The Professional achievement in Battlefield 3

The Professional

Complete the street chase in Comrades in under 2 minutes 30 seconds without dying

The Professional+0.8
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How to unlock the The Professional achievement

  • Rasta 360GameTVRasta 360GameTV531,160
    18 Nov 2011 25 Oct 2011 27 Oct 2011
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    Here is my Guide, you can fight or run :) Run is very simple and easy (Video is easy difficulty!)

    After you have the Control back, run forward and then to the left Side, kill the Policemen in Smoke and finished....

    If you have a Question, ask me in the Comments

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    Apache117XSo many cry babies on here, did it first crack following this vid. Well done, great guide.
    Posted by Apache117X on 17 Sep 17 at 16:18
    Dadmixgosh i must ob been very very lucky I died loads I suck at games and I got it blindly,I just looked to see what I could add alou tbh I did just run n kill
    Posted by Dadmix on 10 Mar 19 at 06:35
    Sir LagselotGreat video, thanks for the advice. Only thing that frustrated me was having to restart the mission if you die. Otherwise it's not too painful on easy as long as you work your way down the street throwing grenades at the car that shows up.
    Posted by Sir Lagselot on 25 Mar 20 at 19:30
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  • MaurickShepherdMaurickShepherd375,087
    26 Oct 2011 26 Oct 2011 28 Oct 2011
    29 18 9
    Achievement: The Professional
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Notes: Rush
    Spoilers: **YES**

    This achievements is in the mission "Comrades". As soon as you go out on the stairs outside chasing the target, that is when the timer begins. This is very easy on Normal, so I can't imagine how easy it is on Easy, haha. Basically, never take cover, always run-and-gun. I suggest using the Ak-74 you start out with in the beginning of the mission, no point using the silenced weapon since you are making yourself overt to the enemy, and the fact that the silenced gun (still can't figure out the name of the gun, haha) only has twenty-one bullets; the 74 has thirty-one bullets. Rush down the street to the guy until you reach the cutscene where **SPOILER** one of your teammates are blown up. Afterwards, going down the small tunnel to the stairs, you should unlock the achievement now, so if you didn't unlock it, you must restart the whole mission again. I honestly got it the first "try", even though I didn't even know this achievement existed upon getting it, haha. So remember; DO NOT DIE, and don't just gun it completely. When you enter the street, you will come across police, kill them quickly and then run-and-gun with the '74!

    Please leave comments if I need to correct anything.
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    CormacWhen you write haha you sound like a bell end.
    Posted by Cormac on 06 Nov 11 at 21:23
    MaurickShepherdThanks? Hope it helped if you got it!
    Posted by MaurickShepherd on 08 Nov 11 at 15:35
    JodmeisterTwo comments:

    You might as well dump the silenced gun at the beginning of the level as it appears to have the accuracy and effectiveness of a nerf gun - I swapped it for a UMP-45 which was easier on the street section than even the AK you have as well.

    And the only 'tough' bit on the street is the 5 police that jump out the back of the van that arrives at the junction - they seem to be better armed and armoured than the rest. As you probably won't have used your grenades during the mission, one or two aimed at the back of the van as it stops will deal with them quite easily.
    Posted by Jodmeister on 09 Nov 11 at 09:19
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    Once you figure out where to go, this achievement is very easy.

    The street chase starts after you leave the bank area and start chasing the courier in the streets. Pull out your secondary weapon, the one with the 4x scope. Gun down the cops that are waiting at the end of the bank plaza. Run to the left side of the white van ahead. There will be two cops directly in front of you, and another wedged in between two cars to your right. Gun them down.

    Now, keep left and run past the bus, then dive for the white car in the middle of the street. There is one cop to the right, two directly in front of you, and two to your left. Take them all out quickly, preferably in that order, but BE CAREFUL NOT TO DIE. The bus you just ran past is a save checkpoint, so if you die now, you won't get the achievement.

    Once you've taken them out, run quickly up the left side of the street. Ignore the SWAT van that shows up, just keep running up the left. From here, you shouldn't have to worry about any more cops. Veer off to the right, and try to catch the courier. The achievement should pop after the cutscene where (SPOILER) your friend gets blown up.
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