All that Glitters achievement in Bejeweled 3

All that Glitters

Complete all common Bejeweled 3 Badges to gold level or higher.

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How to unlock the All that Glitters achievement

  • PeaceSquidPeaceSquid494,526
    24 Oct 2011 25 Oct 2011
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    This achievement is for getting at least gold level in the first 12 badges. The four elite badges at the bottom of the badges page are not required for this achievement.


    INFERNO- Clear 1000 Flame Gems
    STELLAR - Clear 400 Star Gems
    CHROMATIC - Clear 400 Hypercubes

    You'll gain progress towards these three badges as you complete the game's other achievements. After doing everything else in the game I still had star gems and hypercubes to get. I found Diamond Mine was a great mode to get them on as it practically gives them to you.

    A flame gem is created when you make a row of 4.
    A star cube is created when you make an L or T shape using 5 gems.
    A hypercube is created when you make a row of 5.


    BLASTER - Destroy 50 Gems in a single move

    This will most likely happen by accident for you. If you want to try and force it, look to make two hypercubes and smash them together. A few star or flame gems should do the trick also.


    BEJEWELER - Finish a Classic Game with a score over 300,000

    A very easy badge. Just concentrate on making matches and looking for special gem possibilities. Work low on the board where possible. This mode only ends when you run out of matches.


    FINAL FRENZY - Score over 40,000 Points During a Last Hurrah in Lightning Mode

    Another easy one. Not sure you can really force it but you wont need to anyway.


    HIGH VOLTAGE - Score over 500,000 Points in Lightning Mode

    Just go as fast as possible while making as many special cubes as possible as they score higher, do more damage and create time bonuses.


    ANTE UP - Score 500,000 Points in Poker

    A little tricky but you just have to try to go for big hands where possible. If you are trying to make flushes bear in mind that making a hypercube with a row of five creates a 'joker' type gem for you which can be any colour. That's a really handy tool for working towards flushes.


    THE GAMBLER - Get 30 Flushes in Poker

    See above. This was my final mode-based badge and I was basically just starting matches, seeing if a flush was likely and if it wasn't I pressed 'back' to restart. You can restart during a match also and keep your badge progress. Annoyingly each badge colour (bronze, silver, gold) restarts the count from zero so you'll need 60 in all for this.


    GLACIAL EXPLORER - Score 500,000 Points in Ice Storm

    Stop the rising columns of ice by getting vertical matches. This mode has the most pressure on it so you won't have time to get clever with special gems. However, you should definitely aim to take out columns first if the chance is there. After a few matches your multiplier goes up. There's an achievement for getting it to 5x but be warned, the game gets a lot tougher at 4x level.


    ICE BREAKER - Get a x12 Column Combo in Ice Storm

    The bitch of the bunch. To get a column combo you have to destroy an ice column (any height) with vertical matches. Getting a vertical match on a non-icey column doesn't count. The only linking factor here is time so you can still get horizontal matches to set up vertical ones but be quick, this is pretty unforgiving.

    A good tip is to go for this from the very start. The board has eight columns but in terms of ice it only has four (as each one is two columns wide). Start up a match and instantly look for all the possible vertical matches on the board. If you are lucky there will be one in each potential ice column. Now let the ice build up in a few columns and start picking them off. This will get you a nice 4x combo headstart but you've still got to find another 8. So pick off those verticals making sure they are in ice columns. Hypercubes can work for or against you. I got one at around 7x and it pushed me over 12x.


    DIAMOND MINER - Score 500,000 Points in Diamond Mine

    *see below*


    RELIC HUNTER - Collect 12 Artifacts in Diamond Mine

    This is the harder of the two Diamond Mine badges. The key is to break rocks at the bottom of the screen so focus on making matches next to the rocks. The placement of relics is pretty random and you can't miss them so just focus on getting low (there is an achievement for getting to a depth of 200). Star gems can be incredibly helpful if near the bottom. If you get a hypercube, look at the gems near the rock. The most common colour is the one you want to crash your hypercube into. This is pretty frustrating but stick with it as you'll be earning stars/hypers for those first badges.


    BUTTERFLY MONARCH - Score 500,000 Points in Butterflies

    Pick off those butterflies as soon as possible. There's no timer so look for hypercube and star gem possibilities as these can really help you out. If there's no direct butterfly matches on, look for verticals below them as these buy you a bit more time. There is an achievement for getting 100 butterflies in one round so aim for that too.


    BUTTERFLY BONANZA - Collect 8 Butterflies in 1 Move

    A different strategy to the above. Start picking them off at the beginning and save up any hypercubes you can find (be warned though, these will be triggered if a butterflies moves into one as it climbs). The longer you survive, the more butterflies you'll get joining the board. When there are lots of them, do something spectacular. There's a bit of a luck to this achievement I guess.

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    DJ StottyFor the icebreaker you can not let the ice build up, after a second or 2 the combo resets so wait too long and you have to start over
    Posted by DJ Stotty on 11 Jan at 22:23
    DJ StottyThe icebreaker x12 combo is purely luck based, i can not find the matches fast enough and the combo resets after x6, most of the time with not even a vertical to start off with. The guide for this does not work for me, so I am just going to play as normal and not focus on it and try and get it by luck
    Posted by DJ Stotty on 11 Jan at 22:44
    DJ StottyFinally got it, rather than trying to rush it, I took my time and did a vertical every 1-2 seconds, and within them 2 seconds I was locating the next one, and then waiting a second with the next vertical highlighted while searching for the next one, and easily got x13 straight from the start.
    Posted by DJ Stotty on 11 Jan at 23:27
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  • joe jirachi fanjoe jirachi fan123,945
    25 Oct 2011 24 Oct 2011 10 Nov 2011
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    Simply put, you have to get all the in-game badges to either Gold or Platinum rank. You do not need the 'Elite' badges for this achievement.

