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How to unlock the Twice Nightly achievement

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    I'm going to post how you beat Mr. Freeze on New Game Plus, since that is where I struggled the most.

    But, Before I do that, here's what New Game Plus is, in a nutshell:
    -You MUST complete the normal game on NORMAL OR HARD. Completing it on easy will NOT unlock New Game Plus.
    -You start at the beginning again and have to play through the story once more. You can skip cut scenes by double tapping B.
    -All your solved riddles will carry over between the two game modes (Yes, this means you can go back to regular to hunt puzzles if you want) Any discovered map markers also stay.
    -Side Missions DO NOT carry over, you only need to do them if you plan on going for Perfect Knight 2.0 As it is required you complete them in both modes.
    -You keep all of your upgrades and gadgets. If you try to use some gadgets too early or at a wrong point in time Batman will say "there's no time for this" and won't let you use it.

    Combat Scenarios
    -Enemies attack faster and there is no attack indicator. Pay close attention to their animations. There's no fault in spamming the counter button if you think multiple enemies are attacking, just don't lose your combo.
    -Many more enemies are now also using knives, shields and body armor. My strategy for this was to build my combo off the regular dudes (Knowing how to effectively counter and time critical strikes is CRUCIAL). And then use my instant takedown on the well-armed guys. Using the "Destroy Equipment" takedown is also effective if you want to take that item out of the fight permanently, but this will cause no damage to the baddie holding the item.
    -Otherwise, be defensive if you are getting low health and double tap A away if you are in a tight spot.

    Stealth Scenarios
    -Enemies will have proxy mines and body armor early in the game, and there will almost always be a jammer.
    -Armored guys MUST be taken down with gadgets and/or a loud takedown. Use the sonic boomerang explosion (Upgrade) on either an armored guy, or the jammer (Remember you can only do this once per scenario.)
    -Using the fully upgraded disruptor on mines when an enemy is near them is a great way to instantly take them down without giving your position away (you can only do this twice per scenario).

    -Bosses will have more health and may have slightly altered mechanics. All of them are relatively simple if you learned their mechanics from normal, except for Mr. Freeze which I discuss below.

    Mr. Freeze Strategy
    Now you should know his moves from regular, but I will list them again:

    -Freeze will shoot you with his beam if you are in his front vision in line of sight, DO NOT GET HIT BY THIS.
    -If Freeze knows where you are but can't hit you, he will lob freeze grenades over obstacles in attempt to hit you.
    -If Freeze has seen you recently, he will head to your last known position and attempt to track your footprints. You can end your footprint "trail" by jumping off ledges or using the line launcher. This can be used to your advantage by putting your footprints in certain positions and using a takedown.
    -If Freeze has no footprints to track and doesn't see you he will send out 3 drones. These drones take about 10 seconds to lock onto you and will shoot straight at your position when you see their beam turn red and hear a distinct sound. Freeze will now head straight towards that position, and then track your footprints. You can use this to your advantage to set up takedowns.
    -As you probably know from normal, each time you use a unique takedown, Freeze will activate some sort of countermeasure or freeze certain objects so you can't do it again.

    Here's whats important about the New Game Plus version of Freeze:

    -You no longer have information on what Mr. Freeze is doing, though its pretty easy to see what he's doing by the animation he is performing.
    -Using your Bat Cowl (AKA Detective Vision) will cause a "meter" on the right side to increase. The meter will start turning red if you use it to long, and Mr. Freeze will eventually send out a jamming signal (permanently, I think) if you let the meter fill up. Only use Detective Vision for short periods of time to avoid this.
    -You must perform 10 takedowns from the list below to beat Mr. Freeze.

    Here are the ways you can takedown Freeze, get some punching in and lower his health.


    -Shoot one of the 2 Magnets in the room with a negative charge. You can do this right at the beginning of the fight. Be quick to avoid taking damage.

    -Stealth takedown. This one is easy, you just need to get behind Freeze.

    -Floor vent takedown. He will see you in the vents if he is looking down at your footprints.

    -Use the disruptor on his gun. I'm not sure if you need the regular or the upgraded version of the disruptor, as I had every single upgrade at the time.


    -Use explosive gel to blow a structurally weak wall towards him. The gel has a proximity effect which tells you when he is in damage range of this, so I recommend you plant this early in the fight and use it when you need it.

    -Electrify the live wire in a pool of water, 1 of 2 buttons can be pressed to accomplish this.

    -Ledge takedown. For some reason the "Takedown" notification didn't pop up in my version of the game and the take down won't work close to the ramp. Batman also seems to automatically climb up the ledge if you use RB to get up there. So start ON the ledge and press RT + A instead.

