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Obtain one of each ribbon in the game

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How to unlock the Decorated achievement

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    29 Oct 2011 25 Oct 2011 06 Apr 2012
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    There is a total of 45 ribbons:
    *UPDATE* 4/6/12 Updated with new numbers

    *UPDATE* I have updated this guide after getting the achievement and the best way to do these. if you vote negative please at least tell me why, weather a PM or comment.

    *NOTE* login/create your account @ > go to your stats > awards and there you can see all your ribbons and the ones you need*

    - Assault Rifle Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, kill 7 enemies with the assault rifle Has to be done from the Assault specific weapons. Find the one your comfortable with and go with it. Does not have to be done in one life.

    - Light Machine Gun Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, kill 7 enemies with the light machine gun. Has to be done from the support specific weapons. Find the one your comfortable with and go with it. Does not have to be done in one life.

    - Carbine Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, kill 7 enemies with Carbine rifles. Has to be done with the engineer specific weapons. These guns are super overpowered so you shouldn't have a problem with this. Find the one your comfortable with and go with it. Does not have to be done in one life.

    - Handgun Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, kill 4 enemies with a handgun. Doesn't matter which class, or which pistol. Does not have to be done in one life.

    - Sniper rifle ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, kill 7 enemies with a sniper rifle. Find the sniper you are comfortable with and get 7 kills with it. Does not have to be done in one life. HARDCORE works great for this.

    - PDW ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, kill 7 enemies with Personal Defense weapons. These include: P90, PDW-R, PP-2000, UMP-45. Kill 7 people with these guns, doesn't matter what class or which gun, and the ribbon is yours. This does not have to be done in one life.

    - Shotgun Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, kill 7 enemies with shotguns. Doesn't matter which kit and does not have to be done in one life.

    - Disable Vehicle Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, disable 4 enemy vehicles. Before you destroy a vehicle you disable it. Easy to get if shooting tanks from a tank or shooting RPGs at it.

    - AntiVehicle Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, destroy 3 Vehicles. You have to actually destroy them not just disable them. Use the C4 that you unlock in the support class.

    - Melee Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, kill 4 enemies with a knife. You have to be behind the person to get the dogtag. You can also keep your knife out by holding down your RB (first DOGTAG you get will net you this achievement:
    Battlefield 3M.I.AThe M.I.A achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 25 pointsObtain your first enemy Dog Tag

    - Surveillance Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 5 motion sensor assists. You have to do this with the MAV that you unlock in your recon class. This CAN NOW be done with the T-UGS.

    - Medical Efficiency Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 5 revives. Once you get the defibs on your assault class just run around with your squad and stay in the back and revive them. Or stay at choke points and revived down teammates. Conquest and Rush give you the most time for this.

    - MVP ribbon:
    External image

    You have to be the best player in the lobby, not just your team. Easiest to do this in Squad Rush. Just make sure you plant the bombs and kill a few people. If you don't want to do Squad Rush then just Play objectively. Run for OBJs. You will also get this achievement first time you do it:
    Battlefield 3Most Valuable PlayerThe Most Valuable Player achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 44 pointsFinish as MVP in a ranked match

    - MVP 2 ribbon:
    External image

    Same as MVP except second in the lobby. This will net you this achievement
    Battlefield 31st LoserThe 1st Loser achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 42 pointsFinish as 2nd MVP in a ranked match

    - MVP 3 ribbon:
    External image

    Same as MVP/2 except be third in the lobby. This will net you
    Battlefield 3It's better than nothing!The It's better than nothing! achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 41 pointsFinish as 3rd MVP in a ranked match

    - Suppression Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, receive 4 suppression assist. The easiest way to do this is to have someone that your playing with. I did it with the sniper as it seems to work the best. We layed in the small tunnel area on Operation Metro and he killed people with the saw and I just sniped near them.

    - Avenger Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 2 avenger kills. You have to kill someone that just killed a teammate. Has to be done fairly quickly after they kill them.

