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Posted on 08 July 13 at 18:11, Edited on 17 July 13 at 17:10
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After completing this game last night, I thought I would write a complete walkthrough for the final show since there is so little information on the web. On some blueprints, I tried TONS of techniques and these are the ones I found to work the best for me...they may or may not work "best" for you. Once you get to show #4 on Hard, you will have a good grasp of the game and may not want to use my techniques. If you are having trouble, there are a few techniques I am certain you should do like: How's It Hanging, Bucket Head, High Strung, and Egg Roll.

If you do not get the required amount, press start on your controller. Then, use your hand to select "Back" in the bottom left (it will look like a red door). Then on the next screen select "OK" in the bottom right. This will send you back to the main menu, then select to go back into your show and it will start you back from the beginning of that blueprint. This is a big help and gives you infinite lives for the shows.

You can do this even from the stats screen after you failed...so long as you don't move on from the stats screen! If you click OK on the bottom right of the stats screen, your life will be gone. Just press start quickly after you fail, or if you are about it and restart.

The game does require a good amount of intense cardio so please keep that in mind before you play.


1. Nervous Nelly. Goal = 500 (I scored 585)
A bit of luck is involved with this as the 4 spots are randomized. The best is if you get both arms and both legs at once. I got all 4 limbs twice in my 60 seconds; a big help. Limbs that are red will give a "-1" for each time you move it. So keep it still if not green.

• For my arms, I found it best to move much like the Chicken Dance, but don't tuck your elbows into your sides, flair them out...much like Arnold will show you here wink
External image

However, your arms do not need to be that high and have your palms facing the ground. Then do a wave-like movement that goes from your flaired-out elbow to your hands or spin circle with your hands,
• For my legs, I would just do a quick, small circles.
• For all 4, just go nuts and wobble back and forth between spinning your feet while "chicken-dancing" wave movements with your arms....got it? Good. lol

2. Broomski Ball. Goal = 32 (I scored 34)
• There are 5 points per round (+1, +1, +3)
• 6 rounds will give you 30 points (so long as you don't hit a negative -1 bucket).
• Once you hit the 7th round, GO STRAIGHT FOR THE "+3" bucket to give you "33" points. There is no point in going for the two "+1" buckets because it will require 2 throws compared to the one throw with the "+3" bucket. I did the "+3" first, then had time to get another so I just threw for the "+1" to get "34" total. If you get the "33" I would recommend stopping because if you get a negative you may drop below "32" and lose.

• Always stick your hand out to grab another ball right after throwing the last one for speed.
• I got this on my first try, but I believe the buckets are the same each round. So, memorize them so you can be ready for the next round when they change.
• If the bucket is on the far left, I found the sensor had a hard time reading my right hand when throwing across my body. When I would pull my right hand back for one that was on the left, it would mess up. Use left hand for left buckets, and right hand for right buckets.
• On the ones that are in the far corners, over accentuate the angle when you are lining up your throw. It will seem like you are going to roll it to nothing on the left or right, but you wont.
• Once you lock in the angle, roll softly. A hard roll is not needed.

3. How's It Hanging. Goal = 8 (I've scored 9 using this technique)
• LESS IS MORE! I figured out a really neat way to get this so I'll do my best to describe it.
• When "sprinting" to each orange, do not run in place. Just raise one knee up at a time, quickly. You will always have one foot on the ground. Do not raise the other foot until you plant the previous foot that was raised.
For hitting the banana...keep one foot stationary and simply step forward with the other. Only step forward about 1 foot...not much. Make sure you plant the foot RIGHT WHEN the swinging banana hits the orange. If you time it right, the orange will go far.
• When arriving to a new orange, already have that one foot forward and planted, OR step into the orange quickly after your player locks into the new orange. This hits the orange sooner than trying to swing after you arrive.
• Timing is key. Be sure to plant your foot forward RIGHT as you see the banana swinging to hit the orange...that is key and gets the orange in the circle in 2 or 3 hits.

I did this advertisement and found no changes to the next blueprint (THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH ALL ADVERTISEMENTS - SEE AD #3 BELOW)

4. Bucket Head. Goal = 30 (I've scored 80 using this technique)
• This, to me, is probably the easiest to get on hard.
• ALWAYS reach for the next ball RIGHT AFTER you throw the last...you should have at least 2 balls bouncing off the wall/in the air at all times.
• I simply held my hand out to the side to pick the ball up and rolled my hand over. For instance, I had my arm out to my side and my palm facing the kinect to pick up the ball. Then, I would NOT throw, I would simply turn my hand so my palm was facing the ground. Simple movement. Palm at kinect, plam to gound...rinse/repeat. If you get this technique down, you should be getting double the amount needed.
• Do this fast. You should be throwing 1 every second, at least...I go faster than that.

5. Punch Your Lights Out. Goal = 22 (I scored 25)
• Same as Broomski Ball...if lights are on the left, use your left hand; lights on the right, use your right hand. When trying to throw at a light on the far left with my right hand it was much harder to lock in on the throws across my body.
• The lights come up in sets of 5, 6, and 7. The points don't count until you get the entire set completed.
• Not terribly hard, I even hit the same light twice on this run and had time to recover.

