Six Digits?!? achievement in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (Xbox 360)

Six Digits?!?

Kill 100,000 zombies. [Host Only]

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How to unlock the Six Digits?!? achievement

  • invuln3r4bl3invuln3r4bl3230,372
    17 Oct 2011 15 Oct 2011 25 Oct 2011
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    mostly the same as in the original dead rising 2. but this time you dont have to worry about the time. you have as much as you need!
    NOTE: maybe you prefer the conventional method in the original dead rising 2. if so check those guides:
    Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360)Zombie Genocide MasterThe Zombie Genocide Master achievement in Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360) worth 92 pointsKill 72,000 zombies.
    Make sure to use sandbox mode!
    get the driving magazine (4 wheel vehicles will last 3 times longer). it is located on the roof of "paradise platinum screens S104" at platinum strip. to get up to it you have to climb up a snack automate on the left of "cash gordon's casino S102".
    HINT: when you get into the SUV drive to the underground first (right, right, left) and come back to silverstrip. the loadingscreen triggers a new SUV spawn. everytime it's near to get broken (after 4,500 kills) head to the new one.

    otherwise follow these steps:
    - go to sandboxmode
    - get the 2 gambling magazines
    *palisades mall (on a table above the grotto pool bar near the slide)
    *americana casino (top floor of bennie jack’s BBQ shack A101 on a ledge)
    - go to slot ranch casino. on the left of the entrance to the food court there is a huge slot machine. play on a bet of $1000 until you reach $2,500,000
    - now you can buy the SUV key in the silverstrip's pawnshop
    - start the challenge "extreme off road" (available after 3,000 kills) in front of the pawnshop. right after the challenge begins head to the SUV (opposite of the pawnshop) and go for gold (400 kills in 2 mins.). after each 2 mins you start again. now the zombie masses are there again and the SUV respawned! do this challenge over and over again until you reach 100K!
    - you have to do this challenge 250 times (with an average of 400 kills) if you start from zero. that means 8,33 hours!
    -this method has following advantages:
    *there's no need to deal with survivors and psychos
    *the SUV never breaks (you can make a maximum of 1,500 kills)
    *for each gold medal you get a bonus of $40,000. that means you get a total of $10,000,000 after these 250 challenges!
    NOTE: you don't need the driving magazine if you use this method.

    credit for the challenge method goes to KaveDweller. thanks!

    Happy killing...

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    invuln3r4bl3it takes about 5 mins for 1,000 kills with the SUV. is the chainsawbike really faster? look... you have to bring the chainsaw from the stage to the truck with the bike and you have to walk the whole way. and if your bike is broken you have to leave the area for a new chainsaw and bike! so is the bike method really faster then the SUV method? if you say yes ill give it a try and if it works better ill post it in my guide aswell...
    Posted by invuln3r4bl3 on 12 Nov 11 at 14:37
    RRIKERIn my experience, the bike method is faster if you have the bike magazine. You can almost clear out the entire main area with one bike! When you start smoking, you can dodge into the tunnels, come back out, kill some more and make a new bike with the re-spawned materials. Your mileage may vary.
    Posted by RRIKER on 27 Jan 12 at 21:11
    invuln3r4bl3i only can say whatever u think its faster or makes more fun do it this way! grinding for 100K kills is really boring. maybe its a good advice to do both methods so u are not only doing the same all the time...
    Posted by invuln3r4bl3 on 28 Jan 12 at 00:32
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  • Nude BeerNude Beer77,058
    24 Apr 2012 20 May 2012 20 Sep 2012
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    All the solutions/suggestions above are excellent and helped me get this achievement. However, after having gone thru it I've developed some extra hints, suggestions and strategies that while they might not get you to 100,000 any quicker they should definitely help you out in the long run.

    If it were me and I was just starting this game I'd do Sandbox mode first (before Story mode) as the method to this achievement will easily level you up to the max of 50 and provide you with millions in cash.

    Sandbox mode is fantastic for this achievement and many others however I recommend acquiring the Ninja Outfit because it makes Zombies ignore Frank (Not 100% ignore him but close enough). With the Ninja Outfit Frank can basically travel the entire map without being bothered by frequent Zombie attacks and makes Sandbox mode much easier while chasing achievements (although Psychos and survivors can and do still see Frank regardless).

    When you start Sandbox Mode I would get all the following:

    Ninja Footwear - The Man's Sport store, Uranus Zone.
    Ninja Hood - Royal Flush Mall, 2nd floor. Hop on the red telephone booth and make your way up to the secret room.
    Ninja Mask - Entrance to the Shoal Night Club in the Yucatan Casino next to cash register.

    That's 3 pieces of the Ninja Outfit, the location of the 4th piece will be given later and you'll understand why in a moment.

    Now get these items:
    - Bikes Magazine = Underground near the Yucatan Casino Ramp, on some boxes in the left hand corner.
    - Horror 1 Magazine = Underground, In the Americana Casino's Underground Loading Dock, by some Construction Hat's, Folding Chair's and a working Cash Diet Slot Machine.
    - Horror 2 Magazine = Fortune Park, on top of the scaffolding next to the main doors to the Fortune City Hotel.