    - Savior Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 2 savior kills. Kill someone that is shooting at your teammate and is injuring them. Stay with your team. Or if you see an enemy shooting shoot at them.

    - Accuracy ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 5 headshots. Find the gun your comfortable with and go with it. Does not have to be done in one life.

    - Ace Squad ribbon:
    External image

    Be apart of the best squad. You have to do objective based things or work as a squad. This is not calculated by the most points like in previous games. I have been 2000 points ahead of the next squad and still not gotten the ribbon. Just resupply your buddies and revive them if they go down. This is also easy to get in Squad Rush.

    - Flag Defender ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 5 flag defend kills. This has to be done in conquest. You need to kill someone why laying in the area with the objective that pops up on your screen. Capture an objectives and then just lay there and protect it. Best to do it on the middle objectives as they get captured the most.

    - Flag attacker ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 4 flag captures. This has to be done in Conquest. You have to actually be the first one to the spot to start the capture and never leave. Capture assists do not count.

    - Resupply Efficiency Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 7 resupplies. (run around with the support class and throw supply kits in groups of people. Remember that if you have one out already and you throw one then your previous one disappears)

    - Maintenance Efficiency Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 7 repairs. This has to be done with the engineer class. Use your repair tool to repair tanks. Easiest done if your the driver and you have a gunner, so your still protected while repairing. Note that you always get out on the left side of the tank.

    - M-COMM Defender Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, defend 2 M-COMM stations. Has to be done in Rush. This one is tricky as you have kill someone that is PLANTING the bomb. I have found the best way to do this is to throw C4 on the M-COMM and stay near the OBJ and when you hear the beeping blow your C4.

    - M-COMM Attacker Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, blow up 2 M-COMM stations. Has to be done in Rush. Just Plant as many bombs as you can. The station HAS to be destroyed, AKA has to blow up.

    - Nemesis Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 2 nemesis kills (Kill someone 5 times in a round and your their nemesis. Proceed to kill them 2 more times)

    - Stationary Emplacement Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, Kill 2 enemies with a mounted gun. This is probably one of the hardest ribbons, unless you get luck and get a tank with 2 people in it. I got this by just sitting in conquest firing rockets at the OBJs the whole time. Make sure you sit with a medic pack near you so that if snipers see you it's harder for them to kill you.

    - Squad wipe ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 2 squad wipe bonus. You need to eliminate a squad. This doesn't have to be the same squad and it doesn't matter if it's just 1 person or all 4. It has to be the amount of people alive from that squad. Best done in SQDM or SQRush

    - Air Warfare Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round kill 5 enemies with air vehicles. If you can figure out how to fly the heli this is the easiest. If not try to spawn as the gunner. Just sit where the heli spawns and wait till someone gets in it. If your a Pro pilot on the jet you can net this too.

    - Transport Warfare ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, kill 4 enemies with a transport vehicles. These include: AAV-7A1 / Amphibious Assault Vehicle, RHIB Boat, VDV Buggy, Growler ITV, Vodnik, Humvee. Do not underestimate the armor of the APC. I have been able to kill tanks before they kill me before.

    - Armored Warfare ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, kill 7 enemies with land vehicles. While going for the Transport Warfare ribbon you can get this, but it's easiest done in a tank. Just sit near an OBJ if your not good at driving around and killing.

    - Anti-Explosive Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, destroy 3 enemy explosives. I've gotten a few of these by just shooting into buildings with a tank or heli.

    - Squad Spawn Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 7 squad spawn bonuses. If your in a squad of 4 then you'll net this one pretty easy. If you have a buddy your playing with just tell him to spawn on you. It doesn't matter if all of your mates spawn on you or 1 does it 7 times.

    - Combat Efficiency Ribbon:
    External image

    In a round, get 3 streak bonuses. You need to get 8 kills without dieing to net one of these. The more kills you get without dieing the faster these will come.

