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Swamp Airfield(Co-op) Perfect achievement in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Swamp Airfield(Co-op) Perfect

Complete Co-op Campaign Mission without failing an objective, no respawns, on default or hard

Swamp Airfield(Co-op) Perfect0
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How to unlock the Swamp Airfield(Co-op) Perfect achievement

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    This is by far the trickiest mission from Co-Op Collection 1. You will need a bare minimum of 2 players to complete (I was in a group of 3). I recommend playing as a Grenadier with a suppressed rifle.

    At the beginning of the mission, everyone should move up the hill until they have a good view of the airbase. It is extremely helpful if your team eliminates as many rebels from this position as possible. Shooting grenades at the fence seems to help draw more out. As soon as you get as far north as the bridge or as far east as the next hill, the secondary objective will be triggered.

    Secondary Objective - Disrupt Communications Simultaneously: This involves destroying the comm. tower on the west side of the airfield and disabling the radio in a small shed on the east side of the airfield. Send the majority of your team left to the heavily guarded comm. tower and a couple good shooters to the right to neutralize the smaller guard contingent. The teammates who went left will likely also have to drop a few rebels inside the hanger and spread across the airstrip. Once both parties are in position, set the charge on the tower and disable the radio in the shed. Failing to do this will set off an alarm that calls in the rebels' helicopter support and will most likely blow you away with extreme prejudice with guns AND missiles.

    Objective - Destroy Aircraft: the squad on the left will move toward the hanger before the tower blows and a couple of well placed grenades will take out the light aircraft parked inside. Be wary of rebels hiding around corners.

    Objective - Gather Intel: While the left squad moves into the aircraft hanger, the right squad can flank and hit the other hanger (once again, be wary of hiding rebels), where they will gather intel from some crates.

    Objective - Destroy Weapons: I believe there is a final area of the airfield where you set a charge on some weapons. Clear out the area before you set the explosives.

    Objective - Get to the Extraction Zone: This will be the blue oval on the map.

    Objective - Secure and Defend the Extraction Zone: You will need to defend the extraction from a few small groups of rebels, including 1 VBL, I believe. If you climb the hill just southeast of the extraction zone, you should have a good view of all three ways the rebels can attack you from. The helicopter will also shoot at enemy troops here, which can be helpful.

    Objective - Extract: Get under the chopper for mission complete and an achievement.
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