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Gun Runners Arsenal

Master of the Arsenal achievement in Fallout: New Vegas

Master of the Arsenal

Cause 10,000 damage with Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) Weapons.

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How to unlock the Master of the Arsenal achievement

  • FunkDogFunkDog555,959
    05 Oct 2011 05 Oct 2011
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    Achievement Hunters!

    The two solutions above are good, but neither of them show the quickest way to get the achievement. The method below will take about 5-10 minutes and you will get both "10,000 damage" achievements associated with GRA.

    Around 25k in caps. If you have this, you're good to go. You'll also probably want to make sure you have a bunch of stimpaks on hand in case you take collateral damage from the mini nukes.

    ** Fast travel to the Gun Runners mark on your map (just below and to the right of The Strip) and save your game.
    ** Buy "ESTHER (GRA)" from the robot at Gun Runners. It is around 22k and is a Mini Nuke Launcher that counts both as a GRA weapon and a "unique" wasteland weapon.
    ** Buy all the Mini Nuke ammo that they have (the Mini Nuke mod for sale at Gun Runners will not work on Esther so save your caps).
    ** Fast travel to Black Rock.
    ** Make your way to the top of Black Rock killing everything along the way. There are a bunch of Super Mutant Masters and Nightkin Masters.
    ** You will most likely have exhausted your Mini Nukes at this point.
    ** Return to Gun Runners and buy another load of Mini Nukes (they will be restocked).
    ** Fast travel to The Strip. Kill the three securitrons at the entrance to The Strip.
    ** Enter The Strip.
    ** Launch a shot at the two hookers in front of the casino. You should kill 4 or 5 people total with this shot.
    ** Both Achievements Unlocked!
    ** Reload your save game unless you want everyone in The Strip pissed at you.

    If for some reason the achievements didn't pop, open up your pip boy and find the two challenges that are associated with these achievements (Notes -> Challenges -> Hit Right a Couple of Times). They will show you how much damage you've already inflicted so you know how much more you need (if you didn't get it, you're probably right around 9900 or so).

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    Hurricane MattIf you guys want another gun that can get both this and Curious and Relics at the same time that will be very useful over the long term, buy the MF Hyperbreeder Alpha from Cliff Briscoe in Novac. It fires very fast, does a lot of damage, and best of all it has infinite ammo as it regenerates its own ammo. It costs around 9k caps and also counts toward Blast Mastery.
    Posted by Hurricane Matt on 01 Oct 14 at 20:21
    sonnyforpleFast and easy, up vote for me!
    Posted by sonnyforple on 30 Oct 14 at 03:02
    KenH2k4Nice! Thanks to you and back compat I finally got these. I just went into the strip and Ultra Luxe and got these without needing additional ammo.
    Posted by KenH2k4 on 24 Jun 16 at 03:18
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  • StrikechargerStrikecharger821,594
    30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2011 23 Nov 2012
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    This is a guide how to get the damage achievements easy without fights.

    1)Turn off hardcore mode if you have it on.

    2)Get the presidential suite in the lucky 38.

    3)Have 2 companions (the best would be rex and lily because of the high health but it goes with every companion).

    4)Have any gra weapon, i would recommend a unique gra weapon because it counts towards the "curios and relics" achievement aswell.

    5)Dismiss the 2 companions and tell them to go back to the lucky38 suite.

    6)Go to the companions and punch/shoot them until they are nearly dead.

    7)Recruit them again and knock them out.
    Wait until they stand and dismiss them again. Punch/shoot them again, repeat steps 5-7 until you get the achievement.

    This goes with every of the damage achievements as long as you don't kill the companions if they are not in your party.
    I hope this helps.
  • Smoky BrennethSmoky Brenneth720,775
    24 Mar 2012 17 Aug 2014
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    Copied and pasted from my 'Curious and Relics' solution:

    Although the above solutions will work, I found this method much faster:

    1) Earn enough caps to be banned from all 3 casinos on the strip.

    2) Purchase "Esther" and all mini nukes from Gun Runners.

    3) Go to kings school if inpersonation

    4) Fire a nuke at the stage from the doorway to that room, restore health.

    5) Wait for the radiation to disperse, then fire another nuke into the doorway leading to the stairs behind the counter (to your right when you first enter the building. This unlocked for me at this stage.

    NB) I was at level 31, with an explosive skill of 67 at this point. You may need to also kill passers by outside depending on the damage your character can produce :D
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