    - Rush ribbon:
    External image

    Finish a game of Rush

    - Rush winner ribbon:
    External image

    WIN a game of Rush

    - Conquest Ribbon:
    External image

    Finish a Conquest game

    - Conquest Winner Ribbon:
    External image

    WIN a Conquest game

    - Team Deathmatch Ribbon:
    External image

    Finish a Team Deathmatch game

    - Team Deathmatch Winner Ribbon:
    External image

    WIN a TDM game

    - Squad Rush Ribbon:
    External image

    Finish a SQD rush game

    - Squad Rush Winner Ribbon:
    External image

    WIN a SQD rush game

    - Squad TDM Ribbon:
    External image

    Finish a SQD TDM game

    - Squad TDM Winner Ribbon:
    External image

    WIN a SQD TDM game

    Getting this achievement you will get these in the mean time:
    Battlefield 3Support EfficiencyThe Support Efficiency achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 59 pointsObtain all 4 support efficiency ribbons

    Battlefield 3Infantry EfficiencyThe Infantry Efficiency achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 50 pointsObtain all 4 weapon efficiency ribbons

    Battlefield 3Vehicle WarfareThe Vehicle Warfare achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 66 pointsObtain all 3 vehicle warfare ribbons

    Battlefield 3Most Valuable PlayerThe Most Valuable Player achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 44 pointsFinish as MVP in a ranked match

    Battlefield 31st LoserThe 1st Loser achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 42 pointsFinish as 2nd MVP in a ranked match

    Battlefield 3It's better than nothing!The It's better than nothing! achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 41 pointsFinish as 3rd MVP in a ranked match

    Battlefield 3M.I.AThe M.I.A achievement in Battlefield 3 worth 25 pointsObtain your first enemy Dog Tag

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    iiAssassinXxiiis this achievement still possible? every time i search for squad rush, it is completely empty so cant get them two ribbons
    Posted by iiAssassinXxii on 09 Sep 17 at 14:39
    DannyK 100Renting a server is the way to go to mop up these ribbons if you've left it many years like me :)
    Posted by DannyK 100 on 18 May 20 at 23:13
    Revell FNGI need squad based game mode ribbons
    Posted by Revell FNG on 07 Jul 20 at 12:34
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  • MadMaxBtTDMadMaxBtTD90,196
    31 Oct 2011 01 Nov 2011 01 Nov 2011
    41 4 3
    Now that I have this achievement, I figured I'd throw out a couple tips and specifics for some of the ribbons that I haven't seen consolidated. This is gonna be pretty long. I really hope this helps you guys and if you have any questions, let me know!!!

    There are a total of 45 ribbons you have to get. Some of these ribbons are self-explanatory. Also, some of these ribbons are pure luck. Many of them you will just get without trying, but some of them will come together.

    Game Mode Ribbons(10) ----- Rush, Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Squad Rush & Squad Deathmatch have ribbons for playing a game and for winning a game. You can sometimes be so lucky as to join a game that is ending. I have gotten both participation and winner ribbons without ever even spawning into these games. This counts for TEN of the 45 ribbons right there!

    MVP Ribbons(3) ----- There are 3 ribbons for the top 3 scoring players. These are MVP, MVP2 & MVP3. This will just come with time and work. DO NOT try to get this off just killing. The way to get points in BF3 is to be a team player. Heal, revive, resupply & repair your teammates. Support your team and you will be rewarded with MVP ribbons.

    Ace Squad Ribbon(1) ----- Similar to the above MVP, the Ace Squad ribbon is best if you have a few friends that are in a team play mood. Support each other and don't run around getting yourself killed a lot (keeping yourself in the fight getting points instead of dead while you just watch) will get you your Ace Squad.

    Flag Ribbons(2) ----- The Flag Attacker and Flag Defender ribbons are only gained while playing conquest. To get attacker you must take 4 flags. An assist does NOT count. Due to this, you have to be the first person on your team within capture range and STAY THERE. Defender requires you to get 5 kills on enemies that are in capture range of your team's flags.

