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Perfect Freeflow 2.0 achievement in Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360)

Perfect Freeflow 2.0

Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat moves (any play mode)

Perfect Freeflow 2.00
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How to unlock the Perfect Freeflow 2.0 achievement

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    It isn't enough to just know the moves, without a proper plan what move to use next, you will forget what moves you still have left to do! Trust me. It makes it much easier to use a planned pattern of moves to get this achievement! Just make sure you have unlocked all of these moves in the story before trying this.

    What level to use: Survival of the Fittest level 3.

    Why? In level 2, there is just barely enough enemies to do it. It makes it easier to have a few extra guys to beat. Feel free to try some other level too. This is just my suggestion.

    How to keep the combo going easily?

    - Just use the A-button to jump over the enemies. You can keep doing it as long as you want, giving you the necessary space to do the next move. Also pressing START to pause the game after doing a move helps to plan the next move. Note that you can't do the special combo moves (B+Y, A+B etc.) when the combo meter is not flashing yellow. So punch 2 enemies, then do the next step.

    Here is my pattern that worked. I will explain why to perform the moves in this order.

    PATTERN: (12 moves required to get the achievement)

    1. Strike (X) (Basic moves first)

    2. Counter (Y) (Basic moves first)

    3. Evade (press A to jump over an enemy. You should be doing this all the time anyway. If you want to make sure this works, jump once to an open area of the map. Note: you can only do that once, the second consecutive open area jump will break the combo.) *Thanks to Kung Fu Riki for that*

    4. Stun (B) (Basic moves first)

    5. Disarm and Destroy (X+Y) (Use this to destroy the propane tank the one guy is going to throw at you to avoid problems. Batman will break the propane tank causing a smoke screen -> enemies will get disoriented, making the next move easier. This move won't work, if the enemy isn't holding a weapon. In that case it will only count as a special combo takedown. If the enemy is equipped with anything other than just bare fists, this move will work against it.

    -----------------------3 MOVE COMBO----------------------------------------------------

    6a. Bat Swarm (A+X) (This is the first move of three move combo, making it easier to do these. Get to the center of the enemies, then use this move to stun the enemies.)

    6b. Combo Batarang (LT+LT quickly) (Quickly punch 2 guys, then when the counter is flashing yellow again, throw the batarang. Then there will be 1-2 enemies on the floor. Do this only when combo counter is flashing yellow. If you do this while the counter is white, it will only count as a gadget attack.) *thanks to Groqik for this info*

    7. Ground Pound (RT+Y) (Now use this move to take down one of the guys on the floor. If you do this fast enough, the enemies won't hit you in the back, because they are still stunned from the bat swarm move.)


    8. Multi Ground Takedown (A+B) (Do this now, because later the combo might be too strong, leaving no enemies on the floor. It won't work if there is no enemies stunned on the floor)

    9. Aerial Attack (B+A+A) (Easy to do. Why save the easy ones last? To avoid frustration. )

    10. Special Combo Takedown (B+Y) (Easy to do)

    11. Ultra Stun (B+B+B) (This is easier to do when there's only couple enemies left. They usually hit you in the back, if you have a bunch of enemies around you and you try to do this.)

    12. Beat Down (B+X+X+X...) (Use this against the last enemy, or when there's only couple left)

    Added tips: I repeat this, the combo batarang won't work if the counter is not flashing yellow. It will only flash yellow after every 2 punches you throw, after you have reached over 5x combo.

    Press X after the round to show what moves you did and which ones you are missing.

    After doing the last move, the achievement will unlock immediately. You will probably have to try this many times, but with practice and learning the pattern, it is very doable. Good luck!

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    FTW1884MJThis was my last achievement on the main game. Thanks to this guide, finally was able to get it to pop. Now, to finish the Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing Challenge levels.
    Posted by FTW1884MJ on 07 Jan 16 at 01:54
    Darkness727420I can't get the batarang to work for shit. I hate this achievement lol
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 11 Sep 18 at 12:43
    Darkness727420Got it. Guess what I used? The batclaw. But I used that on the second to last enemy so it was a knockout instead of a knockdown. Didn't throw one batarang.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 19 Sep 18 at 03:46
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    You need to perform all the moves during one combo and get a variation bonus of "12"

    The exact moves required are:

    Basic moves
    Strike (X)
    Counter (Y)
    Stun (B)
    Ultra Stun (B,B,B)
    Aerial Attack (B,A,A+Left stick in direction)

    Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown (A+B) - must have at least 1 enemy dazed on the ground before doing this or it wont count
    Special Combo Disarm and Destroy (X+Y) - Can be done against people who are holding any object such as a knife or sledge hammer
    Special Combo Bat Swarm (A+X)
    Combo Batarang (LT pressed quickly)

    Ground Pound (RT+Y) - Used to finish off an enemy when they are dazed on the ground
    Special Combo Takedown (B+Y)
    Beat Down Finisher (B+X and keep pressing X)

    The easiest level seems to be the second round of "Survival of the Fittest". There is just enough enemys to perform all the required moves.
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    Viva La BarkerOnce i got the list i did it with ease. if you having difficulty write a list down and cross them off. I started with the simple ones you can knock most off before your even ready for a special eg Counter the first guy that comes at you Avade, Strike, Stun, Ariel. then my tip is first special to use is Disarm, that guy with the knife can catch you out if you dont take it off him. Then simply Strike once or twice only dont get too cocky, then avade, soon as your ready for the next special hit it early so you dont run out of guys. Another tip leave beat down, super stun, and ground attack till the last two guys. Beat down the one guy then combine superstun and ground and pound for the last guy. As for the "glitchyness" i didnt have any trouble, took three tries but id ticked everything off the list and popped first time.
    Posted by Viva La Barker on 28 Jul 12 at 10:06
    Viva La Barker@NeXus23 you dont need to use the cross to pick any gadgets, you use the quick fire batarang by simply tapping LT twice. this maybe why you having such a problem, if you standing there aiming batarangs at people you will definately break your combo.
    Posted by Viva La Barker on 28 Jul 12 at 10:11
    Spangles21Got the achievement on my second attempt using this. Thank you, excellent solution :)
    Posted by Spangles21 on 09 Feb 15 at 20:09
  • i am the Z3R0i am the Z3R0310,678
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    Just to add to the great solutions above If you have it the Joker's Carnival map works really well. You can keep banking on lvl 2 and never really have to fight armored baddies or ninjas. It is nice because you don't have to play through any other waves to get to it. Also if you mess up you can just start again since it is only one round and timed. Hope this helps.
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    Code JefeThis right here needs to be at the top of the solutions. Excellent tip.
    Posted by Code Jefe on 05 Mar 16 at 06:58
    Crusader4ReasonBest solution by far. Along with o KeyserSoeze o's move list, this achievement is a cinch. Might've taken 20 minutes.
    Posted by Crusader4Reason on 05 Apr 16 at 09:50
    Warboy925BEST............GUIDE......EVER!!!!! Got this again for the Xbone version using this guide!!!!!!!
    Posted by Warboy925 on 24 Aug 17 at 04:14
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