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Gun Runners Arsenal

Up to the Challenge achievement in Fallout: New Vegas

Up to the Challenge

Complete any three Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) one star (*) Challenges.

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How to unlock the Up to the Challenge achievement

  • FallOut PhoenixFallOut Phoenix394,185
    29 Sep 2011 29 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2011
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    The following are all the one star challenges added to the game

    A Slave Obeys

    Kill Mr. House with a 9 Iron or Nephi's Golf Driver

    Benefit or a Hazard

    Kill Robots with 5.56mm pistols (15 required)


    Kill Animals with any Fat Man or Fat Mines (20 required)

    The Same Could be Said of All Religious Weapons

    Kill Feral Ghouls with Maria, Gehanna, and Holy Frag Grenades (15 required)

    You Don't Belong In This World!

    Kill Abominations with Katanas, Dynamite, Machetes, Throwing Spears, Throwing Knives, and Throwing Hatchets (10 required)

    Ne Ne Ne Ne...

    Cripple Right Arms with Shotguns (5 required)

    Only one challenge here is completely missable that one being A Slave Obeys. If you already killed House you will be unable to complete it. The easiest 9 iron I can think of are in Nipton. One in the town hall and the other in the house with the Mister Gutsy. If you want Nephi's 9 iron go to the South Vegas Ruins East Entrance ( and find Driver Nephi to the south. You need to kill him for the quest Three-Card Bounty if you plan on doing that quest.

    Even if you can't kill House then there are still 5 more goals. For Benefit or a Hazard. Use the 5.56mm pistol from Gun Runners due to the fact that it will contribute to Master of the Arsenal. If you own Old World Blues the roboscorpions, securitrons and turrets found throughout the add-on will contribute. Avoid killing Mister Gutsys and Sentry robots as you need to kill them with a different weapon for another challenge.

    If you are determined to complete Overkill then you can either use Esther the unique fat man added to the game or you could find a regular one. The easiest one being found in Nopah cave. ( Be mindful that ammo is limited and in my experience Gun Runners does not carry much ammo when selling.

    The Same Could be Said of All Religious Weapons is best obtained by using the Gehanna as it contributes to both damage achievements. I suggest the Old nuclear test site since the ghouls respawn. ( If you haven't killed the ghouls found in the REPCONN test site there are some there. This building can be found west of Novac.

    The best choice for You Don't Belong In This World! is the katana sold at Mick & Ralphs as it contributes to Master of the Arsenal.

    The following are Abominations

    Aliens (Wild Wasteland)
    Centaurs (The Devil's Throat or from Hidden Valley go to Black Mountain to find a broken fence.)
    Mr. House
    Nightstalkers (Bloodborne Cave)
    Spore carriers (Vault 22)
    Spore plants (Vault 22)

    As for Ne Ne Ne Ne... if you have the Bloody Mess perk then his will most likely be ruled out. I didn't go for this one as I have said perk so I can't comment on the difficulty on the challenge. My best suggestion is using a weaker shotgun on enemies with more health. Remember you just have to cripple the arm so if you run into an enemy of another challenge be sure to finish the blow with any required weapons.

    I hope this can now help if any more information is needed please comment!

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    InugamiTheHoundfor the challenged " You Don't Belong In This World!" can you use the "light in the darkness" from Joshua graham does that count as a religious weapon??
    Posted by InugamiTheHound on 28 May 14 at 02:40
    HolyHalfDeadFor You Don't Belong In This World! *, Blind Deathclaws count but kills with Broad Machetes do not count. If you use Dynamite on a Blind Deathclaw it will also count towards Deathclaw Pro Hunter ***.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 27 Aug 14 at 00:43
    Melancholy JayI can't get either the *, ** and *** Achievements even though I complete many star rated challenges, I've started countless new saves, cleared my system cache and I just can't get these Achievements to work :(
    Posted by Melancholy Jay on 08 Feb 15 at 02:42
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  • Ckilla01Ckilla01102,285 102,285 GamerScore
    14 Oct 2011 14 Oct 2011 14 Oct 2011
    41 1 1
    I started this towards the end of the game. I still have not killed Mr. House, so this made thing easy. You will need the Maria gun, a 5.56mm pistol, and a 9 iron golf club.

    First thing I did was made a save, so I could go back and not have bad fame with the strip. Thats up to you. Also, Note that you can fail some story line missions if you are trying for “The House Always Wins”...

    1.) Started with “The same could be said of all religious weapons” Challenge. - Kill 15 Feral Ghouls with Maria(gun)

    Get the gun Maria. Benny is the character that has this gun located at The Tops Casino.

    Travel to the Old Nuclear Test Site (bottom of map) kill all the Feral ghouls with the Maria gun. If you are still looking for a few more travel to Repconn Test site (near Novac)

    **NOTE you can also wait 5 days and return to the Old Nuclear Test Site

    2.) I started “Benefit or a Hazard” in Mr. Houses Suite at the Lucky 38 Casino - Kill 15 Robots with 5.56mm pistol

    You need a 5.56 mm pistol which you can get from the Gun Runners or if you have “That Gun” from earlier in the game.

    Once you enter the Suite kill all the robots with you 5.56mm pistol.

    Once they are all dead open the wall to see Mr. House, and kill those to robots as well.

    **NOTE this is were I went and did the “A Slave Obeys” challenge

    Head back to the casino floor there are 3 more robots kill them. Next, head out to the strip and kill the robots till you get the challenge complete.

    3.)I did the “A Slave Obeys” challenge at the same time as the “Benefit or a Hazard’ challenge. - Kill Mr. House with a 9 iron

    Once in the Lucky 38 casino Head to the presidential suite. I killed all the robots. Open Mr. House’s wall unlock the elevator and go see him.

    Take him out of his chamber and kill him with your 9 iron or Nephi’s golf driver.
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    MissFuchsiaFireThanks for the good information. Thumbs up, even though I did it differently 'cause I wanted to be able to save my game without getting bad rep.

    For the Benefit Or a Hazard challenge there are tons of robots all over the "Old World Blues" DLC if you bring a 5.56 with you (I used That Gun). Or you can kill the robots in REPCONN Headquarters. You don't lose Karma or anything.
    Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 18 May 12 at 06:18
  • RF117RF1171,123,513
    30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2011
    19 5 2
    Here is a tip for:
    The Same Could be Said of All Religious Weapons
    if you killed all ghouls at Vault 34.

    Make sure you have one of the guns needed for the achievement.
    (Maria, Gehanna, and Holy Frag Grenades)

    -Head over to the Nuclear Test Site on the southern most part of the map.
    -Kill all the ghouls there (about 10-15)
    -If more ghouls are needed head to any location on the map, and wait five days.
    -After the fifth day head over to the Nuclear Test Site to finish off your challenge.

    Same process can be used for Benefit or a Hazard
    if the Security bots were destroyed at the New Vegas Strip.

    Hope this helps.
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    spareGgnomethumbs up on the nuclear site forgot about that. wasnt sure about respawn =)
    Posted by spareGgnome on 01 Oct 11 at 21:30
    TheHippieRipperThis is a big help Thanks pimpin
    Posted by TheHippieRipper on 18 Feb 12 at 01:41
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