    M-Com Ribbons(2) ----- M-Com Attacker and M-Com Defender can only realistically be achieved in Rush games. Attacker cannot be gained in a Squad Rush as there are only 2 M-Coms to take out. Attacker requires you be the one to arm and destroy 3 of the enemies M-Com stations. Set it off and stay within sight of the M-Com but don't make yourself to obvious. Defend your bomb! M-Com Defender can be gained in Squad Rush if you want to try it. I found it easier to get than in a big team game. Since there are only 4 on 4, you can have an easier time getting kills without getting fragged yourself. Wait until an attacker is arming the M-Com then nail 'em. You can see that it is being armed when the outer circle of the A (or B) is filling up clockwise if you're looking at it on your HUD.

    Squad Spawn Ribbon(1) ----- Get 7 squad spawns in a game. Of course, squad up! It is very important to play as a squad to support your team. Keep yourself alive, near the action but out of the complete chaos and you are a good jumping point for your team! Short of playing with a friend in your squad, you're up to the mercy of your squad mates as to when/if you'll get this one. Don't worry, even if you're playing with strangers, you'll probably nab this one.

    Avenger Ribbon(1) ----- Get 2 avenger kills in a game. This one is just a luck of the situation type ribbon. An avenger kill is when you kill an enemy shortly after they kill one of your teammates. It's a luck type ribbon, but it isn't hard to get.

    Savior Ribbon(1) ----- Get 2 Savior kills in a game. Another situational, luck type ribbon... You get this by killing an enemy that is currently in the process of killing one of your teammates. So, if someone is shooting at one of your guys, kill him! This ribbon is another luck ribbon... Again pretty easy to get though.

    Squad Wipe Ribbon(1) ----- Get 2 squad wipe bonuses in a game. Yet another luck type... To get a squad wipe you have to kill an entire squad within a short period of time. The part about this that is luck is that you have to run across a squad that is doing a couple things: playing together (!!!), not paying attention to you/you get the jump on them. That's really all there is to it. Get good or lucky to get a squad wipe! It is possible to get a squad wipe off destroying a vehicle if the squad is all in a vehicle that you blow up.

    Nemesis Ribbon(1) ----- Get 2 nemesis kills. This one is not about luck (although it can help). It is more about skill (or camping if you want to try that). To do that you have to kill the same person 5 times without them killing you. Once you've done that, you are their nemesis. Then, kill 'em 2 more times!

    Suppression Ribbon(1) ----- Get 7 suppression assists in a game. This one was a pain in the ass for me. A suppression is when you are shooting at someone and their screen gets all blurry and fuzzy (we've all experienced that, so you should know what I'm talking about). While they are suppressed, one of your teammates has to kill them. There's a few ways to help with this one. Sniping into the midst of close quarters combat (but not hitting) is one way. Laying down fire with a light machine gun (spray with full auto and you won't hit a whole lot) is another way. Also, use vehicles that have machine guns on them. This one can just be luck. Took me a while. /shrug

    Accuracy Ribbon(1) ----- Get 5 headshots in a game. This one is self-explanatory. Pair this one with the sniper rifle and you'll nail two at once. You'll get headshots with other weapons it just isn't always as easy. If you like other weapons aside from snipes, swap to single shot and snap off a few at their head.

    Combat Efficiency Ribbon(1) ----- Get 3 streak bonuses. This is not self-explanatory... To get a streak bonus, you have to get a streak of 5 kills. You can get 15 kills in a row and get this ribbon. You can mix and match your 5 kills in any way you want as long as they are in streaks of 5.

    Anti-Explosives Ribbon(1) ----- Destroy 2 enemy explosives. Claymores, C4 & mines count as enemy explosives. I got this one from people laying mines while I was in a tank. Shoot the mines and BOOM, a ribbon. C4 is often laid near M-Coms in rush games so watch out for that. Claymores are hard to spot if they are used properly so they are hard to seek out for this ribbon.

