Bullseye achievement in Battlefield 3


Reach and save the hostages without alerting any enemies in Drop 'em Like Liquid

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How to unlock the Bullseye achievement

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    I spent a year getting over 200 people this achievement personally. Sadly now though I have retired from helping first-hand with the achievement because it takes up too much of my time, so I apologise to anyone who was hoping I'd still be able to help. Instead, I have replaced my offer with my Step-By-Step Guide to getting the achievement and if you follow my instructions to a tee you WILL get the achievement.

    Here's a video shot recently by me showing exactly how I do it but obviously, not everyone will be able to take 9 guys out in such a small amount of time under pressure.

    First off some tips for preparing yourself to get the Achievement.

    - Make sure both you and your partner have headsets....communication is KEY!

    - Do not do it on HARD its much easier getting the Achievement on EASY and you have more wiggle room, plus HARD is easy so don't even worry about that.

    - Don't rush!! Aside from the 3 sets of 3 every guy WILL stop for you and there is no time limit. They will wait to be killed so don't think you've got to kill them instantly. ALOT of people fail just off of this

    - On easy headshots are not a requirement, you can kill each guy with chest shots but I'd still go for headshots anyway to be sure.

    - Make sure both you and your partner are comfortable deep breathing and also setting up your Bipod on any surface.

    - Pick a side and stick to it so if you go for left-sided guys always stay left and your partner on the right to save from confusion.

    - Countdown before every shot and ALWAYS make sure you're both ready to shoot prior to pulling the trigger.

    - DO NOT click the LS while on the Bipod! LS is for freestanding only and will shoot your scope up in the air while on the Bipod.

    OK, so now for the step by step guide to glory...

    Step 1.

    Enter the sewers via the manhole and climb the ladder down, approach the first guy and snipe him or run at him and use the silenced pistol. Once his dead, exit the sewer via the ladder.

    Step 2.

    Once up the ladder and in the open DO NOT jump over the rail or get too close to the staircase...you WILL be spotted!!

    In front of you are 3 sets of 2 guys working towards the apartment building...take them out using the LS and your sniper.

    -1st set are directly below you after exiting the sewers.

    -2nd set are right under the arch to the right of the first set.

    -3rd set turn left out of the arch they are standing beside the apartment door.

    Step 3.

    Once inside the apartment switch to the silenced pistol and make your way up the floors to the door, once it opens run in and take out the 2 guys...be aware of the guy in the other room if he runs he will glitch into either the cupboards or out the window and will reappear to knife you.

    From here on out DO NOT fire a shot without your Bipod

    Once both guys are dead have one person sit at the very first window and the second sit at the very next window. both crouch and put your Bipods on. You may have to sit on the right side of the window ledge to get a good shot

    The Alpha Team will knife a guy near the staircase and then 2 guys appear from the steps, let them walk to a complete stop and dispatch of them.

    Next 2 guys will appear from around the back of the white van above the staircase let them walk to a stop then take them out.

    ------Bus Flashbang--------

    As with guys one person take left bus one take right bus, mark them so you know where they are and this is the important part.


    It will stop the left guy on each bus moving out of position to reach for a hostage and will save you ALOT of hassle as you can now take out the 2 guys with them close to each other.


    DO NOT firing before the flashbang breaches the window WILL end your mission because it glitches the guys out and makes them untouchable, you'll fail in seconds so just wait before picking them off.

    Leave the apartment.

    Step 4.

    Go down the stairs and out onto the street run up to the wall and stand a yard or so apart and set up the Bipod the next 2 targets are the 2 guys walking directly at you, you should be standing pretty much 12 o'clock from them let them walk to a stop countdown and take them out.


    Step 5.

    Go downstairs to the next 2 guys

    Here 1 person can take out both guys if laying in prone with Bipod on and move until they line up then take them out with 1 shot. Of course, though, you can both take them out together.

    Once they're dead 3 guys will exit the Blue Bar. 1 guy goes to the left 2 go to the right so both lay in prone with Bipods on and as with the previous guys 1 person line up the 2 guys while the partner lines up the solo guy countdown then shoot.

    Get up and run up the stairs.

