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How to unlock the Colonel achievement

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    12 Nov 2011 12 Nov 2011 27 Nov 2011
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    So, I just reached level 45 yesterday. Playing the game around 9-12 hours a day, daily since the game came out. I only work part time which is what allowed me to play the game so much. That being said, here is my rough guide on how to level up, without boosting, or cheating, and being an excellent player in the meantime.

    Know Your Role!

    Find a class you enjoy. If you like running and gunning and don't like playing too objectively, let me recommend the support class. This class is perfect for people like you. You are not limited to just light machine guns either, you can also use shotguns and SMG's, if you prefer. The reason this class is great for run and gun type players, is that there is not so much focus on "team playing". Not to say you SHOULDN'T be a team player, but it will help ease you into the world of realistic warfare. As the support class, you have access to an array of excellent tools that will help you and your team without having to worry about others too much. These are; the Amo pack, C4, Claymore, Mortar Strike and a variety of high capacity machineguns. To earn points with this class, make sure to drop amo packs around clusters of team mates, C4 unsuspecting tanks, and lay claymores around entrances to objectives. The support class is a highly versitile class suitable for all players. Skilled players and noobs alike should be able to use this class effectively.

    MEDIC! MEDIC! Are you a real slayer and objective master? The assault class is for you! The workhorse of the Battlefield army, Assault soldiers are both slayers, and medics. Using this class effectively is very easy and you'll be ranking up in no time. The best way to use this class is to stick with team mates, when they get injured, drop medic packs down to heal them, and when they die, get out your shock pads to revive them. Reviving a team mate will refund your team a ticket, so reviving is extremely important in conquest, and while playing as the attackers in Rush. If you don't want to focus on healing people, the assault class also has access to under-barrels. These range from grenade launchers to shotguns. An extremely useful tactic to use as assault is to equip the smoke grenade launcher. This little baby is incredible. Not only can it cover your team mates as you make your way to objectives, but it can also blind enemy tanks, and cover your ass as you make an escape from a hot area. This however, will not net you any experience points, but remember, if you win a game, you get a winners bonus! WINNING!!!

    OH GOD!!! TANK!!! TANK!!! Are you constantly getting blown the f* up by tanks, IFV's and the like? Have no fear, the engineer is here. This class is a great ranking up class, and the worst enemy of vehicles. As an engineer the best way to rank up, is to destroy tanks with your RPG's, and repair friendly vehicles with your repair tool. You can also use the EOD bot to prevent m-com stations blowing up without being near them. Just leave your little robot in a dark corner, and after they plant the bomb, send in the little thing to defuse it. Points galore, and you'll live to tell the tale! Another great tactic to use as the engineer class is to lay anti tank mines on highly traversed roads. Remember, even if you die, the mines don't. So sometimes, even after a good 5 or 10 minutes, you will get a random kill, and the enemy team is a vehicle down. Don't underestimate the fear you put into enemy vehicle users while playing as engineer. Also, here's a pro tactic you can use. When an enemy tank is bothering your team, sneak up behind it, and ruin it by messing it up with your repair tool, just remember to crouch or lay prone so the driver can't see you. When the pilot gets paranoid and confused as to why his tank is dying, quickly get in, and make an escape, then when you are safe, repair the tank, and BANG. Your team now has an extra tank, and the enemy team has one less. The tank is easy to use, and easy to get kills with, so make good use of them.

    BOOM! HEADSHOT! So, you're a sniper. A wookie eh? You may be thinking, how on earth can I even remotely contribute to the team while playing recon? But that's the thing, It's now SUPER EASY to get loads of points while playing as recon, the key is in the equipment. Stick your motion sensor near an objective, make good use of the MAV (the flying motion sensor) by hovering around large clusters of enemies and spotting them at the same time (absolute point fest on TDM - and your team WILL win every time). Using the MAV on TDM is where its at for the recon class. I can not stress how ridiculous it is. You will be level 45 in no time. In one round of TDM you can honestly probably net around 20 surveillance ribbons, and bare in mind you get a medal for it every 50 ribbons, worth a whopping 10,000 points! Use the MAV and nothing else in TDM for 4-5 rounds, and you'll be up a good few levels in no time. It's also leading your team to victory guaranteed.