    Disable Vehicle Ribbon(1) ----- Disable 4 enemy vehicles. This is a fairly easy ribbon. You get disable points whenever you mess up a vehicle but don't quite destroy it. A tank is a great ground vehicle for this. Hit a transport like the Hummer and you'll usually get a disable in 1 hit. If you like planes, a single missile hit on another jet is usually a disable, too. You'll get this as you work towards the Anti Vehicle.

    Anti Vehicle Ribbon(1) ----- Destroy 3 enemy vehicles. Pretty simple. Completely destroy 3 enemy vehicles. Rockets, explosives, stationary AT... Whatever you've got, use it to blow them up! They don't even have to be in it to get the points, if you disabled an enemy and they jump out... Shoot at it until it goes boom for a destruction credit.

    Air Warfare Ribbon(1) ----- Kill 6 enemies with an air vehicle. This counts as jets and helicopters. All 4 jets count. The attack helicopters (MI-28 Havoc & AH-1Z Viper) count. Transport helicopters do not count. You can kill in whatever fashion you want, just get 6 kills.

    Armored Warfare Ribbon(1) ----- Kill 7 enemies with land vehicles. For this, you must use the tanks or apcs. So you've got the T-90, M1 Abrams, LAV-25, BMP-2M.

    Transport Warfare Ribbon(1) ----- Kill 4 enemies with transport vehicles. Jump on the gun of a transport vehicle like the Vodnik or HMMWV and go to town on those infantry guys. The vehicles you can use are Vodnik, HMMWV, AMTRAC, Buggy, Growler, Boat & transport helicopters (you must be the door gunner in the helo, not using your own weapon). They'll never know what hit 'em.

    Stationary Emplacement Ribbon(1) ----- Kill 2 enemies with emplaced weapons. Get on one of the emplaced AT weapons and aim for transport vehicles is my suggestion. Often, a few people will load up in a transport to get to your base and if you nail 'em you may get even 4 kills off a single HMMV! The 2 kills don't have to come together though, so if no one is riding together, you can get 'em however you need to. Even hitting infantry counts if you can aim it good enough.

    Support Efficiency Ribbons(4) ----- There are 4 of these ribbons for supporting your team and they aren't hard to get.
    Medical requires you revive 5 teammates. Play as assault, unlock the defib and just revive 5 of your guys. You can revive any downed teammate that has a lightning bolt looking emblem on your HUD when you look at them.
    Resupply requires you get 7 resupplies. Play as support and drop those ammo boxes around your teammates especially if they are in a firefight. If you drop an ammo box, your previous box will disappear so keep that in mind.
    Maintenance requires you get 7 repairs. Play as engineer and whip out your repair tool (or EOD bot) and repair your friendly vehicles as they get hurt.
    Surveillance ribbon requires 5 motion sensor assists. Play as recon and get your MAV drone. I have not gotten a single assist with T-UGS. I don't know if it's broken or what, but unlock the MAV drone... Fly over your enemy, spot the hell out of everything and just stay close. Someone is gonna see your handy work and get you some points.

    Weapon Ribbons(7) ----- There are ribbons for pretty much every type of firearm that you can carry. These have varying requirements and multiple choices as far as what weapon can be used.

    Assault Rifle (Assault): Get 7 kills. You can use M16A3, AK-74M, M416, M26 MASS, AEK-971, M16A4, F2000, AN-94, KH2002, G3A3.

    Light Machine Gun (Support): Get 7 kills. You can use M27 IAR, RPK-74M, M249, PKP Pecheneg, M240B, M60E4.

    Carbine (Engineer): Get 7 kills. You can use M4A1, AKS-74u, Scar-H, M4, A-91, G36C, SG553.

    Sniper Rifle (Recon): Get 7 kills. You can use MK11 MOD 0, SVD, SV98, SKS, M40A5, M98B, M39 EMR.

    Shotgun (Any): Get 7 kills. You can use any class for this. You can use 870MCS, M1014, SAIGA 12k, DAO-12, USAS-12.