    The BIKES Mag makes motorcycles 3x more durable which means your motorcycle won't break as often.

    The Horror 1 and Horror 2 Mags each give you a 25% boost to PP earned from zombie kills.

    That takes up 3 of your default 4 inventory slots if Frank is at level 1 and he needs that 4th slot for the chainsaw.

    Chainsaw is located in the Maintenance Room on the Silver Strip next to Hot Excitorama. It's good to note here that those double doors next to the Maintenance Room doors have vending machines behind them when you need to restore health. Take the Chainsaw to the trailer next to entrance to Yucatan Casino on the Silver Strip and combine it with the motorcycle. You now have a Slicycle.

    The challenge you need is Extreme Off Road on the Silver Strip in between Tinkerbox Pawnshop and Shamrock Casino. However the challenge is not immediately available as it requires 3000 zombie kills before it will unlock (assuming you just started a new game in Sandbox Mode which isn't linked to an already played Story Mode). So, drive your Slicycle around Silver Strip, Fortune Park and Platinum Strip until your Slicycle breaks and it will break before you get to 3000. Inside Slot Ranch Casino immediately turn around and enter Silver Strip.

    UPDATE: zzUrbanSpaceman suggested that before your Slicycle breaks drive it into the Underground or Uranus Zone to reset the Chainsaw and Slicycle to save time. I like that suggestion as it will indeed save you time. Thanks for the heads up zzurbanSpaceman!!!

    Build another Slicycle and continue your quest for 3000 kills. It's worth noting here that at the 1337 kills mark you will earn the NINJA UNIFORM. At that point head to the Safe House (after your Slicycle breaks) to complete your Ninja Outfit. The Ninja Uniform will be in the locker in the Safe House Restroom.

    Now that you have the full Ninja Outfit head back out to the Silver Strip to finish unlocking the Extreme Off Road challenge. With the challenge unlocked park your Slicycle right next to the Challenge start point and start the challenge. Get on your bike and you can easily kill 500-600 zombies within the given 2 minutes. Bare in mind there are boundaries and you must stay on the Silver Strip, stray too far and you'll only have 5 seconds to get back "In bounds" or the challenge is cancelled.

    Believe me the PP and $40,000 add up quickly, but here is the importance of those Horror mags I told you to get:

    Leveling up depends on PP and there is a max of 50 levels.

    Without the HORROR mags you get 500PP for every 50 kills and 20,000PP for every 1000 kills.

    With the HORROR mags you get 750PP for every 50 kills and 30,000PP for every 1000 kills even using the Slicycle.

    If you are going for 100,000 kills you might as well make sure you maximize the PP you earn along the way. It'll make leveling up at the higher levels a whole lot easier.

    By the way when you get a couple more inventory slots grab a spiked bat and .O.J. they tend to be very useful.

    I can't take credit for location of items mentioned above.

    I hoped this helped someone and Enjoy!!!
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    Nude BeerThanks! Great suggestion! I hadn't thought to do that. I've added it as an UPDATE.
    Posted by Nude Beer on 20 Sep 12 at 19:46
    Phantom XBLThanks for the location of the bike mag. Helped me out a ton!
    Posted by Phantom XBL on 19 May 13 at 00:05
    Tm5kGreat solution! Slicycle was definitely getting me more kills per minute than 4x4 doing the Extreme Off-Road challenge over and over. Best with 4x4 was 430 kills, then tried Slicycle for a change of pace and got 570 kills. Definitely sticking with the bike's 1,000+ kills every 5 minutes to finish this achievement.
    Posted by Tm5k on 14 Sep 14 at 22:12
  • Deranged AsylumDeranged Asylum504,947
    30 Jan 2012 30 Jan 2012
    9 2 2
    Basically I did the same as GamingHam but I just used the challenge in the strip where you have to kill 400 Zombies in 2 Minutes I was making over 600 kills per 2 Minutes and at least 4 challenges per bike I had Quick Step filling my inventory for when the bike broke and I had to run in and out of the Slot Ranch Casino to spawn the bike/chainsaw

    To sum it up I made over 2000 kills per 8 minutes and had it in no time the SUV isnt the way to go its way too slow and kills are also slow stick with the bike and do the challenge over and over its also a great way to level up quick and make money you make 40k per gold and you can do it as many times as you need.
    Showing both comments.
    Sir LumboGood method. To make it quicker, I completed the challenge a few times (till the bike began to smoke), drove into the tunnels (entrance to the right of the Yucatan) then drove straight back out.

    Take the motorbike to the Juggz music stage on the left hand side of the strip. Climb up, and on the beam on the top left hand side is a chainsaw. Pick it up, knee drop down the side, and repeat the process.

    Don't forget the bike magazine:
    Head into the underground tunnels by the Yucatan entrance. Climb the boxes in the right hand corner in this first area/room. The magazine is ontop of the boxes, next to a servobot mask.
    Posted by Sir Lumbo on 09 May 12 at 00:06
    Deranged AsylumGlad I could help :)
    Posted by Deranged Asylum on 09 May 12 at 00:15
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