Campaign Gold achievement in Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360)

Campaign Gold

Obtain all 108 medals on the original Arkham City campaigns (as Batman)

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How to unlock the Campaign Gold achievement

  • Lord Hamma TimeLord Hamma Time254,182
    22 Oct 2011 25 Oct 2011 04 Nov 2011
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    Since there is no guide for this one, I'll give it a shot.

    The campaigns consist of doing 3 maps in a row from the normal section, but you only have 3 retries before you have to start over. You also have buffs and debuffs that are given for each campaign, all of which have to be utilized by the time you finish. In other words, if there are six total modifiers, and you use a total of four on the first two maps, you will be forced to use the last two on the final map. For this reason, it is imperative that you plan out what you're going to do.

    1) I would recommend getting good enough at the combat challenges that you can get 3 medals without much difficultly. The predator maps will often be the harder parts of the campaign, as you can quite easily miss a specific type of takedown or get shot to bits if you get careless.

    2) Use as many debuffs on the first map as you can. The first map is repeatable, and you can therefore try as many times as you want, so you're going to want this map to be your most challenging. Don't be afraid to fail a couple times if it means smooth sailing for the rest of the campaign

    3) I recommend doing this achievement at the same time you are doing the regular ranked gold achievement. In particular, as soon as you figure out how to do a predator map, go right over to the campaign with the corresponding map while you are still familiar with it. Predator requires knowing what you're doing (especially on the final maps) and you're gonna want your path fresh in your mind.

    4) Be aware of which buffs/debuffs are good for which game type, but also be aware if a debuff will prevent you from completing a predator task. For example, if you're on the third map of your campaign, and you are required to do an inverted takedown from a gargoyle, but you are stuck having the gargoyles booby trapped, then you're shit out of luck. Plan ahead.

    5) If a map starts off badly, resist the urge to hit restart if you're not on your first map. I know this is obvious, but I quite frequently hit it in frustration only to remember a second too late that restarts aren't free.

    A list of buffs/debuffs and my opinions on them:

    Gadget Malfunction: In Combat, all gadgets will be disabled. In Predator, Detective Mode will be scrambled for the entire challenge.
    Opinion: This one is obviously best saved for combat. It’s not a particularly bad one either. Just don’t forget it’s turned on.

    Time Limit: Adds a time limit to complete the challenge. Defeat enemies to extend your time.
    Opinion: This one can be used on either Combat or Predator depending on your confidence in your ability to beat a predator map quickly. Though, it’s pretty hard to fail on a Combat challenge if you are consistently killing guys using special takedowns, etc.

    Increased Aggression: Enemies will be stronger, faster and tougher!
    Opinion: I never noticed much of a difference in either scenario. I assume you have less time to react in Combat to counters and they take more damage. In predator, I believe they are more aware and their guns do more damage.

    Decreased Health: The player starts the challenge with reduced health.
    Opinion: In predator, you start with almost zero health, while in Combat, you have more of a cushion. Best saved for combat unless you’re confident that the guards won’t even know what hit them in Predator.

    Protective Aura: One enemy will be surrounded with a protective aura which prevents them from taking damage. The aura moves from enemy to enemy over time.
    Opinion: This one is annoying in both modes. In Combat, if you try to attack him, and he’s the only one around, you lose your combo. In Predator, it can make a guy immune just as he gets right next to the glass or wood or whatever. Either way, best taken care of on the first map if you can.

    Danger Zones: In Combat, Gun Racks will be activated during the challenge for enemies to obtain firearms. In Predator, the environment will have booby-trapped Vantage Points.
    Opinion: I live on the Vantage Point gargoyles, and I assume most other people do too. Not to mention, they are a must if you need to grapple out of a sticky situation. For most people, I would think this is best saved for Combat, but that depends on your play style. Unfortunately, this debuff is on the Predator expert campaign (the last one). I saved it for the last map and used the room with the sniper across from your spawn as a vantage point to knock guys off edges with my REC (in case you were wondering).

