Purewal Memorial Cup achievement in DR2: Off The Record

Purewal Memorial Cup

Don't consume any meat, dairy or alcohol until the military arrives.

Purewal Memorial Cup0
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How to unlock the Purewal Memorial Cup achievement

  • CrazyDoginOZCrazyDoginOZ251,622
    14 Oct 2011 14 Oct 2011 04 Jan 2012
    27 4 19
    For this achievement OJ will be your best friend, I also recomend grabbing the magazine from Stans Large Print Bookstore in Palisades mall that gives u plus 50% on all consumable items, or health book 2 found on top of a refridgerator in Hungry Joes pizzeria in the food court, that gives 100% on consumables.(thanks for the reminder timerider42)
    ***THIS IS BEST DONE SOLO, dont join anyones game or except any invites to your game, it is best to set ur game type to private to avoid any issues, dont even touch sandbox mode till your done with this cheeve. (thx to Robster80 for his tips).

    *Avoid any alcohol, this includes cocktails,wine,vodka etc, but mixing 2 alcoholic drinks into a blender to get a juice will not affect this cheeve.
    *Avoid any dairy, milk,cheese, ice creams,cookies, coffee creamers etc,if your not sure,best advice is leave it.
    *Avoid meat,steaks,ribs etc, to be safe avoid anything that may contain meat, like pizzas and hamburgers etc.
    This still leaves alot of items to consume snacks and fruit etc, but as i mentioned before OJ is ur best bet, or mixing juices in blenders.
    One bit to watch is the fight with the twins in Shoal Nightclub (Located in the Yucatan casino), make sure to take at least 3 OJ's or juices,as u are locked in the room with them and the only consumables r alcoholic except for a pinnapple which is only good for 2-3 squares of health,and some jelly beans worth 1-2 squares of health.
    As soon as the millitary arrives the cheeve will pop.
    OJ's can be found in the pharmacy in Royal Flush Plaza, in the back room, Another good spot is Chris' Fine Foods upstairs in Palisades Mall.
    Keep an eye out for blenders in kitchens, hard to notice if u dont know what ur looking for, they are found all thruout the game,
    ** If u eat or drink something wrong or your not sure about, restart from a checkpoint or save and ur still safe for the achievement **
    **Blender locations**
    Americana Casino - Shots & Awe
    Platinum Strip - Juggz Bar and Grill
    Food Court - Rojo Diablo mexican restauraunt
    Atlantic Casino - Sipparellos
    Silver Strip - Pub O' Gold
    Yucatan Casino - Barron von Brathus
    Palisades Mall - Grotto Bar (1st floor)
    Slot Ranch Casino - the bar
    Uranus Zone - Bottom bar of the lounge area, directly left as you enter through the alien head entry

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    XI AlphaMale IXIs it okay to feed dairy, meat, and alcohol to survivors?
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 03 Dec 13 at 17:25
    Durango55Worked iek a charm. Thumbs up!
    Posted by Durango55 on 09 Dec 13 at 23:10
    platinumpwnzorI see lots of speculation about Sandbox, feeding snowflake meat, giving alcohol to survivors, and making juices from alcohol, etc, but nothing about what the problem actually is. I too played to the cutscene where the military rolled in, but I realized the problem right away. You can't do this on New Game+! If you're trying on NG+, that means you already consumed one of these things on your first playthrough and didn't get the achievement. Intentional or not, your save profile remembers and won't unlock the achievement on subsequent plays. You'll need to start a brand new game from level 0. If you've finish the game, then it's still very easy to do. I didn't try sandbox with this new game, but none of the other things matter. I fed and rescued Snowflake, I gave alcohol to survivors, and I drank lots of Quicksteps. The achievement unlocked immediately after the cutscene when the military shows up. I suspect that sandbox doesn't matter either, but there's no reason to push your luck if you've already tried this several times.
    Posted by platinumpwnzor on 09 Jun 15 at 05:49
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  • ObiOneiKenobiObiOneiKenobi471,083
    15 Oct 2013 15 Oct 2013
    3 0 1
    **MINOR SPOILER**Didn't see this mentioned anywhere, I played through twice only drinking OJ and my survivors only drank OJ without getting my cheevo. My problem was I always saved Snowflake, DO NOT save the tiger. Until my final try I saved Snowflake every time (I love that cat). My guess is feeding meat to tame it voids the cheevo somehow. I did not play co-op at all btw.
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    Thrawn526Saved Snowflake and was still able to get the achievement.
    Posted by Thrawn526 on 31 Dec 18 at 09:19
  • De4th By ToastDe4th By Toast282,217
    19 Oct 2011 12 Oct 2011 19 Oct 2011
    6 3 28
    Although there are several non-alcoholic, non-dairy, non-meat items in this game-most will not heal more than a block of health so you are definitely going to want to stick to OJ (and the occasional Snack pick up when convenient). Just keep 3-4 handy for you and your survivors (it seems they can consume anything according to my last test, but it's safer to not keep those items in your inventory as they WILL occasionally be eaten by you in a moment of panic...) as you progress through the game's story missions!! A Sandbox file in the same Save Slot where you have been drinking is fine, as contrary to my original results that doesn't prevent this from Popping-What WILL prevent this from unlocking however is CoOp play w. a partner who is eating anything else-DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS CHEEVO in Co-Op.

    Just plain simple, start a new run on Private Online Settings and make sure you have at least space for 3-4 OJs (found in Security Room monitor and cafeteria for the 1st two days, as well as outside by Magazine gazebo in Royal Flush Plaza, and an unlimited supply in Chris' Fine Foods!!!!) as well as a good understanding of when you need crowd control weapons and extra knife gloves/heals like the Twins Psycho fight. The Health +1 Book would also be great as OJ heals for 6 with it-you can find that in the Ragazines store in the 2nd floor of Royal Flush Plaza.
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    Robster80I haven't gotten this one yet, either. Seriously, this achievement is glitched, has to be.
    Posted by Robster80 on 27 Oct 11 at 19:30
    Zombie4EvilDeadDoes anybody here still have their save right before they earned this? mine glitched and I don't want to start over.
    Posted by Zombie4EvilDead on 31 Oct 11 at 09:21
    De4th By ToastI don't know why but I knew jellybeans were not kosher for this cheevo! Maybe it just screamed "play as a Vegan" to me, I don't know-but I've also had multiple reports of Soda preventing the achievement from popping, going to test this soon.
    Posted by De4th By Toast on 08 Nov 11 at 01:02
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