    Step 6.


    ------3 Sets Of 3 moving Guys-------

    While I was doing it I would take out all 9 guys but I don't expect everyone to be able to do it and it does take a good sniper with practice but I'll explain the way to do with 2 people shooting.

    First off DO NOT shoot at different groups at the same time...YOU WILL FAIL

    Focus on 1 set at a time then move on to the next set and so on.


    -Set 1 Staircase with the Hotel sign running down the side of the building

    -Set 2 Green bar, they are walking right to left and are at the right of all sets...you can't miss them just look for the green bar

    -Set 3 In the cafe area....they come downstairs and into the cafe area.

    So here's how you do it...

    Set 1. As soon as you hit the top of the staircase 1 person stand here and puts their Bipod on while the other goes behind and to the left on the long wall and places their Bipod down. Stare up at the top of the stairs and wait for the Sniper crack to signal the start.
    Wait until all 3 guys are beginning to walk down the steps 1 person takes out the left one, the other the right and both meet for the middle guy...2 shots on each should do the trick.

    Set 2. The moment their dead run to your right past the crates and you'll see 2 Green and White bins 1 person go between the bins the other to the right of the last bin Bipods on quickly one line up the front guy and the other the back guy. Make sure you're both ready and shoot leaving the middle guy then as with the stairs...take him out

    Set 3. Rush back to your starting position for the Cafe Set again Bipods on the long wall, if you were quick enough the 3 guys won't have separated if that's the case shoot at the same time and take them out as quick as possible. If they do separate, one person takes out the 2 guys going left while the other takes out the sole guy that ends up near the umbrellas.

    All in all, there is nothing to fear here. It can be a pain in the arse but if you have a plan and stick to it you'll be just fine. Try to make each shot count because its the moment you miss the enemy will be onto you and will call it in so hit them one after the other, accuracy is key.

    Once their all dead take out the sniper in the window...

    Step 7.

    Move up the street and climb the stairs...this is the best vantage point for the remaining guys.

    Pick up ammo if required and both crouch up against the wall and place Bipods down. You won't need to remove your Bipods now at all from here on out. Make sure your on the corner on the wall one person on each section.

    The Alpha Team will proceed up the stairs onto the streets once the Blue Square disappears 2 guys will appear in the gap in the wall let them stop line up your shots countdown and shoot.

    The Alpha Team will now proceed into the gardens again when the square vanishes the next 2 guys appear, let them walk to a stop at the bottom of the stairs and take them out.

    Move your scopes up the stairs to the door behind the statue when it opens 3 guys will appear let them leave the Mansion and walk they will go for about 15 yards and stop. They only stop for a brief moment so be ready. One guy takes out the lone guy and the other takes out the 2. If you're in the right position the 2 guys will be automatically lined up.

    Next, bottom left window. Once those guys are dead 2 guys appear in the bottom left window they will walk in and stop double tap and take them out.

    -------MANSION FLASHBANG MOMENT---------

    As with the Bus moment, you'll want to press the flashbang right away but it's not essential. One guy will already be in the room on the 2nd window from the left, mark him.
    Wait a bit and 4 more guys will appear, 1 from the left and 3 from the right, mark all of them and then press the flashbang.
    Wait for the Alpha Teams countdown before firing then proceeds to take them all out. If you miss at any point don't panic as the Alpha Team will clean up after you. It's actually very hard to fail this point.


    And there you have it, in all its a very easy achievement to obtain you just need to stick to my solution and you cant fail. You may need to practice a few times but you'll get there in the end.


    Here are the parts where if this happens you've been spotted...

    - If any guys are at the apartment door upon leaving...YOU'VE FAILED

    -If there are any guys at all on your side of the street...YOU'VE FAILED

    The guy in the sewer, the guys on the bus, the sniper and the five guys after the flashbang inside the mansion are the only ones that will not call it in, so don't worry about those blowing your cover.

    Well, that's it, if you have any questions feel free to use the comment section to ask and I'll try to reply as quickly as possible.

    Please, please DO NOT msg me on Xbox Live I am now retired from getting people this achievement so please respect my wishes but feel free to add me on TA if you want to boost in the future.

