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Scales Owned

Beat 50,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Scale Runner

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How to unlock the Scales Owned achievement

  • Devil May AsianDevil May Asian194,146
    23 Oct 2011 23 Oct 2011 23 Oct 2011
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    You're NOT expected to get 50 million points in a single scale run. My highest single scale run is a 7.2 million Major scale run, which was damn near flawless as I could get it. There are 11 scales to play. Each scale pattern can be played and will have it's own dedicated high score. Between these 11 scales, you're gonna have to pool your high scores together to attain this 50 million mark.

    I have several pointers for those who are having trouble with this beast. First off, the first several notes will be a full scale run for whichever scale you want to play. In the "Select A Scale" menu, you will find a scale pattern on the bottom left corner of your screen. That is what you're gonna start off playing. It will ascend from the bottom (thick) strings all the way to the top (thin) strings and will descend from top to bottom. i.e., if you choose to play the A Major scale, it was ALWAYS start with the following scale:

    A b c# D E f# g# A b A g# f# E D c# b A

    I only mention this so that you can quickly blow through these first several notes to help get your speed bonus going. After the descend is over, it's all random.

    Well, I take that back...when you hit a note, the next note will only be a neighboring note. In the A Major example, the A will always lead up to a b or g#, the b leading to a c# or A, and so on and so forth. Keep this in mind so that you can limit your options when running a scale.

    When you select your scale, you will have your options of keys to play in. Since playing in different keys won't add to your score pool, I recommend sticking to the A major scale. Not all guitars are created equal and some guitars have terrible intonation. Guitarists will tell you the higher up the neck, the worst the intonation can get. This is especially true with the thick strings at high fret levels. The 5-8 fret range will allow for a viable medium of intonation and fret spacing. Since the game depends on the tone/tuning to register what you're playing, it's kinda important to keep that in mind. If your guitar has bad intonation that the 5-8 fret range throws the game off, you can switch the key to F#/Gb...or get another guitar. If you have a guitar with incredible intonation and want smaller frets to play with, go higher but ONLY if the guitar has good intonation.

    When the scales start coming down at a quick pace, I don't really pay attention to what note I need to play next, as I'm more focused on the scale pattern itself. My eyes are focused at the END of the tunnel, instead of what's being brought to the front of the screen. I reason this because this is all just a game of patterns. If I can anticipate what's coming in the back end, then I can prepare of it. I don't know if that makes any sense, but if gets too crazy when the speed is getting too much, put your focus in the area of the screen where the numbers start to appear. It worked wonders for me, except for the Minor Pentatonic pattern. It's difficult as sin to read the bottom 4 strings at a fast pace.

    Hope this helps. Any questions? Ask away. I'll see if I can help!

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    TONISM987and when i leave the game and come back, the high score resets to 0? so does that mean i have to go for all high scores for the achievement in one setting?
    Posted by TONISM987 on 28 Feb 14 at 02:20
    VV3APONIn response to SNOBORDER - Im trying this achievement right now using emulated bass (I had the same theory and got the Bass DLC on my way home from work today in a panic) and I can definetly say that this achievement will be much MUCH easier using emulated bass than using a guitar, my crappy scores have almost doubled in the last ten minutes. I might not get this one today but i'll have more time tomorrow to work on this cheevo and I'm sure it will pop much sooner than it would have before. Good luck SNOBORDER, great minds think alike!
    Posted by VV3APON on 11 Jul 14 at 20:11
    Yeah, this guide needs to make it absolutely clear that if you back out of the game menu, your stats will reset. I just got 32million with 4 scales left to try out and I backed out for a break, game back and it had reset. I'd put that at the very top of the guide in capitals!
    Posted on 25 Jul 15 at 11:04
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  • Carlos AgainCarlos Again151,543
    19 Oct 2011 23 Oct 2011 23 Oct 2011
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    -Try to keep your hand in one position.

    -The notes you have to play are always neighboring to each other; You don't have to worry about string skipping.

    -It is always better to play slow and accurate, than to play fast and sloppy.

    -The more notes you play in a row, the more score you get from them. This is vital to getting a really good score.

    -You can play the notes as fast as they show up on the screen.

    -...Try not to blink.
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