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Unlock all unique co-op weapons

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How to unlock the Lock 'n' Load achievement

  • MIL5YMIL5Y536,501
    01 Nov 2011 02 Nov 2011 22 Oct 2012
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    Hey guys, me and my friend, Nitram1711 found a really good strategy to get this achievement which I thought I'd share.

    This is probably the final achievement you will attain from the Coop Mode which requires you to unlock 7 guns by accumulating a score of 441,000.

    EDIT: With the new R3 Patch, this total score needed is a mere 160,000. Disappointing for people that did the grinding but this should make it a lot easier for people going for it. If you already had 160,000xp previously, you'll automatically get the unlock if you start a coop game. Thanks to BloodngunsMrphy, KM55D & Grimmr74 for letting me know about this!

    EDIT: The shortcut DLC DOES NOT unlock this achievement. You still need the points. Thanks Osiris for confirming this!

    MP412 REX: 5,000pts. Revolver Handgun (All Kits)
    KH-2002: 17,000pts. Burst Fire Assault Rifle (Assault Kit)
    MP7: 34,000pts. High Fire Rate PDW (All Kits)
    M39 EMR: 58,000pts. Standard Battle Rifle (Recon Kit)
    93R: 86,000pts. Burst Fire Handgun (All Kits)
    SG553: 120,000pts. Standard Carbine (Engineer Kit)
    G3A3: 160,000pts. 20rd Magazine Assault Rifle (Assault Kit)

    Presuming you are going for the other Coop Mode achievements (including the mission specific ones and the Hard difficulty one), you will probably have run through the missions a few times and accumulated anywhere between 200-300K.

    To effectively farm points for the rest, select the final mission, The Eleventh Hour, on easy. On the first hallway of the mission, kill all the PLR and have one player pick up the AK-74m with the Thermal Scope. Continue the mission until you have to disarm the bomb, and have the player drop the gun for a random gun before defusing. When the bomb is defused, the player's guns are reset back to the M16A3 ACOG and the Shotgun. Pick up the AK again and look nearby for the ammo crate and there should be another AK that the other player can pick up.

    Work your way through the mission until just before you exit the Metro and you will notice a resupply crate. Remember this as you will be backtracking to it several times. Move to the police cars outside the stock exchange and have one sit on the cars to the left and one to the right. Switch the AK to Single Fire mode, (Press down on the D-Pad) and there will be an endless stream of enemies.

    Each kill is worth 100 points, a Headshot is worth 10 and a spot (using the Back button) is worth 10. If you sit outside here for about 30mins you should get about 40,000-50,000. As mentioned by DisguisedMike, the EA servers have been a bit off lately and it's a good idea to move through the mission or bleed yourself out as this will save your progress as opposed to one of you dropping out.

    EDIT: If you prefer to simply replay the missions to obtain the remaining points, the most effective mission is Hit and Run. The mission is quite quick on Easy, and there are many enemies. Thanks to Lc Moog for this input. From his experience, you can get 11,000-12,000 points every time you complete the mission in about 5-6 minutes.

    Final Points:
    Definately worth picking up these guns for multiplayer. I alternate between the 93R and the REX for my handguns since unlocking them. The REX is quite powerful and the Raffica is deadly accurate and I love the three round burst.

    The M39 EMR is definately a good choice for those who use the MK11 MOD or the SVD as it can be used by both factions. While they unlock for the opposite teams at later levels, it's worthwhile to use the EMR as you can unlock attachments quicker!

    The MP7 is also a great gun in close quarters especially when coupled with Extended Mags which double the clip size to 40+1.

    Thanks to my pal, Nitram1711 for helping me with all of the Coop missions and for coming up with the idea to farm points at the Stock Exchange.

    Best of Luck!

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    Archetuthusi want to know this aswell ^ If i buy the Co-op Weapons Shortcut from the market place does the achievement pop?
    Posted by Archetuthus On 14 Apr 12 at 00:42
    OsirisJust found out that the short cut DOES NOT. Unlock the achievement. You still have to get the points.
    Posted by Osiris On 22 Oct 12 at 20:49
    MIL5YThanks Osiris! I'll add that and credit you!
    Posted by MIL5Y On 22 Oct 12 at 22:52
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  • GGstuffGGstuff69,121
    25 Nov 2011 14 Dec 2011 14 Dec 2011
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    The large multiplayer update (2.07 Gb) reduces the amount of co-op score required to unlock all the weapons from 440,000 down to only 160,000.

    the update is optional, not mandatory. it is required to play the back to karkand maps but you do not need to purchase back to karkand to get the update, you can download it anyway.

    so if you are only after this achievement, you can save yourself a bit of grinding by downloading the update from the in-game store.

    watch the TA ratio crash soon lol

    EDIT (thanks to True Veteran): if you have already gotten 160,000 or more points before this update, the achievement will pop as soon as you load up a co-op game after downloading the update
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    GGstuffwill do, thanks veteran
    Posted by GGstuff On 14 Dec 11 at 05:39
    The NissassaThanks for the edit, I had nearly reached the 441,000 and was wondering how i would get the achievement to pop now :)
    Posted by The Nissassa On 16 Dec 11 at 17:25
  • LAFTALAFTA566,327
    17 Nov 2011 17 Nov 2011 14 Dec 2011
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    An alternative to MIL5Y's awesome solution, that involves no setting up. Earns about 5000xp every 1:30 - 2:00mins. (maybe not quite as profitable as the other solution but can be done bit by bit or all at once).

    Just play The Eleventh Hour on Easy and obliterate all of the enemies until you come to the bomb (about 45-50). Then purposely fail the disarm QTE.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Just thought I would share this as it's a perfect timefiller when waiting 10 minutes for your friends to finish a match or whatever.

    New Info: The back to Karkand update has drastically reduced the amount required for the co-op weapons. Log on now and check your updated progress (Back to Karkand update can be downloaded by anyone, it is separate to the paid DLC content)
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    TendaVigilanteno anything bout the trouble with the b2k.....since i got that my co-op weapons are unlocked but i aint got an achievement
    Posted by TendaVigilante On 08 Jan 12 at 17:38
    TendaVigilante*EDIT i decided to go into co-op n see if anything happens turns out thats all i needed to do n ts popped up [=
    Posted by TendaVigilante On 08 Jan 12 at 17:44
    DecbouI launched the coop menu for the first time since b2k. And the achievement popped. No need to play if you see in battlelog that you unlocked all the weapon.
    Posted by Decbou On 10 Jan 12 at 07:04
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