    One Hand Tied: In Combat, counter icons will not be displayed before an enemy attacks. In Predator, the player will not be able to perform a Silent Takedown from behind.
    Opinion: Both of these options are bad and depend on your play style. If you’ve beaten New Game +, you should be relatively comfortable countering without icons. However, some people don’t use silent takedowns from behind, so it’s really up to you. This one is best used on the first map though, as it can really throw you off.

    Scattered Weapons: In Combat, enemies will pick up and throw objects at you. In Predator, the environment will start pre-mined with proximity activated explosives.
    Opinion: While the thrown objects aren’t a huge deal, the pre-mined predator maps can actually be a buff. You can use your disrupter early in the round to take out guys standing next to them to thin their numbers. You can also use them to draw attention if your sonic batarang is on cooldown. Just remember they are there, because you may quite often run over them while trying to escape.


    Replenishing Health: The player will slowly regain lost health over time.
    Opinion: Best used in Predator, as you can take all the time you need to regain all your health. Also, if you’re dying in Combat, you’re probably not getting all three medals.

    Takedown Projectiles: Upgrades your primary projectile weapon to knock out enemies with a single hit when thrown with the Quickfire button.
    Opinion: I never used this one myself. I would just advise that you remember that they have to be quickfired and that doing a ton of damage isn’t always a good thing in Combat if you’re trying to build up your combo.

    Super Powered: Gain the ability to punch through Shields, Armor, and Tasers without getting blocked. In Predator, you will move faster when crouched.
    Opinion: This one is most definitely best used in Combat. While crouch walking faster is good I suppose, not having to worry about shields, etc. makes it so much easier to keep your combo going.

    Free Medal: yo, Free Medal, yo.
    Opinion: Never use this on the first map. I like to save it for tricky Predator medals, particularly for “Don’t Touch That Dial” which prevents you from killing the jammer guy until last. With this active, you can off that guy and get your predator vision back immediately. It’s also good for when the bastards refuse to wander over close to windows or walls.

    Well, that’s all I can think of. If you guys have anything else you want me to add to the guide or want combat tips or whatever, let me know.

    For more specifics to the Predator Extreme guide, see G C Squared solution below.

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    Gee C SquaredThanks for the mentioning mine man :)
    Posted by Gee C Squared on 09 Jan 12 at 18:55
    VinchuccaAlso be mindful of combinations of buffs and debuffs I'd say. For instance I wouldn't activate "Danger zones" and "Gadget Malfuction" at the same time since batarangs, batclaws and freeze grenades can throw armoured enemies off balance, giving you a vital window for getting out of the way or moving in for a disarm or knockdown. Like you said, plan ahead and use your buffs and debuffs wisely ;-)
    Posted by Vinchucca on 26 Jan 12 at 11:20
    bryan dot exeThis was very helpful when I was starting out with these. Then this youtube channel helped me polish off the hardest ones.
    Posted by bryan dot exe on 27 Jul 13 at 03:26
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  • Gee C SquaredGee C Squared221,043
    01 Nov 2011 01 Nov 2011 09 Jan 2012
    30 1 12
    Not a solution for the full achievement but I just finished predator master which had been giving me a lot of grief and i feel I've got a pretty solid way of getting it, so heres my method.

    Police Brutality - I started this with time limit, tougher enemies and protective aura/Scattered weapons (switched between the two but in the end went with pro aura because it annoyed me so I prefer to get it out of the way). At the start go to the gargoyle to the right of your spawn and invert TD the guy below you. Now just just using silent TD on enemies that are alone leaving the jammer guy and maybe one other. I then used the sonic batarang to lure the other enemy under a ledge to pick up the second medal and then finally take out the jammer.