    If your going to NEGATIVE vote this solution at least have the balls to explain why in the comment section...

    Thanks and happy hunting...

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    friendlyguy28if anyone wanne do this im down send me a request
    Posted by friendlyguy28 on 13 Jul 21 at 22:24
    EmperorBelloIn this video it was done solo? So it is possible then to do it solo?
    Posted by EmperorBello on 25 Apr 22 at 22:44
    PREZTHEBOSSmy gamertag is PREZTHEBOSS on xbox anyone can help me pls?
    Posted by PREZTHEBOSS on 23 Dec 22 at 23:10
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    For this achievement you need to make it to and rescue the second group of hostages, without alerting any enemies. This is actually really tough to do.
    - To avoid confusion pick a side. Left or right, and make that the guy that you always shot to avoid confusion.
    - Give a count down 3,2,1 and fire. And take notice on when each other actually firring and learn when you actually need to pull your trigger so your shoots are in sync
    - Learn your set up points. Find where you and your partner have the best shots putting the enemies in a crossfire so that stupid things like trees or the anything aren't block both your shots.
    - USE YOUR BIPOD!! Easily done by going full prone or propping your gun near an edge. Makes bouncing from one target to the next a lot easier, you won't have to hold your breath.
    - A tip for the bus as i see many people struggling there is shoot your target to the right just after the flashbang breaks the glass of the bus but before it actually detonates, then your other target after he stumbles back into sight.

    Good luck, and here is a great video I found for helping you through this. All credit for the video goes to TheGameReviewVideos on Youtube.
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    HorZa IXGreat video! Got this in under 30 minutes using it.
    Posted by HorZa IX on 18 Jun 12 at 20:39
    XX PixelGod XXIf anyone needs to do this send me a message on xbox, I need this along with a few others. :)
    Posted by XX PixelGod XX on 26 Jun 12 at 18:50
    DhukkaGERMe and a buddy have tried this countless times but just can't get it, It's always the 3 sets of 3 where we mess it up. The solution is great but I just don't get what we are doing wrpng
    Posted by DhukkaGER on 08 Feb 14 at 09:00
  • justinman114justinman114196,435
    10 Nov 2011 11 Nov 2011 11 Nov 2011
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    Just netted this one today, and for anyone who prefers a list-style walkthrough, I figured I would share. First, as the other guides say, make sure you and your partner have good communication, countdown to kills, and always pick a side. I usually shot guys on the left for example. It can be frustrating at first, but once you know what to do on each part it's really just about execution. There is only one part that is a real bitch, just around the half-way point. Also, always use the rifle, and the bipod, unless noted.

    Side Note: Difficulty does NOT affect this achievement in any way. If you don't alarm anyone, you won't get shot at.

    Okay, so first, climb down the ladder and run down the sewage pipe. There will be one guard walking right to left at the end. Wait for him to come back (left to right) and he stops. Headshot.

    Climb the ladder and move to the next two guards. Give a countdown and shoot. Remember to hold your breath for stability (Click and hold Left Stick)

    The next 2 sets of guards are the same. Wait for them to stop dancing around and countdown and kill.

    Next, equip your pistols and run up the stairs. Have one player set up to open the door and as he does, the other will go in to kill one guard directly in front, and another in the room to the right.

    Now set up with your rifles again for the remainder of the level. Have one person in each window looking towards the stairs just below the street, to the left. 2 guards will approach. Wait for them to stop moving and take them out.

    Next 2 guards will come out from behind the white van slightly to the right. Countdown once they stop and kill.

    OK, here is the first tricky part. There will be 2 buses slightly to the right of the van, each with 2 guards and multiple hostages. Spot the guards with the back button if you need. Have the person on the left window scout the left bus, and the right window, the right bus. Person on the right should press B to ready flashbangs, and the person on the left should wait until the guard on the left bends over and stands back up to press B and activate them. Your squad will countdown from 3. You want to start firing right BEFORE they say "NOW" and you should be able to kill the first one, and clean up the second one easily while he is dazed.

