Gotham Base Jumper achievement in Batman: Arkham City™

Gotham Base Jumper

Jump off the tallest building in Arkham City and glide for 1 minute without touching the ground.

Gotham Base Jumper0
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How to unlock the Gotham Base Jumper achievement

  • SashamorningSashamorning1,894,983
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    Edit: This can be achieved before the end of the game. Thanks, Fallen Ad!

    While you're on the way up the Wonder Tower toward the end of the game, go to the large ledge just before you grapnel up to the maintenance hatch and jump. If you can't get it during this part, try going back up after the end of the game.

    The key is to hold back on your left thumbstick (or forward, if you're weird and don't invert your y-axis) from the very beginning of the jump. I didn't do this the first two times, and I failed. The problem is that the game won't let you go all the way to the ground. At some point, Batman will shoot his Grapnel and pull himself back up. So jump, pull back, and in the moments where the game makes you fly up, circle back to the left until you're facing the city again.

    One more thing... get it on the way up, especially if you know where the collectibles in the tower are. Otherwise, since the game won't let you glide to ground, once you've climbed up just to get this one cheeve you have to climb back down manually, down the elevator, through the subway, etc. Kinda annoying. Save yourself the hassle and only climb the tower once. (I ended up climbing it 3 times. Grrr.)

    Here's a video that I didn't make but shows how it works.

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    Claptrap NLI tried it as it's done on the video but Batman keep using his graple hook after a short time of gliding.
    Posted by Claptrap NL on 27 Jun 13 at 23:17
    SashamorningHe does that if you fall too far. The trick is that you MUST force him to try to maintain his altitude for as long as possible. If you don't circle around enough and push the thumbstick in whichever way you used for "up" (I invert my y-axis, so I pulled back on the stick), then he will descend too quickly.

    There's barely enough space for him to make the full minute, so immediately pull back after he jumps or it won't work.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 27 Jun 13 at 23:58
    ChewieOnIceWorked for me after a couple of attempts to get the flow right. Thanks Sash!
    Posted by ChewieOnIce on 22 May 14 at 12:22
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  • Removed Gamer
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    What a headache. Ready? The easiest way to do this:

    Climb to the top of the Wonder Tower (the end of the game). You can do this on your way up the first time or when you're collecting the Riddler's trophies like an idiot a dozen hours after the game is over.

    Get maximum height (right before the caged maintenance shaft, and right after the two protruding poles with the connecting tightrope), and jump from the ledge. Hold BACK on the thumbstick as you glide to descend slowly. Instead of doing that "fly into the distance" garbage (that is a pain in the ass), grapple boost repeatedly off of those two aforementioned poles in a continuous glide when you need more air. This is 100x easier than the other methods—after I switched methods, I did it on my first try.
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    I MFC I TiagoxWorks like a charm. Thanks pal!
    Posted by I MFC I Tiagox on 08 Mar 12 at 15:37
    nlncThanks, thumbs up, personally the best method I used.
    Posted by nlnc on 28 Nov 12 at 13:19
    XavygravyTook a few attempts. Best method is to circle around the tower holding down on the left thumbstick, and when there is a grapnel opportunity (white NOT green which is the tightrope) use it to grapnel boost off one of the two poles.
    Posted by Xavygravy on 18 Jul 13 at 00:54
  • beavisbeavis530,353
    19 Feb 2012 28 Feb 2012 01 Oct 2012
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    The REAL easiest way to get this achievement:

    Climb to the top of the central tower just before advancing to the boss fight (from inside, you have to grapple pull a ladder or something to advance - don't do that just yet). Jump off and glide. Do the "dive bomb and recover" mechanism to continually regain lost altitude. If you have made it through the AR Training exercises, then you must know how to do this (while gliding, RT to dive, pull up with LS while releasing RT). Circle the tower while diving and recovering and the achievement will be yours.

    I used this method after repeatedly failing the "fly into the distance" method shown in the videos. I also tried using the grapple hook to keep me in the air, but I always ended up grappling the wrong object and it would break my flight. I tried a dive and recover in frustration and 60 seconds later, the achievement unlocked.
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    beavisglad i could help!
    Posted by beavis on 28 Jun 12 at 22:05
    Papa El LoroYes, worked like a charm. Thank you good sir.
    Posted by Papa El Loro on 02 Jan 14 at 17:15
    Or1g1nal S1nn3rI did this on my first try as opposed to the flying and turning around method which I couldn't pull off. Thank you!
    Posted by Or1g1nal S1nn3r on 21 Jun 15 at 03:38
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