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Challenge Domination in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (Xbox 360)

Challenge Domination56 (20)

Get a gold medal on all single player challenges.

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Achievement Guide for Challenge Domination

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Achievement won on 24 Oct 11
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 23:16, Edited on 09 December 15 at 22:47
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This is a guide to the 30 challenges available in Sandbox mode on DR2: Off the Record. I have split them in to each individual challenge, given them a difficulty rating, and marked down what I think are the best weapons and tactics for the job.

For book locations, follow this guide:
For info on the available combo weapons and how to create them, see the Combo Guide: (Note: locations of all items are not the same as in DR2)
Credit also goes to all the YouTube posters who have put up great guides to each of the challenges :)

I recommend being a high level before challenging many of these as you will need the inventory slots - I was between 30 and 43 when I got them all. Also, scout the area first for stray survivors and psychos that may have spawned as they will make life difficult. Roger & Reed and Chuck were just two of the many psychos that stopped me getting gold on certain challenges!

*** Please remember that there are many different ways to go about all of these challenges - My aim is to gather the best solutions that make the challenges easier. If you have a better solution, or are having trouble getting certain medals, please post int he comments for help - please leave a message if you down-vote, or I can't improve the solution for others!! ***

Rooftop Massacre
Difficulty: 6/10
Inventory: Ninja Outfit, 2x Super BFG

Guide: This, as well as all the zombie kill challenges are deceivingly easy with the right weapons. You will probably struggle to do this when you first start sandbox, but one you have created a Super BFG, this becomes a breeze. Simply stand at one end, blast the BFG a few times, move to the other end of the roof, blast it again and you should have 40 kills with half the countdown left!
Alternate Solution: Use Queens to take out large groups.

Silver Strip Smackdown
Inventory: Tesla Ball (Combo Card needed), Boomstick (Combo Card needed)

Guide: Create or buy a Tesla Ball from the Pawn shop on the strip (to create, grab the Bingo Ball from One Lucky Duck Bingo, and combine it with the Battery in the MR to the right of the Pawn shop). Once you start the challenge, throw the ball above the zombies heads and chase after it - rinse and repeat. If you aim for large groups, you will get 350pp per kill and the Tesla Ball should expire around the 30k mark. If you need more PP, use the heavy attack with the Boomstick to earn a quick 2,500pp per kill.

Balloon Man
Difficulty: 3/10
Inventory: Ninja Outfit, Quickstep
Guide: Start the challenge and immediately drink the Quickstep. Run and jump up the stairs, go forward and right through the phone stall, take a left at the triangular signboard and climb the telephone booth at the wall up to the ledge. Go forward and jump to the next ledge, then immediately turn around and jump to the awnings. Run along and make a jump to the balloon. The Ninja costume will reduce the Zombie’s interest in eating you considerably.

Crowd Pleaser
Difficulty: 4/10
Inventory: Firecrackers, Zombait

Guide: Not as difficult as it seems, as the game will spawn a ton of zombies within a pace of the stage. If you have firecrackers (found outside at Red Rocket stand), chuck these at the bottom of the stage and watch the zombies flock. Not a lot to this one really. If you find the zombies aren’t responding, try downing a Zombait at the same time to attract their attention..

Chop Suey
Difficulty: 6/10
Inventory: Plate Launcher

Guide: Create a plate launcher in the South Plaza. Now start the challenge and look for large groupings of zombies - each plate should take out 7-8 zombies and you should find easily enough by heading out towards the Arena exit. If you have any issues, try creating a second Plate Launcher for more ammo.

Rumble in the Jungle
Difficulty: 5/10
Inventory: Ninja Outfit, 2x Super BFG

Guide: Same as Rooftop Massacre, the Super BFG’s should make this a breeze. Just point and shoot at the large crowds of Zombies and you’ll get your total in no time.

Stiff Back
Difficulty: 10/10
Inventory: Massagers (x12), Quickstep (x3)

Guide: This is probably the hardest challenge of the lot to master. I strongly suggest viewing the video guide and following that as it is far too complicated to describe the lengthy process of finishing the challenge off. The idea is to bring as many massagers as you can carry to the challenge start point, then create 3 quicksteps using the Wine at Leigh's Fine Liqueur and the blender in the bar underneath the challenge. Drinka Quickstep, pick up all the massagers you bought with you, then start the challenge and drop them all. Run to the furthest point and work your way back to the challenge point. View the video for the best route. Good Luck!

Killing Floor
Difficulty: 3/10
Inventory: Boomstick (x2) (Combo Card Needed)
Guide: You will earn 2,500PP per kill by using the heavy attack with the Boomstick. This is a better method than the Tesla Ball on this task simply because of the massive time limit. If you have the Combat and Horror books, the PP will increase to around 3,000pp, meaning less kills needed. You will get 10 kills per Boomstick, so 2 should be ample.

