Scrabble Flash Veteran achievement in Family Game Night 4: The Game Show

Scrabble Flash Veteran

Earn 1,500 total points (lifetime) in Scrabble Flash

Scrabble Flash Veteran0
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How to unlock the Scrabble Flash Veteran achievement

  • DrSchlepensteinDrSchlepenstein644,149
    23 Nov 2011 29 Dec 2011
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    These achievement was actually the last one in the game I ever got. A normal game of Scrabble Flash goes until 1 of the 2 players reaches 25 points or higher. You are given 5 letters and you and your opponent take turns making words, once a word is made, it can't be remade. When making a word, you get points equivalent to the number of letters in the word. So if its a 3 letter word, you get 3 points with the maximum of 5 points for a word.

    I suggest not going for this achievement by itself, but leaving it for last. As playing through the 50 episodes of Game Show mode, you will end up playing 50 games of Scrabble Flash. And if you were to win all 50 of the Scrabble Flash games with 25 points, that only gives you a total of 1,250.

    In total you have to play a minimum of 60 games of Scrabble Flash winning every game with 25 points to reach 1,500 Lifetime points. Granted some games the CPU may win and you might have 20-24 points for that game and the if you play Scrabble Five-Letter Flash (which is the other game mode for Scrabble Flash) you only get 1 point per word. And those points do count toward the lifetime points.

    And while racking up points over games, you should also get these achievements:
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  • JohnnyJellybeanJohnnyJellybean55,031
    05 Jul 2013
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    When you play against the AI, it is possible to get 25 points every three minutes. That makes 500 an hour.
    This achievement should take about three hours to do if you are starting from scratch.

    You can almost always win against the AI because he's not very good at this game.

    And there are a limited number of letter combinations that come up.

    You come to recognize the letter combinations that come up in rotation after about an hour of game play.

    Another helpful factor is the fact that the game's dictionary contains many weird words that you can use.
    The game does not penalize you for guessing.

    Finally, another big advantage resides in the fact that if the AI has created a word ending with the letter S, all you do is tap the confirm button X in order to get the credit for the four letter word.

    For example:

    AI forms the word R O C K S
    He gets 5 points for this.
    You change nothing in the word he has created.
    You simply press X.
    You get four points for the word R O C K

    One final thing.
    The letters N P S I E come up in rotation.

    This is a great word. You make the word S P I N E

    You receive five points.

    The AI is reluctant to build upon your success.
    He goes off to form the word P I N

    Can't understand it, but it is advantageous.

    You can make the word Spin, pines, snipe, snip.
    I'm not sure the dictionary will accept that five letter word for the male reproductive organ.

    I made the word C R A P S and the dictionary accepted it.

    Later, I made the word R A P E S.
    The dictionary does not like that word.
    It gave me R A P.
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