    PDW (Any): Get 7 Personal Defense Weapon kills. You can use any class for this. You can use PP-2000, UMP-45, PDW-R, P90, AS VAL, MP7.

    Hand Gun (Any): Get 4 kills. You can use M1911, M9, MP443, G17C, G18, .44, MP412 REX, 93R. It doesn't matter what variants you may use (suppressed, tactical, etc.).

    Melee Ribbon(1) ----- Get 4 melee kills. This one is a little tricky and requires patience. You must kill 4 enemies using your knife. You do not have to take their dog tag. It can be a slasher kill. I suggest playing a rush game as a defender. Get in behind the attackers. Take out snipers or any stragglers. Make sure you have sprint specialization on so you can catch up to runners! Just keep at it. You'll get your 4 melees.
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    HiradCtip for emplaced weapons, on rush on damavand peak when attacking jump in the centurion (anti air gun),one chopper spawns on other team so normally full to the brim and relatively easy pickings.
    Posted by HiradC on 21 Feb 12 at 21:23
    benbeerihow come on the battlelog it says 55 ribbons??
    Posted by benbeeri on 04 Dec 12 at 07:44
    MadMaxBtTDThere were 45 until they started adding additional game modes.
    Posted by MadMaxBtTD on 29 Dec 12 at 05:31
  • E5SX B01E5SX B01190,801
    09 Nov 2011 10 Nov 2011 15 Dec 2011
    19 6 0
    I'm not going to go into specifics on every ribbon like other people here have, but I will talk about solutions for ribbons I have only picked up once.

    Squad Wipe Ribbon: I would recommend searching Squad Rush or Squad Deathmatch, personally I did it on squad rush. I found that the entire squad had to be dead at one specific point rather then killing each individual member of the squad without dying. In this case, its a team effort to kill the squad and have them all dead at the same time. Use the weapon/class you are most comfortable with, sound tactics and against a squad that is fairly rubbish and sticks together. It will also help to have a squad of players on your team that are relatively good.

    Stationary Emplacement Ribbon: I got this one with a friend on the enemy team, and vice versa and to save unnecessary frustration, I would recommend going for this using this method. With good communication and another person willing to go for this it should be straightforward if both players have an understanding of the map. If you don't want to use this method however, I think the best level to go for this particular ribbon would be Conquest on Grand Bazaar (since there are rockets close to A and C), or Caspian Border (if I recall there is a stationary rocket on the hill near C and one near the gas station). However to make things less frustrating I would use the server browser, click RS to filter and look for a server with two free slots, this way you and your friend should get put on opposite teams.

    EDIT: If you are looking for stationary kills and own the DLC, I'm pretty sure Gulf of Oman would be a good level. I was sat in the stationary AA on the Russian team and noticed a lot of Jets flying overhead, it is also close to the action on the map.

    Armored Warfare Ribbon: Like all the vehicle ribbons you will mainly want to:

    A) Spawn as an engineer.
    B) Spawn linger near a tank spawn.
    C) Choose an open map or areas of that map where its easy to see the enemies such as Operation Firestorm or Noshahr Canals.
    D) Tactics and positioning for your vehicle to avoid unnecessary attention and fire.

    I personally unlocked this achievement on conquest, but I could see this being easier to unlock on rush if you are on the attacking team. There are plenty of ways for a tank to be destroyed, AT Mines, Rocket Launchers, C4, Tanks, Helicopters and Jets. Three of these six methods can be avoided with relative ease; keep your distance from a fight zone. If you are going to ride into a capture point or whatever it is very likely that someone will whip out whatever anti-tank equipment they have and use it, whereas if they see a tank in the distance the person will likely avoid attacking the tank since it doesn't pose an immediate threat. I also find when I go in to a heated battle I will have someone running over to my tank to C4 and blow it up, since the tank has a limited view and is exposed from behind, its easy to be killed this way (although you can bait yourself and use this to your advantage I guess - sexual innuendo). Jets shouldn't cause many problems, but tanks and helicopters can be a pain, I guess my best advice for these is to have an engineer kit and repair when you can or even better a friend who can do this for you. If you are having trouble with helicopters, switch to the gunner and click to third person view, amazingly you can look and more importantly shoot a bit higher up. However, I find helicopters are only problematic when you shoot at them, otherwise they do their own thing. If you are having problems with the main tank gun, change seats and use the passenger gun, one really good thing about this is the ability to zoom in and kill people. Traffic zones for kills will normally be from any points enemies have captured, just keep a safe distance to avoid enemy kill tactics unless you feel its safe to move in. I'm not sure when its unlocked but it is possible to get a machine gun as a secondary weapon for the driver which can also be useful for enemies that are running. Grand Bazaar on conquest could be a good level to go for this given how many people go for the capture point at B (in the alley) and the relative ease to get to the enemy spawn as well as how exposed the ring road around the map is where people sometimes linger.

