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Army of Two

Complete all co-op missions on Hard

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How to unlock the Army of Two achievement

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    Video credits go to VGMMDI, Machinina, RoosterTeeth and TheGamerReviewVideos.

    You must complete all of the following missions on the Hard difficulty:

    Operation Exodus
    Fire From the Sky
    Hit and Run
    Drop 'Em Like Liquid
    The Eleventh Hour

    Please note that you must complete the first two missions (Operation Exodus and Fire From the Sky) to unlock the third mission (Exfiltration). Once you complete the third mission, another two missions (Hit and Run and Drop 'Em Like Liquid) are unlocked. Once you complete those two missions, it will unlock the last mission (Eleventh Hour).

    Good strategies for the missions:

    Operation Exodus: Surprisingly easy mission even on hard. Make sure of the partners has a Javelin at all times. I recommend one of the partners also having an SVD to easily kill the enemies from range. Team work is key here. Make sure you and your partner are in close vicinity because the enemies advance quickly at times.

    If you can complete the mission without losing any Humvees, you will acquire this achievement:
    Battlefield 3Car LoverThe Car Lover achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 45 pointsComplete the mission without losing a humvee in Operation Exodus

    Fire From the Sky: Please watch this video ( to understand more about flying.

    In the first parts of the mission, the pilot should just do his best to hover around your allies which are on the ground while the gunner of the helicopter uses thermal mode and takes out enemies on rooftops and in the streets below. The pilot can also fire rockets while the gunner shoots. You will want to stay about 50-70 feet above the ground (the indicator is on the right side of your screen).

    For the latter portions of the mission with the AA guns and the BMP's, your best option is to stay as far back as you can while still staying in the range so your pilot can fire heat seekers at the enemy vehicles. I would recommend having your friend lock on and fire a heat seeker and while it is reloading, you can move in a little closer for you as the pilot to fire the 14 rockets and for the gunner to fire with the machine gun.

    If you complete this mission without having to put out a fire in the helicopter, you will earn this achievement:
    Battlefield 3UntouchableThe Untouchable achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 37 pointsComplete the mission without using the fire extinguisher in Fire From The Sky

    Exfiltration: The first portion of the mission is the stealth portion.
    If you complete the first portion of this mission without alerting any enemies, you will receive this achievement:
    Battlefield 3NinjasThe Ninjas achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 54 pointsReach the VIP without setting off the alarm in Exfiltration

    Once outside again, you will move down the streets killing numerous enemies on the ground and buildings. At the first ambush where the enemy fires an RPG at you, I recommend staying the in the back of the street where the large storage container is. At the first ammo crate, there is an SVD. I recommend one of the players picking up the SVD.

    You will continue to move down the street and hang a right about 100 yards down the road. The Humvees will follow and open the gate to the new area. Another ambush will occur. For this portion, I recommend staying off to the left side, behind the white van where the ammo crate is. From here, guys will spawn in various floors of the blasted open buildings. The enemies will also spawn on the ground in front of you and to the northeast of your position behind the white van.

    If you get caught up in this portion, I recommend tossing grenades into these areas to flush out enemies. After the area is clear, you will move onto the .50 cal and while moving along, another ambush occurs and the humvees will move down the road while enemies fire at you from all angles. I have played this mission numerous times and I don't believe you can die on this portion.

    Once the Humvees stop, the player in the front humvee will be given C4. Instead of immediately placing the C4 on the door, place 1-2 on the van on the right side and 1-2 on the left side where the low wall is. Make sure to do this step quickly. Once near the wall to be blasted, wait a moment and then explode the C4. Replenish your C4 and blow up the wall. No enemies door come from the door you just blew up. For the next portion, around 3-4 enemies waves will attack you from the left and right combined.

    Eliminate them and move back to the humvees. After another ride in the Humvees you will end up in another firefight. In this portion, my suggested spot is where the allies are stacking up in the room where Hamid El Zakir is. (the person you rescued in the beginning). After the long firefight here, a helicopter will pick you up.

    Hit and Run: The mission is fairly easy so I won’t explain it as much as the others. In the first portion after the initial ambush, make sure you look to the scaffolding outside on your right because enemies due stack up there and snipe you.

