Campaign Bronze achievement in Batman: Arkham City™

Campaign Bronze

Obtain 36 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman)

Campaign Bronze0
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How to unlock the Campaign Bronze achievement

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    If you are reading this guide it means you are probably not going for "Campaign Gold" and just want the quickest way to this one achievement. The following guide assumes that the player is competent at the combat maps but not necessarily perfect.

    To unlock "Campaign Bronze" you need a total of 36 out of the total 108 medals on the original Arkham City ranked campaigns. You can mix and match them as you want, but its probably best to choose a few campaigns that are really easy to start out on and then fill in the blanks as needed with other random medals.
    The question you have to ask yourself at the start is this: How good am I at the non-extreme combat maps?
    -If you're a whiz like me (lol, I'm awesome at sounding like a douche)--or even adept at getting three medals, then you want to do the Combat Expert campaign.
    Noteworthy: the Predator Expert campaign is fairly easy as well and I highly suggest doing it.

    Predator Expert:
    Meltdown Mayhem--Gadget Malfunction
    Lost City--One Hand Tied, Takedown Projectiles
    Top of the World--Scattered Weapons
    -NOTES: you need to perform silent takedowns on maps 1 and 3 due to the smoke medals--putting scattered weapons on top of the world pre-sets the level with mines to make that medal a lot easier!

    Now that you have between 3 and 18 medals, you're on your way! On to the mixed campaigns!

    The easiest campaigns to blanket with medals are the following:
    1) Predator Expert
    2) Street Justice
    3) Search and Destroy
    4) City Invader
    5) Offensive Maneuvers

    Meltdown Mayhem:
    Smoke Detector-Use a smoke pellet to perform a silent takedown.
    Mind Your Head-Use a Batarang then take a henchman out on the ground.
    Shock Tactics-Use the REC to cause a henchman to fire his gun, scaring a nearby henchman.

    Police Brutality:
    Blast Zone-Knock out a henchman with an exploded wall.
    Knockout Smash-Press "X" while performing a silent takedown.
    Window Pain-Takedown through a glass window.

    Natural Selection:
    Friends Fly Free-Double Ledge takedown.
    Aerial Assault-Glide Attack then takedown.
    Weapon Jam-jam a henchman's weapon and have him fire at you before taking him down.

    End of the Line:
    Kick Off-Take out a henchman by using the line launcher to kick him off a ledge.
    Scare Tactics-Appear out of nowhere to surprise a terrified henchman.
    Freeze Frame-Use an icebomb and then ice-smash takedown.

    Lost City:
    Grate Moves-Floor grate takedown.
    Fall Guy-Batclaw a henchman off a ledge.
    Breaking and Entering-Takedown through a weak wooden wall.

    Top of the World:
    Fire Hazard-Set-off a fire extinguisher and silent takedown a henchman.
    Mined Your Step-Take out a henchman by detonating a mine he is standing on.
    Confiscated Weapon-Batclaw disarm a henchman then take him down.

    These are the easiest predator challenges in order from easiest to most tricky:
    1) Natural Selection-Right from the start, grapple up to the ledge with the two henchmen for your Double Ledge takedown--then the last two medals are easy as well!
    2) Meltdown Mayhem-Batarang and takedown the henchman who spawns below you in the houselike structure, then REC the two henchman who run by the catwalk on the other side of the room until the medal pops--and it always will eventually.
    3) Police Brutality-Use your sonic batarang to set-up a window takedown--and the rest is easy.
    4) Lost City-Take out the thermals guy on the catwalk at the start with a silent takedown and position yourself in one of the two far corners of the room to batclaw one of his friends over the ledge. Then go to the bottom of the room and use the sonic batarang to attract your prey. Quite easy.
    5) Top of the World-Only so low because you NEED the mine-guy to put some mines down in order to get a medal. Get to the top level at the start and use a remote controlled batatang to set off a fire extinguisher and takedown--then detonate a mine right under the mine guy as soon as he sets one. If you still don't have the disarming medal by the time the hostage is taken, sneak up behind him and ultra-stun (B, B, B) him and when he gets up do the medal.
    6) End of the Line-This is only so low because the scare tactics medal may hold you back. Sometimes I find that the last henchmen never become "Terrified". The line launcher medal is annoying as well. Perform the freezebomb medal first and use the sonic batarang to set up the line-launcher on top of a subway car as you thin their numbers. If your last henchman takes the hostage before you get "Scare Tactics" Ultra-Stun (B, B, B) then escape and wait till he's scared.

    Search and Destroy:
    Meltdown Mayhem--Protective Aura
    Blind Justice--Time Limit
    Police Brutality--Replenishing Health
    -NOTES: Take it slow in the first map and protective aura shouldn't be a problem. Time Limit isn't a problem in combat medals. Replenishing health gives you some breathing room when it is crunchtime.

    Street Justice:
    Rooftop Rumble--Decreased Health
    Natural Selection--One Hand Tied, Takedown Projectiles
    Survival of the Fittest--N/A
    -NOTES: If the big guy in rooftop rumble is too hard for you, just remember that the first map in a campaign should always be hardest cause you have infinite retries--just exit to the start screen. You don't need your silent takedown in Natural Selection since its such an easy map.

    Offensive Maneuvers:
    Funhouse Brawl--Scattered Weapons
    End of the Line--Replenishing Health, Free Medal
    Hell's Gate--Danger Zones
    -NOTES: This is to preference, but I advise you use the free medal on End of the Line because Scare Tactics is sometimes glitched.

    City Invader:
    Top of the World--Increased Aggression,
    Prison Riot--Gadget malfunction, Decreased Health, Super-Powered
    Lost City--N/A
    -NOTES: You shouldn't need gadgets in the combat map, and super-powered makes the map go a lot easier.

    Okay--now you have all the right tools...time to put it all together!

    You need a total of 36 medals--and these campaigns are the easiest campaigns to get medals in. If you get 6/9 on some and 9/9 on others--you'll get this no problem.

    Honestly these maps aren't too difficult if you just sit down and don't get discouraged. Most people will fly through them all, but don't worry if it takes you a little while--just keep trying.

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