    Air Warfare Ribbon: Personally, I found this the most frustrating ribbon to get, very stressful, but I have now found an easier way to get this. The helicopter is probably your safest bet since the Jet is horrendous. If you are having trouble with the controls I would recommend going to your options > controls and changing heli sticks to legacy, it feels like the closest controls I could get to flying a helicopter in a similar way to GTA; although not perfect. I found Noshahr Canals is the best map to get this on, with conquest game type and engineer class. Try to spawn on the team which starts on the ship out at sea, at this spawn point there should be two little bird helicopter spawns, which gives you more opportunities to get in a helicopter. Personally I prefer the minigun on the little bird to the rockets on the attack helicopter on some of the other maps such as operation firestorm. The map is really open which gives plenty of opportunities to get kills. Just wait at the deploy screen until a little bird is available and jump in one asap. I usually used the minigun rather then heatseekers, beware though as the crosshair isn't accurate, you have to aim a little higher to directly hit someone, if you see an enemy helicopter, try your luck with a heat seeker (if you have unlocked it), if not, keep steady and use the minigun. I would also recommend lingering "outside" of the fight zone. The biggest enemy for a helicopter or any air vehicle is a locked on RPG, by staying outside of the map this becomes less problematic. Try keeping the helicopter outside of the fight zone near A, just past the bridge, this way you will avoid enemy attention (since the enemies will generally not be looking high up in this direction). Its also easy to see where locked on Rockets are coming from making one more easy target to shoot at and also less chance of getting hit by a Rocket if you can see it coming your direction. Aim to try and keep the helicopter steady and be patient with kills, the last thing you want is to die and have to wait for a helicopter spawn, this can take some precious time away from getting kills. Tanks can be great targets, normally two enemies in one tank, and the tank is limited to shooting high up. If you get shot it will likely take 50% health off of the helicopter, which will slowly deteriorate. Its possible to get back to the ship, if you land it gently it should be easy to repair and away from the enemies just keep an eye out for any team members looking to pinch it. Patience and steady flight are your friends here.