    In the final portion of the mission, you will acquire a vehicle. You cannot die in the vehicle. If you need help and once you reach the garage portion of the mission without either players going down, you will earn this achievement
    Battlefield 3Push OnThe Push On achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 59 pointsReach the garage without going into man-down state in Hit and Run

    Drop ‘Em Like Liquid: This is a sniper only mission. For more info, please refer to the guide on TA:
    Battlefield 3BullseyeThe Bullseye achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 101 pointsReach and save the hostages without alerting any enemies in Drop 'em Like Liquid

    You will have to have synchronized shots among you and your partner. Communication is key. Some system like 3 2 1 Go is a good system for the synchronized shots. Always deploy your bipod for more steady shots and always go for headshots.

    Please be aware that the Bullseye achievement is somewhat glitchy. Certain aspects like ‘runners’ can void the achievement, I believe. My friend and I had one runner (an enemy who is shot and runs to alert other enemies) and we still didn’t get the achievement.

    The Eleventh Hour: The mission is fairly simply. You will move through the subway killing enemies. Once you pass the construction equipment behind the first train, a notion will occur that the bomb is active. One of the player should grab his 870MCS or M1014 and move up very quickly towards the bomb. While he pushes up, the other player should eliminate the surrounding enemies.

    Please refer to the achievement guide on TA:
    Battlefield 3In the nick of timeThe In the nick of time achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 44 pointsDisarm the bomb in under 20 seconds in The Eleventh Hour

    The button sequence for the bomb is: A LB RB RT RS B A LB RB RS.

    Note: The RS symbol in the sequence requires you to click the stick, not to move the stick. Wait for the next button to pop up on the screen before you move onto the next one. Also, when one player is diffusing the bomb, enemies will be advancing so the second player should be ready for another wave.

    If you are struggling, complete the mission first on hard and then retry the mission on easy or normal and easily complete the bomb sequence.

    After the subway sequence, you will move into the French Stock Exchange area. Move through the building normally looking for enemies around all corners. Once you reach the actual stock portion (the flooded area) watch out for enemies on the ground and on the balconies above.

    Then you will continue on into the next room. One of the players should push up to the square pottery item in the middle of the room while the other stays behind the limited cover of the small door room. The enemies will mainly spawn and jump down from the offices on the left.

    After this confrontation, move to the door on the right side of the room. Both you and your co-op partner need to stack up. Immediately after breaching, the high-valued target will grab your partner. The button sequences are randomized for the two partners. One partner will be grabbed by the high-valued target and must tap his selected button while the other partner will see another button appear on the screen so as to shoot the target.

    The mission is complete here and you should get your achievement 50G Army of Two (complete all of the Co-Op missions on Hard) and 30G Two-Rah (complete all of the co-op missions).

    Battlefield 3Army of TwoThe Army of Two achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 190 pointsComplete all co-op missions on Hard

    Battlefield 3Two-rah!The Two-rah! achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 69 pointsComplete all co-op missions

    If there are any mistakes here, please let me know. I will fix them. If anything needs to be added, please message me. I would love to put more videos in this guide to supplement the large amount of text with videos. This is my first guide.

    Video credits go to VGMMDI, Machinina, RoosterTeeth and TheGamerReviewVideos.

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    At first my cheevo didn't pop even though I finished all the missions on hard, but then I realized one of my easy scores was better than my hard, so I redid that mission and my cheevo popped when I got a better score on hard than easy. So if you can't figure out why it won't pop, go and look if all your hard scores are better than easy and normal.
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    TAJ Pro FIRESo apparently I have 4 missions with easy scores higher than hard. In order for this to unlock, I need to beat all those scores on hard? facepalm
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    CrazySigaThat is correct TAJ, unfortunately that's how it goes angry
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    Inferno118Ok so this guide may have no down votes but it’s wrong. That’s what I believed at first was the solution as well, but don’t look at your stats for the leaderboard. If you’ve played any level on hard at all, you’ll have a score. Check the levels when in the co op menu as host picking a level. If a mission hasn’t been completed it will sayeasy, instead of hard. This had me tricked for 5 years lol
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