    Points Based Badges:

    -Bejewler badge: This one shouldn't cause too much trouble. Keep up a combo and gather special gems to make a 'spectacular' move to get more points. If you can survive until round 10, you should be able to get this one easily.

    -High Voltage badge: This one is the easiest badge to get if you're used to playing Bejewelled Blitz. All you need for this one is speed. Make lots of combos really fast and get as many of the time bonus gems as possible (although, when going for score, I wouldn't recommend focusing on them too much). Us the LB button for a hint if you don't see a move immediately, there is no penalty for it.

    -Ante Up badge: Get as many Full Houses and 4 Of A Kinds as you can to get this badge to gold. As long as you try to avoid getting a pair too often, you can make a Poker game last for quite a long time, giving you plenty to get to 500,000 points.

    -Glacial Explorer badge: For Ice Storm, I recommend using the same strategy as for Lightning. Make lots of combos really fast. I got a platinum in this without paying attention to the ice in the background, I find that trying to stop certain ice columns became distracting and I wasn't getting very high scores or combos.The Star and Flame gems are your best friends in this game mode as they knock down more than row.

    -Diamond, Mine badge: The main aim with Diamond Mine is to make all your matches at the bottom. Star gems clear a lot here, but fire gems are also really useful. If you can make it down to about 200 (on the number on the drills to the side) you should be able to get this with no trouble.

    -Butterfly Monarch badge: Butterfly mode has no timer, so you can plan your moves. Apart from trying to get a butterfly with every move, but also using special gems to clear butterflies, I can't think of much strategy to this one. See what butterflies are where, and make each move count for something.

    Mode-Specific Badges:

    -Final Frenzy badge: This one is easier than is sounds. Play like normal, but keep getting 4/5 of a kinds, and then not matching the super gems they leave behind. Having about 7 super gems blowing up in the final frenzy (assuming they are not all fire gems) should be enough to get gold for this badge.

    -Ice Breaker badge: Speed. Just be really really fast and have some Star/hypercube gems at the ready. you keep comboing these, and you'll get it in no time.

    -Relic Hunter badge: Much harder to get Gold in this than it is to get Platinum in the points on for this game mode. If you're lucky, you can get this down to 180. If not, you will be digging to nearly 300 before you find 12 relics needed for the gold badge.No real strategy except for survive as long as you can.

    -Butterfly Bonanza badge: If you can make a supernova gem, this is easy. Or, 2 hypercubes. A single hypercube would be fine in a combo. A fire gem can get rid of up to 7 butterflies in one explosion. Make a small chain of a couple of super-gems and this one should be yours. Obviously wait till later in the game to activate it, when there are more butterflies to catch.

    -The Gambler: Now this one is a pain in the *ss. I'll attach a video to the bottom of this showing you a neat technique to get them faster, but it's still a really slow method, there is no really fast method :/ In the video, he's on the PC version, so there is a reset button. For us Xbox users, we just press the 'Back' button to restart a round (Thanx to demonWhistler for letting me know you can press the 'Back' button to restart a round). It keeps all Flushes recorded even if you quit out and start a new round. (I've been trying the method in the video with quitting out instead of restarting, and it's doesn't work all the time. So, a few pointers: Hypercubes. Any hypercube you make gives the card a '?', meaning it can be any colour. you then also have a hypercube which can get you any colour combo with something it touches. Make 3 of the same colour combo, a hypercube and then link that hypercube with another of the same colour as the previous 3 for an easy Flush. Of course, 5ofakinds don't come around that often :/ )
    One important note for this: You must finish a round to get a badge. So, when you get 10 Flushes for the Bronze, finish a round. When you get 20 for Silver, finish a round etc. You can check how close you are on the badges section. if you go over, it will say '21/20' for example. Go finish a round and all the excess flushes you got will add to the next amount you need.

    Gem-Clearing Badges:

    -Blaster badge: There are several ways of going about this. The easiest is to make a Supernova gem. But, a supernova gem itself is not enough, you would have to make some Star gems or fire gems that would also chain react with the supernova gem when you set it off. The other way you could do this is with Hypercubes. if you have a hypercube touching another hypercube, you can react one to the other to clear the whole board. The only time I've done this is in Diamond Mine, so I don't know if this will get you the badge or not, but it's worth a try (it will get you an Elite badge as well).

    Inferno/Stellar/Chromatic badges: Getting a lot of super-gems will take a while. If you have all the other badges, I recommend trying this on Lightning mode. While you may not make as many super-gems as you would in say classic mode, all the super-gems left at the end will explode and count towards your badge. Going by 'super-gems destroyed per minute', Lightning mode is definitely your best bet. Other people seem to think Diamond Mine is also a good bet for the Hypercubes and Star gems. It is true you get more hypercubes in Diamond Mine, so if that is the last one that needs Gold, I'd recommend going there also.
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    Nerf TurboFor the poker flush badge "The Gambler" you need to finish a round in which you obtained a flush and you will unlock the badge, if you are stuck at 11/10 or something like that. It does not specify that it must be in a round you obtain a flush. I kept finishing a round without a flush and that's why the bronze badge was not unlocking. Thanks for the guide, though. Good work.
    Posted by Nerf Turbo on 28 Feb 13 at 14:23
    LaughinGuoFor 12 Colomn combos. u just need video recorder on ur phone. start recording then start play as normal. when u getting x3 pause the game then stop recording to check what’s next step then repeat. I use this method got 15 combos after stuck 5 hours
    Posted by LaughinGuo on 28 Dec 19 at 02:52
    neeker75I have finished Classic with over 600K twice and it didn't give me the gold medal.
    Posted by neeker75 on 27 Dec 20 at 14:39
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