Vehicle Warfare achievement in Battlefield 3

Vehicle Warfare

Obtain all 3 vehicle warfare ribbons

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How to unlock the Vehicle Warfare achievement

  • PrattalmightyPrattalmighty459,957
    03 Nov 2011 29 Oct 2011 03 Nov 2011
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    You must obtain the three vehicle warfare ribbons for the achievement. Listed below are the vehicle types in ech category for you.

    Air Warfare Ribbon is obtained by killing 6 enemies in a single round with any of the following vehicles:

    Jets: F/A 18 Super Hornet, A10 Thunderbolt, Sukhoi Su-35 (SU-35BM FLANKER-E), Sukhoi Su-39 (SU-25TM FROGFOOT)

    Helicopters: AH-1Z Viper, Z-11W, AH-6J Little Bird, MI - 28 Havoc.
    @ darthluigi7 has pointed out, getting kills from the door gunner of transport heli's as confirmed so far such as KA - 60 Kasatka, UH- 1Y Venom will net transport warfare ribbons and not the intended Air Warfare. I'm not sure if this was intentional or something that may need to be patched but for now Air Warfare ribbons will need to be earned as a pilot or a gunner manning nose mounted turret/secondary weaponry but not side mounted machine guns on the transport choppers.

    Transport Warfare Ribbon is obtained by killing 4 enemies in a single round with any combination of the following vehicles:

    Transport:Humvee, Vodnik, Growler ITV, VDV Buggy, RHIB Boat, AAV-7A1 / Amphibious Assault V.
    Door Gunner KA - 60 Kasatka, UH- 1Y

    Armoured Warfare Ribbon is obtained by killing 7 enemies with any combination of the following vehicles:

    LAV: LAV-25, BMP-2, 9K22 Tunguska, LAV-AD, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, BMD-3
    Tanks: M1 Abrams, T-90

    To help the longevity of your aircraft/vehicle ensure you're a engineer with the repair tool and as you rank with the vehicles the difficulty to staying alive and notching the kills will decrease as upgrades like smoke, flares and guided missiles are invaluable.

    If possible make attempts for these ribbons with squad mates or team members in vehicles that have multiple seats. Two, three or more people repairing and spotting hostiles is a lot better for your life expectancy than trying to lone wolf it.

    Air Warfare will give most people the trouble, the way I was able to obtain was finding a decent pilot so you can enter the gunner seat in a bird like the Viper. We only focused on providing air support for our squads capturing flags below in conquest, flares were a huge help and so was the stealth upgrade from the gun seat. If we were damaged he'd fly away from the action and land if nec. were we could repair. If we did go down we wait in the squad spawn menu until the chopper respawned.

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    Papa PhaserI confirm that the easiest method for getting the Air Warfare Ribbon is via a gunship from Armored Kill DLC.
    Posted by Papa Phaser on 08 Nov 12 at 09:11
    An Evil CheddarI cant do this everytime i get in the air theres always another jet or helicopter behind me before i get a chance to take off. Bloody sick of it.
    Posted by An Evil Cheddar on 01 Feb 13 at 17:20
    JungleWookieeYou may want to include something about the Air Superiority mode in the End Game DLC. Having everyone consistently in Jet makes getting 5 kills really easier, especially on high tickets servers. Also, it's now 5 kills instead of 6.
    Posted by JungleWookiee on 17 Mar 13 at 20:56
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  • MrSunchaserMrSunchaser255,293
    09 Dec 2011 09 Dec 2011 10 Dec 2011
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    for me the easiest/safest way to get the Air Warfare Ribbon is by playing conquest in Kharg Island, your team should be the one that spawn on carrier/shore, pick your chopper and go to enemy base and place your chopper behind where chopper/jets spawn and just wait for someone to enter in one of them to shoot him down. You can land your chopper behind jets if you want and AA gun can't hit you

    i must say i HATE this but it was the only way i could get it as im proppa shit on helos and jets! so i did it once and once only! now i can go and enjoy the game gunning! :)
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    MrSunchaseryeah they must have! i dont have bf3 anymore as i finished all chevos! roll on bf4 :)
    Posted by MrSunchaser on 29 Apr 13 at 08:30
    CASS190684Sorry, my bad - seems this would still work and it was just me going too wide or too far down trying to turn the stupid heli (I can't fly the damn things!). You can still land behind their choppers :) Great solution if you can get the right lobby to pull it off in.
    Posted by CASS190684 on 30 Apr 13 at 00:14
    NeverUnluckyEasy shit.
    Posted by NeverUnlucky#344 on 19 May 13 at 15:49
  • PhysicsPixelPhysicsPixel85,795
    28 Mar 2013 19 Mar 2013
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    IF you have the End Game DLC then Air supiriority is the best way, you should have no problem getting the Air warfare ribbon, if you dont have the End Game DLC then play Karg Island...not only are there vehicles on both sides of the teams...but each side has jets as well..hope this helped
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