    Natural Selection - On this I used only the Scattered Weapons modifier. Right at the start through a batarang at the button on the cabinet and tuck yourself into the corner, a guard will come and turn it off but he wont see you though. wait until hes walked out into the open then use silent TD on him. Grapple up to the gargoyle on the back wall, now glide down to the ammo box that is across from the bridge and place ex gel and then get back up to the gargoyle on the back wall. Use the disrupter to jam the sniper (possibly another enemy up top as they will be shooting at you soon) once a couple of enemies have gathered at the body then use drive boom to get your first medal. They will probably start shooting so use smoke to make your getaway. The chances are the sniper will currently be running to the gun crate so just use LT + X when you see the indicator come up. Thats the two hard medals out of the way so just patiently take out the rest of the room waiting for your chance to get the last medal.

    End of the Line - Free medal and Danger Zones on this one. Straight away crawl into the train to the right of your spawn and go through that train and into the next and wait there for the jammer to jump down from the top of the train then use sonic BR to take him out. Run out of the back of the train and grapple up into the hole in the floor. Use the REC to knock the guard in the off the ledge to get the first medal. Now just hide in there and wait until someone uses the ladders to the left of the room your in. then go out and knock him back down for the second medal then run back the room. Now just pick the rest off. Best way I found for doing this was ice-blast, knock them over then ground TD. you can grapple up to a gargoyle and fly off of it before it explodes and get back to that room at the back. You can also use the REC to knock them off trains for an easy TD.

    I hope this all made sense, any questions just ask. There are couple of extra methods suggested by perfectdozen and others in the comments.
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    blackjacktrialI used a slightly different succession for Natural Selection, leaving Boom Box to last. I started by walking towards the stairs, and grappling the gargoyle up and to the right, then grappling to the one next to me, and invert-takedown for Chaos Theory. Then, move quickly towards the balcony on your right, via the gargoyle above, to set up to batclaw the sniper when he comes back that way.

    Lure at least two guys to the stairs under the mammoth tusks, and bang out the shockwave one, then run like hell to somewhere safe. If you can get to either the grates, or the vent to the back wall (and drop a smoke pellet), you are halfway there. Then, just systematically pick people off until you have one enemy left. Trap his weapon box, disable his gun, stand behind him until he turns, then run out of his way to watch him fall for your trap.

    I also went with scattered weapons over aura, simply because landing the shockwave away from a mine is annoying, and you have all the time in the world after the first minute of Natural.
    Posted by blackjacktrial on 17 May 12 at 11:43
    Facial La FleurA combination of all of these suggestions and the original solution made this frustrating challenge pretty easy. Thanks folks. smile
    Posted by Facial La Fleur on 25 Aug 13 at 08:10
    MakeMeACoffeeEnd of the line I was just left with "Free Medal" and "Danger Zones" ie no vantage points. I used the mines on Police Brutality because "disabling" them is a quick way of blowing up henchmen which works nicely with putting the time limit on you.

    I tried the original solution for End of the line but got murked badly trying to get from carriage one to carriage two on my first attempt so thought fuck it and played my own strategy. Went left up the little stairs, into the vent to get a nice and easy quick vent takedown. Then back the way I came out hte vent and waited for someone to come then got a takedown through the plywood wall. Now that the ranks have been thinned and everyone was concentrating on that spot sneak through the carriages and grapple up to the sniper. REC him off the ledge for medal 1. Now you can camp in this room, and wait for someone to get next to a ledge and REC them off aswell. It got to two people left and I finally ventured out when the Jammer was far away from the other dude. WHich gave me medal 2 for leaving him until last. (Didnt get the ladder takedown as I have no idea which ladder the OP is referring to.
    Posted by MakeMeACoffee on 06 Sep 13 at 00:10
  • MaskedMan13MaskedMan13210,567
    30 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2012 27 Oct 2012
    18 1 1
    I went through all the solutions on here for the campaign challenges. I found some VERY helpful videos to follow. I tried each of the other solutions 10 times and got no where. Following these videos got me done with each one on the first try.

    These are not my videos - I just found them on youtube.

    I posted the Predator Master and Expert videos, the rest are on the channel.
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    RubensXThanks for the videos, help me a lot!!, I can't vote because I am in Xbox One versión :(
    Posted by RubensX on 08 Jul 19 at 19:45
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