Support Efficiency achievement in Battlefield 3

Support Efficiency

Obtain all 4 support efficiency ribbons

Support Efficiency0
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How to unlock the Support Efficiency achievement

  • Sly StrategistSly Strategist263,309
    26 Oct 2011 26 Oct 2011 02 Apr 2013
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    This achievement is Support Efficiency worth 30G

    For this achievement you need to obtain the 4 support effiency ribbons. This isn't too hard to do, as long as you focus on helping your teammates.

    The Medical Efficiency Ribon requires you to get 5 Revives in 1 match. This is under the assualt class. You will first have to rank up to attain the Defibrillator. The "Defib" is the first gadget you will unlock in the assualt class. Once you have the defib, look for soldiers who recently just died. They will have a lightning looking bolt above there head. This means they can be revived. Just start reviving your teammates and you will have this ribbon after 5 revives. The "Defib" requires 4,000 pionts in the Assualt Class.

    The Maintenance Efficiency Ribbon requires you to get 7 repairs in one match. This is under the engineer class. You will automatically start with the repair tool. Just repair a teammates vehicle, while they are inside it, to obtain points. If your following a tank you can keep repairing it while it takes damage and obtain the ribbon off one vehicle.

    The Resupply Efficiency Ribbon is for getting 7 Resupplies in one match. This is under the support class, and like the engineer, you will start with ammo bags. When playing as this class, just throw your ammo bags down for anyone with a mag symbol above there head and they will automatically resupply. Do this 7 times in one match to obtain this ribbon.

    The Surveillance Efficiency Ribbon is for getting 5 Motion Sensor Assists in one match. This is under the Recon class, and like the assualt, you will need to rank up to obtain the required gadget. Use the MAV which is a mini flying helicopter that uses an IRNV camera to show enemies. This is much easier since you can fly to the hot spot action and just start marking enemies for your team. Do this 5 times with the gadget and you will have your ribbon. The MAV requires 45,000 points in the Recon Class.

    NOTE - As of the Back to Karkand Update, you can get the Surveillance Ribbon with a T-Ugs. Thanks to BloodngunsMrphy.

    This achievement is fairly easy, but might take some time. If you think there is anything I have left out, let me know and I will update the solution. If your going to vote negatively, at least post why.

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    TXsportsGamer83T-UGS counts, must be running around it 2 get credit 4 assist
    Posted by TXsportsGamer83 on 08 Nov 15 at 07:00
    NonKosherSaltFYI: For the T-UGS to work here, you do not need to own or have installed the Back to Karkland DLC.
    Posted by NonKosherSalt on 17 Dec 16 at 16:17
    Shish Kaa BobbyT-UGS work awesome, just dropped one of on Rush defense at my base. Hid and just watched the assists roll in. Super easy.
    Posted by Shish Kaa Bobby on 18 Sep 17 at 13:13
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  • HyacinthHouse71HyacinthHouse71451,711
    14 Feb 2014 14 Feb 2014 14 Feb 2014
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    I was about to give up on this achievement after reading the previous solution, so maybe this will help people. Specifically, I wasn't willing to put in the time with the Recon class to get the Surveillance Efficiency ribbon at 45,000. However, if you do it this way you don't have to put in more than a couple minutes with recon class. I killed a recon class and picked up his kit. Then I ran to an area in a Team Deathmatch where there was a big firefight. I dropped the T-Ugs and within a couple minutes I got the ribbon. It seems any enemy killed within the radius of the T-Ugs counts as an assist, even if you kill them. So if you see an enemy you can just drop the T-Ugs, kill them, pick it up and repeat until you get the ribbon. Be careful not to get killed because then you will spawn without the T-Ugs.

    Also I was having a lot of trouble with the Maintenance Efficiency ribbon until I read xMidget Furyx's comment about the helicopter. This method works really well. Just put yourself as the passenger (not gunner) in the helicopter and wait until it gets attacked and goes under 75% health, then heal the helicopter (I think you get credit for a repair every time you pass 25%, 50%, 75%.)
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