Murder on the High Seas
Difficulty: 5/10
Inventory: Ninja Outfit, 2x Super BFG
Guide: Again, follow the Rooftop Massacre guide using the BFG’s. Large crowds give you 10-15 kills per hit.

Rule #1
Difficulty: 7/10
Inventory: Ninja Costume, Quickstep
Guide: Although this is straightforward enough, I have given it a high rating because Quickstep becomes a major hindrance when you get to the lights, you will need it to get there on time though. From the start drink the Quickstep and then head across the left escalator, stick left and work around the zombies in to the restaurant, head forwards and up the stairs. Now comes the tricky part. Vault the wall on your left and make a jump for the lights, you need to get across all the lights and on to the platform on the other side. Quickstep can make this difficult, but you should have ample time to pace yourself after getting there so quickly.

Do Not Try This at Home
Difficulty: 2/10
Inventory: Boomstick (x2)
Guide: Possibly the easiest of all the challenges to complete as the time limit is so high. Grab a few boomsticks as with Killing Floor and let loose with the heavy attack. you’ll get this by half time.

Thirst Quencher
Difficulty: 5/10
Inventory: Alcohol (x11) & Drink Book or Alcohol (x12) and Sports Outfit
Guide: Make sure you have the drinking book or the sports outfit in order to drink unlimited alcohol without throwing up. From where you start, chug all you have in your inventory, then head around to the Poker room - you should find 8-9 drinks in here. Once you have found and chugged them all, head over to the magicians room (where you fight Roger & Reed) to find an additional 6-7. If you still don’t have enough, run to the bar in the middle for the remainder of the drinks. If you are running out of time, down a Quickstep before starting.

Ijiek Motors Presents
Difficulty: 5/10
Inventory: N/A
Guide: Start the mission, jump on the motorbike and head off towards the top of the map. the only thing that makes this difficult is the terrible camera angle, but other than that it should be a breeze, just stick left and follow the paths.

Party Hard
Difficulty: 5/10
Inventory: Zombait
Guide: Drink a Zombait and start the challenge. Go to either side of the path and stand in front of the zombies. The Zombait will lure the whole horde towards you - just keep edging back in to the path making sure they follow you, and you should have 25 in no time. Go to the opposite side and repeat if you are having trouble getting 25 from one group.

Extreme Off Road
Difficulty: 6/10
Inventory: SLICYCLE!
Guide: Grab the chainsaw from the maintenance room next to Hot Excitorama, take it to Chucks’ trailer and create a slicycle. Head down the road, start the challenge and have fun. You can go as far as the steps to Silver Strip one way, and up to the entrance of the Yucatan and across to the underground. There are about 800+ zombies here so this should be a breeze.

Scaffolding Shuffle
Difficulty: 7/10
Inventory: Ninja Outfit, Quickstep, Maintenance Car
Guide: From where you start look right, you will see a maintenance car sitting by the alcove. Before starting, get this in front of the star. When you start, hop in an drive through the crowds until you reach the scaffolding - you should see a workbench to climb on, followed by 3 levels of woodwork. Go left on the first, turn and jump to the second, follow it forward and jump to the third, then go across the planks to the finish. This is a tough one as if you lose your footing you will have to start again.

Killer Rides
Difficulty: 6/10
Inventory: Firecrackers (x3)

Guide: First a bit of prep - find the Alien UFO ride and remove the barriers. Now grab some Firecrackers from the Red Rocket stand and start the challenge. Head over to the UFO ride and throw some firecrackers at the base to lure the zombies in. Once you are happy, flick the switch to the right of the ride to activate it and watch the zombies fly! Repeat this 3-4 times and you will get an ample amount.

Fast Food
Difficulty: 5/10
Inventory: Ninja Outfit, Quickstep
Guide: Down your Quickstep and make a break across the casino floor towards the Food Court. Go across the escalators for a speed boost and go forward and to your right. Once you get to Lombardis, you will see some snack machines on the left of the entrance. Jump up on these, jump to the awnings on your right to get to the second floor. Now run all the way across and you will see the finish marker on the furthest awning.

Shutter Bug
Difficulty: 5/10
Inventory: Firecrackers
Guide (EDITED): Ok, seems there is an easier way for this - go to the souvenir kiosk in the Uranus Zone and you will see a set of "Alien Probes" - pick up as many as you can and drop them in a few seperate piles on the floor. Go back and do the same again until you have 2 large piles ready for the challenge. Start the challenge and take various photos of the probes - your Erotica score will go through the roof!
Credit: BOSSgrindle

Pawned Prestige
Difficulty: 3/10
Inventory: Boomstick (x2)
Guide: Same as “Do Not Try This at Home”, the Boomstick is your best friend. 2,500pp per heavy attack without any Combat or Horror books, you should get this way within the time limit!