    M-Com Defender Ribbon: Like the air warfare ribbon, I had a lot of trouble with this ribbon. I started by trying rush but ended up getting it in squad rush. As others have mentioned, it is best to use C4 since you need to kill the player whilst the bomb is being armed. Given the short time it takes to arm the bomb its pretty annoying to get a kill. Just to confirm, C4 is unlocked in the support class, it shouldn't take too long to unlock. I found with rush that the bomb site would just be a grenade, rocket or tank shot zone and my C4 just wouldn't last or even worse I would die from it all. This doesn't happen half as much on squad rush where there are less vehicles/rockets or whatever and more tactics used. Incredibly frustrating to go for but I'll try and give as much advice as I can. I would recommend squad rush, having less people means less chance to die, however there is always the possibility that the opposing team might not have enough opportunities to plant the bomb. Since there are only two bombs to arm in squad rush for the game to end, you have to have a judgment on when to blow the C4 up. I would work on the basis of achieving two kills per bomb site, and avoiding kills with C4 if the ticket numbers for the enemies get below 6-8 (maybe more tbh). But this is something I would let you be the judge of. I've had games where I got 3 kills with the ticket number only reaching 15 or something, if this happens you can obviously try and go the full distance on the first bomb site, but if you have two kills with about 5 tickets left, it might be an idea to let the other team plant and destroy the bomb and move on to the next bomb site where the enemy will be back to 20 tickets. In many respects you are trying to help the enemy plant the bomb, therefore don't go out to kill enemies, having one less person shooting at them will give them more opportunities to plant the bomb. Find a hidden camp zone where you will either have a nice view of the bomb or close enough to hear the bomb being armed. Plant C4 all around the bomb site, you don't want to have one C4 laid down and the enemy planting on the other side of it shielded from the explosion. Sometimes when a building has been blown bits of rubble will be laying around, these make for excellent spots to lay C4 since the rubble isn't solid and the enemy won't see it. Luckily C4 is part of the support class, if you run out of C4 use an ammo box to pick more up. It might help to have a friend as a recon class and have a T-UGS laid down to get an idea of the locations of all the enemies, although this could give your teammates an advantage to killing them. Remember you don't have to be in a location where you are pointing a gun at an enemy, I've got kills by sitting in a skip next to the objective where I can hear the bomb being armed. These are great spots and are the types of locations I would thoroughly recommend as the enemies won't even think of looking in these locations. It's also good to find a game where the opposite team are relatively strong, that way more opportunities will arise to kill them with C4 rather then having them dither about and dying unnecessarily (if this happens just quit out.) The games are fairly short normally as well, the only time you should quit is if you have no faith of getting the ribbon due to the other teams inability to plant the bomb.

    Surveillance Efficiency Ribbon: Firstly you need to unlock the MAV for the recon class, unfortunately this requires 45,000 points as a sniper. This takes quite a while as a sniper to achieve but I will help to explain how to get this if you aren't very good using a sniper. Obviously you can use one of the "all class" type weapons like the UMP or the PP-2000, both are quite weak however but you can get kills. I'm sure there are other PDW unlocked in the co-op which are more powerful, it might be worth putting time into that to unlock more powerful variants. Another method of getting easy points with a recon class is to use both the radio beacon and T-UGS, if you lay the radio beacon in a well hidden location near to where an objective is or something, your squad should use it quite a bit. The same applies for the T-UGS, lay it near to where your team is fighting against enemies and this should bring in some easy points. I would also recommend playing conquest and going for the flags, if you neutralize and capture a point that's 450 easy points bagged. Once you have unlocked the MAV it shouldn't be too difficult to get the 5 spot assists, but if you are having trouble, find a good place to hide and use it for the entire game. I would recommend Seine Crossing or another fairly "open" level to try and get this, that way you can fly that MAV quite high up away from attention. Personally I got it on Damavand Peak on Conquest, might be easier on Rush though.

    Suppression Assist Ribbon: I have seen many people complain about getting this ribbon, which is understandable. This is one of those ribbons in which you need to use all your focus to try and unlock it. It isn't too hard to achieve if you intentionally aim achieve it rather then killing enemies. Firstly it might help to understand how to get a suppression kill assist. Basically, you need to be shooting at a player whilst another person kills the player you are shooting at; as another user noted in their guide, they need to have that blurred vision on their screen. With this in mind, it is relatively easy to get if you solely aim to do this in a game. I would recommend a conquest game on operation metro, mainly because the map is narrow and usually has a huge fight going on at point B. Usually there will be a lot of gunfights on either side of the map. If you use a support machine gun the clips are larger and more appropriate for the ribbon (I personally used the M249 which has a 100 round clip). Watch your teammates, pop out when one of your players does, and just spray in the general direction of where the enemies are. If your team mate gets the kill you should get a suppression kill assist. Rinse and repeat and it shouldn't take too long to get the ribbon.

    Feel free to leave a comment for any ribbons I haven't covered that you might need help with, I will try and give the best answer I can. I hope this helps to get the achievement :).
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