    -Drop Attack. Jump off one of the consoles on the second floor of the room when Freeze is directly below you on the first floor. Be aware that Freeze will ice over the consoles after this, you will not be able to climb up them afterwards.

    -Fall through the glass ceiling on top of Freeze. There are 1 of these on either side of the room. Wait for the "Takedown" notification to appear, you need to be directly above him.

    -Takedown through a glass window. Freeze needs to be relatively close for this. Watch for the "Takedown" notification.

    -Glide Kick. This one is tricky since getting height in this room is difficult, but it can be done. A good method of doing this is to tightrope walk on your Line Launcher (requires upgrade). Note that after you do this, Freeze will flood the room with mist, not only obscuring your normal vision, but also icing over your cape, meaning you can't glide anymore.

    -Kick Freeze in the side or behind while on the line launcher. I had the most difficulty with this one. You have to be PERFECTLY aligned with him, so start on exactly the same level at him and TAKE YOUR TIME TO AIM. If you try to do this while Freeze sees you, you will take an enormous amount of damage and the takedown will fail. After doing this Freeze will immediately see you whenever you use the line launcher from the sound it makes. [Now that I know that there is more takedowns than the number it takes to kill him, I would recommend skipping this one.]

    Feel free to leave a comment if I missed any. This boss is hard, but once you beat him, you just have a few more simple bosses and some tough but doable combat and stealth scenarios ahead of you.

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    BloodngunsMrphyWe can go back and do challenges on Normal, right? Two save files? I can complete Normal, do New Game+ then mop up challenges? Game comes in the mail tomorrow :)
    Posted by BloodngunsMrphy on 29 Dec 11 at 17:31
    monkeyboy3009I'm having problems beating Joker where you normally get the achievement "Ghost Train".
    Can you help?
    Posted by monkeyboy3009 on 21 Apr 13 at 08:42
    HolyHalfDeadThanks, I had done 9 takedowns and needed just 1 more and you gave me 3 - Drop Attack, Glide Kick, Line Launcher. There are 2 types of ledge takedown, but I think you can't do both.
    1. Dangle from a walkway (RT+A) and wait for Freeze to come past
    2. Stand on a railing and wait for Freeze to pass underneath (the animation is you dangling down and wrapping your legs round his neck)
    You can get Freeze into position just by walking slowly past where you want him to go. Don't run or he will lose your trail.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 23 May 14 at 13:35
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  • Tandar1Tandar11,366,479
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    This really is not a solution but another side note I would like to add in order to help people playing through this.

    I found the Catwoman stuff to be pretty difficult, and instead of playing through those missions on New Game +, I went to my Hard Drive and moved that DLC off of it onto a USB drive and then pulled it from my Xbox360. I assume you can delete the DLC and redownload it but I figured I would save the time.

    This way you will not have to do any part of the Catwoman story and it does not affect getting this achievement! Making it shorter and somewhat easier in my opinion.
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    PlayazAdvocatejus a heads up not sure it will happen to anyone else but it did to me...if your in the middle of the catwoman story when you try to delete tha dlc, it will not let you play new game plus since the game save is in the middle of unreachable content. make cure you delete the dlc before you start her story
    Posted by PlayazAdvocate on 15 Jan 12 at 21:58
    Rheinadlerlike you said, this is only a side note, so it belongs in the comment section.
    Posted by Rheinadler on 24 Sep 12 at 09:30
    Crimson RidleyUnfortunately, this isn't very helpful for the PC version, which has the Catwoman DLC integrated in to the main story, with the achievements as part of the original 1000.
    Posted by Crimson Ridley on 31 Dec 12 at 12:30
  • Plasma SKXPlasma SKX469,469
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    Batman Arkham City

    This is just a video Showing you how you can beat Mr. Freeze on New Game Plus.

    things you can harm him with

    1. REC Gun on generator

    2. Using Explosive Gel on a wall to harm him

    3. Turning the power on while he is in water

    4. Hiding in grates will able you to do a Take-down move

    5. Glide Kick

    6. Drop attack when he right under you

    7. Disruptor: Firearm Jammer to disable his gun to blow-up on him

    8. Takedown Through a Window

    9. Using a Take-down when you are covered behind a railing so you can get him below you

    10. Using a silent Take-down from behind

    11. Using The Line Launcher and hitting him on his back

    12. statue? of nora, destroy it and freeze will try to reconstruct it
    If there's anymore things you can do to him feel free to msg me

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    Tan110688Kicked his ass
    Posted by Tan110688 on 04 Jul 12 at 17:32
    edwiitosThanks for that video, it helped.
    Posted by edwiitos on 04 Mar 13 at 21:46
    Sunny KloudThe video helped a lot. Especially to get a good start. smile
    Posted by Sunny Kloud on 24 Aug 14 at 01:47
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