Car Lover achievement in Battlefield 3

Car Lover

Complete the mission without losing a humvee in Operation Exodus

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How to unlock the Car Lover achievement

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    Make sure you play this on easy.

    There will be three waves of enemies that you need to defend your Humvees from. This is actually pretty easy if you prepare properly for it. All your Humvees need to make it through, none can be destroyed IN ANY SECTION.

    First wave: There will be a bunch of enemies rushing down from the far left hand side when you start off. They are pretty simple, just pick them off one by one till the first tank appears. The tanks will take three Javelin rockets each to destroy them. Have you and your partner take it out as soon as you spot it. We did this wave with one person on the bridge and the other below.

    Second wave: This wave one of you should grab a sniper rifle as your primary weapon. The enemies will start rushing from the left hand side of the bridge. Have the sniper watch the far right building as there will be RPGs (one or two) that will appear and try to level your Humvees. Have the sniper take them out while the other player takes out the other enemies on the ground. A tank will appear from the left hand side alley and you need to take it out before it clears that area. Both of you need to use your Javelins to take this out. You can try and put mines down, but we did not have much luck as the enemies seemed to take them out. However, others have had luck with this, so if you are struggling, toss some down.

    Third Wave: You have to switch areas now. This will happen on the far right hand side. Grab some ammo and follow the Humvees heading over. Have one person still using the sniper rifle as there will be a few RPG guys and snipers in the building at the end of the area to take out. Once again you have to fight off a bunch of enemies. There will be one or two tanks that will show up this time ( We lucked out an only had one) that need to be taken out with Javelin rockets. This is the only real tricky part of the level since there will actively be enemies warming in faster and both snipers/RPGs to deal with. Once person should climb up on the building on the right hand side above the ammo crate and Humvees(there is also ammo on the roof). Here they will be able to snipe the RPGs and Snipers at the far end, plus watch for the tanks that roll in. The non-sniper should dispatch the rest of the ground enemies as best as possible.

    The achievement will pop before you evacuate if you save all your Humvees.

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    CormacBut if any of the first set of five die before you move onto the east road they respawn so it looks like you haven't lost any. I appreciate that your solution is quite specific about not losing any humvees having re-read it but you need to make a note that if you do lose any before the third wave then you may aswell restart. We couldn't understand why we were failing and your solution wasn't very enlightening.

    I did downvote but if you include this note to make it a little more clear then I'll change my vote. Essentially your solution is pretty accurate but considering it is missing a vital piece of information it is not complete. You've stated that you cannot lose any humvees. It should read, you cannot lose any humvees IN ANY SECTION BUT BEWARE BECAUSE THEY RESPAWN MAKING IT LOOK LIKE YOU HAVE ALL FIVE LEFT WHEN YOU FINISH THE LAST SECTION.

    Posted by Cormac on 13 Dec 11 at 04:28
    CormacBy the way, we unlocked the achievement earlier so I know what I'm talking about.
    Posted by Cormac on 13 Dec 11 at 04:30
    oO Link X007 OoCormac. I will edit the solution, I thought it made sense but I guess I have to be overly specific with some people.
    Posted by oO Link X007 Oo on 13 Dec 11 at 20:28
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    In the 3´rd part of the mission, climb on to the roof on your right behind the ammobox and simply use your grenate launcher to destroy the building at the end of the street...remember the balcony on the right.

    Then no RPG´s and snipers will only have to deal with the one or two tanks later on...
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    Operation Exodus on easy for the game Battlefield 3 in co-op mode. The video will show what we done. Please comment, rate and subscribe. I have also included the video for doing the level on hard as well.
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    GH05T SN1P3R 92I see you need help in Battlefield 3 Multiplayer if you ever want to squad up just send me a friend request or message me and i'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
    Posted by GH05T SN1P3R 92 on 20 Jun 12 at 12:54
    ArachnicideSounds good. Yeah, I am just looking at playing a good bit this weekend with the premium double xp. Got lots of unlocks and medals coming up..should be fun.
    Posted by Arachnicide on 20 Jun 12 at 13:10
    GH05T SN1P3R 92Since playing this for the past moth I have hardly put any achievements up I don't know if its because there is such a good community because most of the gamers are mature unlike most of the COD players who are aged 13-14 and below who send messages saying you are hacking if you keep killing them and I find there is a greater amount of strategy required.
    Posted by GH05T SN1P3R 92 on 20 Jun 12 at 13:16
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