    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
    Find a weapon you love, and stick to it. You will recieve a service star for every 100 kills you make with the weapon (worth 2000 points!), and eventually get a dog tag for doing so!

    Ribbons and Medals
    An easy way to get points is to get ribbons and medals. Check your battlelog online to see which ribbons you need, and then go for them. Most of these are related to getting either a certain amount of kills with specific weapons, or capturing or destroying objectives. Medals come usually after you've received a ribbon 30-50 times. Easy ribbons to get are one's like flag attacker, which require you to capture a certain amount of flags in a game. Playing conquest should net you vast amounts of points.

    Squad up
    Try to stay in a squad at all times. The game is better when you play with people you know. Staying in a squad means you can spawn on squad members, get squad bonuses and occasionally get the "ACE SQUAD" ribbon. There's no reason NOT to be in a squad, unless you hate human beings, in which case, I can not help you.

    Do not do it, you will regret it. Boosting is not an easy way to level up, It's an easy way get banned. Dice have boosting tracking algorithms which search for suspicious behavior. So sitting in a corner of a map reviving and killing the same person over and over will get picked up somehow. Not to mention, many people HATE boosters, and if you get caught by someone in the game while boosting, you can except him or her to report you. It's not worth it. I once boosted in Battlefield 2 and the server admin banned me for life, so please understand, boosting will only result in a negative outcome. The last thing you want after reaching level 44 is for your stats to be reset.

    That being said, some closing thoughts. Getting points is not hard on Battlefield, It's how long it takes you to get there. Try not to be in a rush, just enjoy the game, and remember the tactics I've mentioned. Good modes for getting lots of points is TDM (fast paced, lots of kills, lots of ribbons), and Conquest (lots of vehicles, lots of ribbons to be gained, lots of team playing bonuses to be made).

    I hope this little guide helped you, and remember to have fun! Getting achievements should be fun, not a chore!

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    KiRRAYNE9-12 hours a day? What the fuck?
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 22 Sep 17 at 12:35
    netstrykerWith friends helping is very fast. Yesterday my friend was on level 15 when our boost session begun and after 3 hours boosting with more five friends he jumped for level 38. Great solution!
    Posted by netstryker on 10 Jan 18 at 18:31
    iDuLHypothetically, if you have a Turbo controller and a steady internet connection, you can earn this achievement without playing at all. However, my mentioned method would probably take a little over 5-6 months.
    Posted by iDuL on 03 Nov 20 at 10:21
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  • WaddabooWaddaboo222,380
    26 Jan 2012 03 Dec 2011 15 Oct 2014
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    To reach rank 45, you need a score of 1,600,000. Here is a list to help you gauge how long it will take you, depending on your Score Per Minute (SPM). For each 100 SPM, I have given a time for how long it would take to reach a score of 1,600,000 with that SPM. All values are rounded up to the nearest minute.

    100 SPM is 266h 40m
    200 SPM is 133h 20m
    300 SPM is 88h 54m
    400 SPM is 66h 40m
    500 SPM is 53h 20m
    600 SPM is 44h 27m
    700 SPM is 38h 6m
    800 SPM is 33h 20m
    900 SPM is 29h 38m
    1000 SPM is 26h 40m

    Negative voters, please provide feedback so I can improve this solution. If any mistakes were made, please notify me.
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    Waddaboo@Choices of Life I have changed the solution accordingly. Thank you for the feedback to improve my solution.
    Posted by Waddaboo on 15 Oct 14 at 10:33
    Choices of LifeNo, Thank YOU for the accurate solution and for the improvement. smile
    Posted by Choices of Life on 20 Oct 14 at 14:09
    King GBFTbh, that's just a list of how long it may take to reach lvl 45, I do not consider it a solution.
    Posted by King GBF on 17 Sep 15 at 22:25
  • Shin GatsuraiShin Gatsurai1,133,393
    30 Mar 2014 31 Mar 2014 31 Mar 2014
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    Ok so the fastest way I know of getting this with pure boosting and not doing this legit against randoms goes like this:

    Note: You may as well get the all ribbons achievement and other misc/dlc achievements out of the way first as you should get at least 20 levels from doing all of that.

