) perk by the time you start the second round. However, you'll have to deal with crows twice - as well as a section where you have about three cougars almost back to back (to back). As long as you essentially memorize the route, you shouldn't have trouble with them.

    Most importantly on Stage 8 - once you start Lap 2, make sure you realign the first arrow (right at the beginning) to take you to the right again, or you won't have enough high-value targets to get your gold (or platinum if you've been rocking it). I understand that the game is trying to 'help' you by pointing you to the shorter route, but it's not helpful in this instance.

    If, like myself, you struggled to remember what was coming next along the route, use a couch buddy. That's what myself and Tborskin did.

    This one was by far the toughest for us to get in the whole game, so I wish you good luck.

    If something doesn't make sense or you vote neg, please let me know why so I can fix it.

  • Runner7922Runner7922201,465
    08 Mar 2012 11 Mar 2012 10 Apr 2012
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    blisle83 explained the basics for getting this achievement and I agree there is no easy way to get at least gold in all 8 Quick Draw levels. This achievement is much harder than Survival because not only do you lose health when you get hit, but you also lose lots of your hard earned points. Additionally you have to kill just about everything you see just to get the points needed for the lights/weapon upgrades which in turn has to be done within a pre-set time.

    Unlike Survival and Trek, there are no perks. Instead, across the top centre of the screen there are 6 lights you have to turn on. They turn on when you get a certain amount of points. But the one thing you do get in this gallery is more powerful weapons as follows:
    Yellow - Wide Bullet Spread
    Orange - Faster Reload
    Green - More Bullets
    Light Blue - Auto Lock
    Dark Blue - Full Capacity (infinite, no reloading required)
    Purple - Critical Damage

    One thing that can help you a little bit is to try to get to light blue as quickly and as carefully as you can. After that just blast away at anything. Try to get the wolves while they are still in the bushes and be ready with the right gun for when the birds show up.

    Another important tip is to make sure you never use the rifle on birds or the shotgun on mammals. If you do, points are subtracted and you will lose some of your progress. You can't afford to lose much time.

    Finally, experiment with the easy, normal and hard settings. While the course is the same on any setting, you will notice that you get more points for kills on Hard. On the otherhand, it takes more shots to kill the predators. For example, some of the alpha wolves take 1 shot on easy, 2 on normal and 3 on hard. Watch the bars go from green to orange to red as you hit them repeatedly.

    Of all the Quick Draw levels, level 8 is by far the hardest of all. There seem to be endless wolves and cats which give you few points compared to elk, moose and deer. And just when you think you are getting somewhere, the crows get you every time unless you are ready in advance. I found it useful to also try experimenting with different routes to avoid some of the wolf packs or to find the deer and elk herds.

    Thanks to Poisoned Puma for correction of weapons listing.
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    Poisoned PumaAuto Lock comes before Full Capacity
    Posted by Poisoned Puma on 06 Apr 12 at 16:58
    Johnny SkillzNice guide.

    I don't think it is possible to beat level 8 on Easy. There just aren't enough targets.
    Posted by Johnny Skillz on 13 May 13 at 20:25
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