Don't Hate the Player achievement in NBA 2K12

Don't Hate the Player

Win the championship in an Online Association.

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How to unlock the Don't Hate the Player achievement

  • Doctor LollypopDoctor Lollypop405,702
    22 Dec 2011 22 Dec 2011 30 Jan 2012
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    Don't Hate the Player
    Win the championship in an Online Association.

    Players Required: 1
    Minimum Approximate time to complete: 3 1/2 Weeks - 4 Weeks

    Recommend Settings:
    Password enabled (to keep randoms out)
    Season Length: 14 Games
    Difficulty: Rookie
    League Pace: Fast
    Trade Deadline: off (doesn't matter)
    Allow CPU Trades: off (doesn't matter)
    Injuries: Off
    Fantasy Draft: None (Your Call)

    ********Playoffs SEE NOTE BELOW************************
    *Conference Quarterfinals: 1 game or Best of 3 (safe option)
    *Conference Semifinals: 1 game or Best of 3 (safe option)
    *Conference Finals: 1 game or Best of 3 (safe option)
    *NBA Finals: 1 game or Best of 3 (safe option)
    Quarter Length: 1-2 minutes (whichever your more comfortable with)
    Sim Quarter Length: 1 minute

    Team: Miami Heat or whoever your most comfortable with

    This Achievement for winning an online Association can be done by yourself. I just made my Association private with a password so random people didn't join and screw me up.

    I posted the minimum settings above but yea i did the whole association by myself with the Miami Heat on a 14 game season, 1 minute Quarters, and 1 game playoffs. Now i played all 14 games but i can confirm through my friends and other people that you can just simulate the 14 games.

    I played all my games with the heat in a couple of hours but the league pace is ridiculously slow (it takes 6 hours to complete 1 in-game day) so i had to wait about 3 weeks for the league to complete all their games and playoffs to begin.

    *****MOST IMPORTANT NOTE****PLAYOFFS***********************
    The playoffs is where a lot of people get screwed over for this achievement.

    ** A risky option is If your losing in a playoff game pause the game, then pull out your Ethernet cable or shut off your modem a message will pop up that your disconnected from the server and it will boot you out to the menu and it acts like the game never happened so you replay the game. (this happened to me once when i lost internet at my house so try it at your own risk)

    I played 1 game per round, but make sure when the playoffs start that you pay extreme attention to the schedule because if you don't your game might be simulated and you could be knocked out.

    So for every round of the playoffs its 2 in game-days so you have play it within 12 hours to be safe or risk it being simulated.

    Another thing the 2kservers have been having some problems lately so you could be hit with a "failure to communicate to server"
    and this could screw you in the playoffs too because the timer is still going and it will sim the game. ( this happened to me in the Eastern Semi's but luckily the simulated game had me winning so i got to continue)

    The best way to avoid this playoff issue is to make it a Best of 3 series it may take you a couple of days extra to get the achievement but its better then getting screwed because you cant get in to your association and have to start the 3 week process all over again.

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    Doctor Lollypop^^ no it doesnt matter what the sim game time is
    Posted by Doctor Lollypop on 14 Mar 12 at 19:19
    BistricHappened the same as for RATM and JimmytheKid. I was losing my game and pulled the plug, once I reloaded it had counted as a loss and I got eliminated from the playoffs. Now I gotta start all over, I was very careful with the schedule, but I've been ill this weekend, and basically overslept my first Finals game, it got simmed and I lost, then I tried to play another, but just couldn't make the shots. On the recap screen it counts as a simmed game.
    Posted by Bistric on 08 Apr 12 at 10:54
    DBD RockLobsterOk so i just got this. I made an online association, and simmed everything. My nba 2k12 stopped working, so everything was simmed. I went on to my online association and i unlocked the achievement. I also picked the Miami Heat.
    Posted by DBD RockLobster on 23 Jul 12 at 23:49
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  • heynongman329heynongman329469,059
    30 Apr 2012 10 May 2012
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    While the previous 2 solutions will work, I will share what I did for this achievement.

    Start as many private Online Associations as you can. I believe you can have 3 running simultaneously. I chose the Heat as the user controlled team in every one. Start each season. Now, this is the hard part that gets tricky....

    Just log in to each one about a month later. The achievement popped for me as soon as I loaded one. I didn't play a single game, but "won" the Championship in 2 of the 3 I had.

    Sure the other guides ensure you winning, but seeing as to how this game will take you longer than a month to complete, I suggest you try this early on. At the very least, for those of you like me who started this with the intention of logging into the mode a month later and yet forgot about it for 3 months or so, just know you should log into your already-started mode just to see.

    tl;dr: you don't have to physically play the game to get the achievement.
  • kewlkid360kewlkid360194,133
    15 Dec 2011 15 Dec 2011 15 Dec 2011
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    This achievement is for winning the NBA Championship in an online association. I have confirmed that this can be done by yourself and on rookie difficulty. Pick a team that is good or you are comfortable with using. The settings that I used were Rookie,2 minute quarters,14 game regular season, 1 game for each playoff round, and I used Boston Celtics as the only player in the association. I would have to say to just play to your teams strengths because rookie is really not difficult at all, use your picks that your team sets. You can not quit out mid game and attempt to retry the game if you are losing(more crucial in the playoffs than regular season). The achievement will unlock upon returning to the home screen in the online association after winning the NBA Finals!!
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    DR JB JOVII started a league it tells me I now have to wait 8 hours. Does that sound right?
    Posted by DR JB JOVI on 22 Dec 11 at 10:00
    kewlkid360ya you have to wait for the league to start up and if you set the advance on fast it will move a day every 3 hours so just make sure you play your games ahead of time so that it doesn't simulate and you possibly lose a game but for the playoffs it will move one round every six hours or so i believe so just make sure you are around and play the games before the league is set to advance.
    Posted by kewlkid360 on 25 Dec 11 at 03:21
    QuanticJusticeHad the same thing happen as @martian18. Game froze as soon as it got back to the home screen after winning the finals. No cheevo. Rebooted, logged back in, no cheevo. :( Anyone else had this problem and solved it?
    Posted by QuanticJustice on 04 Jun 12 at 18:19
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