    At the bare minimum you ideally want at least 5 players

    Someone rents a server with the following settings: (This is only for server admins)

    Minimum amount of players required to start - 4
    Max players - 8 (unless you have more than this number of ppl but that is unlikely)
    Map - operation firestorm
    Mode - Conquest
    Ticket counter - 70% of normal (100%)
    Rounds - 2

    In the map rotation section you're going to want to pick the same map about 2 or 3 times

    You may need to force a server restart as well so make sure the server is empty, you could also put a password on the server but I found randoms still got in anyway so just kick them out when needed.
    (End server admin notes)

    The explanation given here will be based upon having 5 ppl so adjust it as needed:

    You want everyone to be assault with shock paddles unlocked and ready to equip.

    You will be going for Transport warfare medals, each one gives you 10k exp, to get this you need 40 kills using a transport vehicle, we will be using a transport helicopter for this role (not the attack chopper in each base).

    4 kills using the side mounted gun on one of these is a ribbon, 10 ribbons gets you the medal.
    you will also get medals for nemesis, combat efficiency, medic medal, possibly sniper (headshots with helo gun) and possibly a couple of others I forget (each one being worth 10k exp).

    The killer will be on a team with one other, the other side will take the majority of players.

    Have one team bring a transport chopper to near point C on the map, there is a road; set it down there.

    Have the 1st person going; sit on the gun (B to get in/out of vehicles. A to swap seats) and shoot 2 of the other team which should be nearby and standing, the medic for that group will be crouched so as to avoid incoming fire and save confusion as to who the gunner does NOT shoot.

    Once everyone except the medic is down, he revives them all, the gunner does not shoot until he sees the revived start to stand up as when a revived player hits A they will trigger a standing animation; if you kill them before this they will be forced to respawn which slows things down.

    After awhile the medic will stop getting points for revives so just swap who is the medic. Once the killer has 40 kills you will swap who is doing kills. You will not see the medal straight away as all the ribbons you have been getting have created a backlog queue. (Note - You may get it pop up early if you have already made progress towards this medal).

    The second player on the killing team should of been sitting in the helicopter pilot seat to get 70exp every time the gunner gets a kill, this is the easiest role (free xp, yeah!). Make sure to keep active every 20 kills or 3 minutes as you will get kicked for inactivity of 5 minutes (I would jump out of pilot seat, move and shoot then get back in).

    Make sure not to capture any locations until you're ready to stop or get a fresh round.

    The server admins can press start then go to manage server to kick randoms or shuffle the teams around to always have 2 on the killer's side to speed things up.

    Keep repeating the cycle of 2 in helo' (1 gunner, 1 pilot not moving vehicle) and the rest on other team dying; bar 1 reviving.

    If you are awful at flying and just wanna get to site C then grab a jet and fly near it then hit B followed by A to parachute, it doesn't matter which team's transport vehicle is brought over as they have the same gun effectively and can be used by both sides.

    Try to end the match in a victory/loss result as I am not sure if medals will stick if you quit early; the value of these will not appear during the game on the scoreboard but you will see them after the match.

    If you have any suggestions on how to improve this then mention them in the comments but this won't take long at all compared to legit play.
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    Assassin CorvoGreat solution Shin-got my group to switch to this method & it's very efficient.After maybe 15-20 kills/revives they stop counting,only getting 10 points for headshots,so we just let the guys die properly & spawn in again on the medic & then continue kill/revive as before. +1smile
    Posted by Assassin Corvo on 04 Jun 15 at 20:57
    Shin GatsuraiAye, surprised this method wasn't highlighted sooner.
    Posted by Shin Gatsurai on 04 Jun 15 at 22:48
    Angels Kill TooHere's how to make a 4 player custom server that you bought

    go to server setup

    manage map rotations
    press x to add new map rotation then you can change ALL the settings then you apply settings
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 08 Feb 18 at 11:52
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