Robot Race
Difficulty: 6/10
Inventory: Ninja Outfit, Quickstep
Guide: This inventory should be familiar by now - Down a Quickstep and start the challenge. From the start point, head forward and right slightly, around the huge spinning ride (Orbital Oscillator), behind it you will see a grey metallic hexagonal opening (to the right of the save point) - head through here, go up the stairs, past the carts and out the window. You should now be on a platform - head right and you will see the robots arm, leapfrog it to the finish. If you’re having trouble finding the opening, it appears on the map as “Coming Soon!” at the southern most point.

Burn the Bodies!
Difficulty: 5/10
Inventory: Laser Eyes (x2), Flamethrower (optional)
Guide: This sounds really difficult, but with the Laser Eyes it is a breeze. To make laser eyes, grab an alien mask from Astonishing Illusions in the Uranus Zone, and Gems from the jewellery store in Royal Flush. Combine, and you have a deadly weapon. I would suggest making two to be safe. Now start the mission, stand by the crowds and blast them away. You should get 10+ with each hit, and you’ll get 9-10 uses out of each mask.

Lightning Never Strikes Twice
Difficulty: 7/10
Inventory: Tesla Ball, Electric Crusher (x2)
Guide: Make two electric crushers and a Tesla Ball and head to the start of the mission. Time is against you on this one, so be quick and know where the groups are. From the start, head right (facing the maintenance room) and get the two large groups next to the Hotel, from here, work in circles up towards Royal Flush and back around to the Atlantica. When the Tesla Ball runs out, use the heavy attack with the crusher for 10-15 killls per hit.

Tunnel Vision
Difficulty: 3/10
Inventory: Chuck’s Bicycle
Guide: Grab Chuck’s bike from the garage outside the Yucatan and head down to the tunnels via the back entrance (right of the Yucatan behind the scaffolding). Now drive to the challenge, point the bike left so you can slip besides the train cart, start the mission and bomb it all the way around to the left - you should get there on about 37 seconds.

Mad About Hats
Difficulty: 6/10
Inventory: Dinosaur Masks (x12)
Guide: Grab as many Dino masks as you can carry from the toy shop next to the challenge. Start the challenge and put the masks on all the zombies in sight - now grab a full inventory again from the shop (which has an unlimited supply) and continue in the same fashion. Use Quickstep if you are not making it back to the store quick enough.

No Thanks, I’ll Stand...
Difficulty: 7/10
Inventory: Remote Mines (x11), Quickstep

Guide: Before this method was found by the wonderful TheLordMaim, this challenge would have been a 10/10 for difficulty. Go to the roof of the safehouse and look behind the elevator, you will find 3 remote mines, go up and down until your inventory is full. Now some prep - go to the Atlantica and start placing the mines in front of groups of chairs, each one should take out 4-5 depending on placement. Now start the challenge, detonate the mines and you will get a silver straight off. Simply destroy the remaining ones however you like, and you’ve got a (moderately) easy gold.

Tunnel of Blood
Difficulty: 6/10
Inventory: SLICYCLE!
Guide: Another moderately easy one thanks to the wonderful Slicycle. Try not to hit too many zombies on the way down to the challenge, as the bike can only handle 600-650 kills before it breaks. Start the challenge and work in a clockwise direction. There is no space limitation on this one, so use the whole underground tunnels at your leisure - there are more zombies in the starting tunnels than there are in the outer tunnels, so focus on these first.

One Armed Bandit
Difficulty: 5/10
Inventory: Money Hacker (x2)
Guide: As soon as the challenge starts, head for the various Cash Machines littered around the casino (one next to you, and one outside the cashiers office). Once you have hacked those for 40k, start hacking the individual slot machines for 3k+ a go. 2 hackers should be enough.

Double Trouble
Difficulty: 7/10
Inventory: Laser Sword, Pain Killer, Quickstep
Guide: As soon as you start drink the Pain Killer and Quickstep, then pick a twin and stick with them, you only need to kill one of them, so don’t waste time. You will get knocked down but Pain Killer will ensure you take little to no damage and Quickstep ensures you can catch back up with the designated twin. Slice and dice with heavy attacks until they go down.

Rooftop Massacre: Part 2
Difficulty: 4/10
Inventory: Ninja Outfit, 2x Super BFG
Guide: You know the drill, Super BFG’s will blast away even the stronger Gas Zombies. Just head for the crowds and remember that there are more down the sides of the helipad, and on the outer ring from there as well. Use the Ninja Outfit so you don’t get caught by the stronger, more agile zombies.
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