    Now you will be going back out the door and down to the street. Follow the road to the right and when you get to the street light near the wall on the left, open your bipod and aim across the street to see 2 guards walking towards you. They will stop briefly then keep walking, then stop again. Now take them out.

    The next set can be done with one person. Just past the bench set up your shot to line up both heads and fire. Your partner can provide backup if you feel it is necessary.

    From here, whoever took that shot should move about 3 feet further and wait to line up another 2-for-1 killshot. 3 guards will come out of a blue door. One player takes the one on the left, while the other will shoot both on the right. MAKE SURE TO SHOOT TWICE QUICKLY as most of the time the guard in the back doesn't die in one shot. We had a bit of trouble here.

    From here on out, do not rely on just one shot to kill anything, always at least double-tap.

    Next is the hardest part in the level. Run much farther down the street to a couple of dumpsters. Set up one person in between them, and one person to the right of them. There will be 3 sets of guards at the same time here. Each set has 3 guards as well. The idea is to shoot the ones on the outside first, then team up on the one in the middle. The first set you should attack will be coming down the stairs on the left. Countdowns at this part should be done QUICKLY as you don't have much time before they are too close to the hostages. Once the 3 guards start coming down the stairs on the left, countdown and kill. Use body shots, and use more than one shot (I usually did 3). Quickly turn to the group coming from the right (on the sidewalk moving right to left), countdown and kill. Now, quickly run BACK to the stairs area (to the left, about 50 feet away, and set up against the wall for the final 3. They will be in the middle-back coming right to left and towards you. Countdown and kill.

    That is the hardest part, but don't let up yet. There is still a sniper in a window above the area. Take him out and move down the street to the Vantage Point. If you don't see any enemies attacking you on the street, you are still good for the achievement.

    At the top, each player should set up on a raised part of the wall. The next 2 guards will show up and stop moving. Countdown and kill. Piece of cake compared to what you just did!

    Next set will be coming right to left and will also stop moving. Countdown and kill.

    This next set can be tricky if you aren't quick. They come out of a door to the Embassy and move right to left. There are 3 of them. When they stop moving near the plant pot, 2 of them should be lined up for the player on the right to kill, while the player on the left takes his. Do your countdown QUICKLY as these guys start moving again after a few seconds. Remember to keep using multiple shots as well to confirm the kill.

    Now 2 guards will appear in the windows. These guys don't die easily so line up your body-shots and fire multiple times after your countdown to ensure the kills.

    Here comes the last part. Your team will move into position below some windows. You will see hostages, and eventually guards will walk in. There are going to be 5 total, 4 of which stand still, and one that paces left and right. Make sure to use the back button to spot them. Once you are both confident, each player should press B to initiate the flashbangs. Treat this part just as the part with the buses, each player take 2 guards in their window. One of you will have to account for the guard pacing back and forth as well. When they count it down, use the same timing, firing JUST before they say "NOW", and lay multiple shots into each guard. You have a good 3-5 seconds to get these guys if you time it right since they are stunned. We never shot a hostage, but it certainly might be possible, so be careful.

    And that's it, once they say the hostages are clear, the achievement should pop immediately. And if you are like me, you will feel extreme gratification!

    I certainly hope this guide helps at least a few people. Feel free to comment with suggestions! Special thanks to Stevio9 for help with this achievement!
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    McGubbaloMy brother and I have been stuck on this one for a long time now. We can never get past the part with three groups. We've contemplated different strategies, different orders, even each taking one whole group and meeting at the middle group, without success. But you say kill group 1, 3, then 2, so we will give that a shot now. Also, we will use your placements near the dumpster and run back for the middle group. Will keep you posted.
    Posted by McGubbalo on 09 Feb 12 at 03:11
    justinman114Yeah man that's the hardest part. Use multiple shots and aim for the body so you don't miss to save time. It's frustrating but you'll get it. Try to avoid the Bi-pod at that part as it sometimes doesn't allow for quick aiming side to side. Good Luck!
    Posted by justinman114 on 09 Feb 12 at 03:53
    IncensedCapeVery helpful, Justin invited me to a game and helped me to get the achievement very quickly. Thanks =)
    Posted by IncensedCape on 03 Jun 12 at 23:42
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