• I finished with 3 seconds remaining and of the 4 items I needed to pick up I got:
- 4/2, 3/2, 3/2, and 2/2 (so extras on all but 1)
• I got an extra 10 seconds added to my next blueprint.
• I believe the extra items is what gives you added time to the next blueprint...not the speed/time remaining in which you finish.
• If you are not picking up the items, restart the race using the saving lives method at the top of the solution.

6. Sticky Balls. Goal = 28 (I scored 37)
Added time will carry over to THIS blueprint. Blocks that show up on the board are RANDOM. The further away they are, the easier. If they are close, you can try, but I would restart and try to get them in the back.

• The green line counts as +3. Just getting them on the tape counts as +1.
• I would roll as many as I could. Stick your hand out to pick up the next marble RIGHT after you roll the last (seeing a theme with that yet?) Grab and roll constantly.
• I would roll at a decent, medium speed, not too hard, not really soft. By now, you will know the speed to roll.
• If you see a stack of marbles, knock them down to get more on the board that you can stick to the tape at the end.
• If marbles start to cluster up in one section of the tape, that's okay if they are in front of the green line. If you keep pushing more and more into the cluster, that will force more onto the green tape which gives you +3 each time.

7. High Strung. Goal = 4 (I've scored 5 using this technique)
• This one was really funny with reaction to your "running." HIGH STEP. DO NOT RUN IN PLACE. High Strung, especially, reacts better to raising one foot up and planting it before you raise the other. One foot on the ground always. Just like I mentioned in "How's It Hanging."
• When I ran in place, my character BARELY moved...LESS IS MORE.

• Same as last advertisement...I played this one and didn't see any changes to the next blueprint.

8. Egg Roll. Goal = 9 (I scored 9...that is the absolute MAX!)
NOTE: This is the blueprint that keeps people from beating this game. It is very tough and requires a lot of cardio. This took me a little over 7 hours to get. I played in 2 hour sessions and was dripping with sweat each time. For what it's worth...I've been bodybuilding for many years and this made my shoulders very sore after waving them around so much while trying to get the eggs in the square.

• I have a cream colored living room with wood floors and a white area rug that I was on.
• I wore no shirt, black shorts, and had black socks on my feet.....and hands smile
• The black socks on my hands helped the kinect read them better in the white room, and it made my hands more of a large mass. Strange, but it helped. Perhaps use white socks if you are in a darker room, instead.
• It was around 6 PM (Eastern) so the lighting outside was average.
• I had a lamp just to the side of the TV with the lamp shade OFF. (warning: do not have it too close to the Kinect or it will wash out everything and the Kinect won't read you well). Basically, have a light shining on you as a spotlight.

I tried EVERYTHING under the sun with this one to find the "trick" to getting it. I tried turning to the side and doing an alternate karate chop with my hands, tired really high to really low arm movements, short bursts...everything. The one I ended up going with was the one I found to be the best and, fortunately, least stressful to my body.

• I had my hands about 1 foot in front of my chest with my palms FACING ME. So, the kinect was reading the back of my hand instead.
• My elbows were flared out
• My fingers were pointing at each other.

External image

See, I even cropped my gamerpic over the face...it's as if I'm really giving you the lesson. laugh I have no idea how I found a picture of what I was talking about, but that's it. The only difference is, you should be standing upright and not squatting down like he is.

• 4.99 seconds was my best time for an egg. (I've had a 4.29 second using this method)
• In position like the picture, you need to move your hands/forearms up and down from your eyes to you waistline as fast as possible...no need to go higher or lower. Eyes to waist is plenty. BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR HANDS IN THAT SAME POSITION.
• Step slightly closer to the camera every time you are rolling the egg. If the game tells you to step back...do so, but just barely.
• The egg will keep rolling some after your last movement, stop before the egg gets into the square so it will come to a complete stop inside the zone.
• THE 9th EGG HAS TO BE COMPLETELY STOPPED AND THE "+1" HAS TO SHOW FOR IT TO COUNT....I know....I got my 9th egg in the zone but the game did NOT count it because it wasn't finished rolling. Oh, the feeling I got from that will not be surpassed for a long time. Terrible. cry I even had the egg in the zone for a good second and it still didn't count.

• Do the same as I have been mentioning...HIGH STEP! DO NOT SPRINT OR RUN IN PLACE! The sensor reads you just as well, if not better with a high step and it doesn't wear you out as much.
• Stop high stepping before you get to the eggs. You will eventually get a timing down, but it is very easy to crush the eggs if you don't stop before you get there. (It is easiest to crush the first egg, IMO, so don't get too excited to get a big jump at the start. If you crush the first egg, restart. There is no point in trying to beat this after that.)
• I would high step to the egg then put both my hands out as if to say "STOP!" before I got there. I felt this would help the game realize I was done sprinting and ready to roll the egg.
• After rolling the egg, WAIT for the egg to nearly stop before you leave to go to the next one. I TRIED and TRIED to run off as the egg was rolling into the zone, but I would almost always crush it as I ran away. It is very hard to get that timing down perfect and if you crush an egg at that point, you will NOT have time to recover.

• SOMETIMES the guy will randomly run off to a spot with no egg. This is devastating to your run. You might recover from it, but likely wont. Just restart.
• SOMETIMES the guy will even run circles around an egg if you don't get your stopping time right...it is EXTREMELY frustrating. I had many great runs ruined by the character running in circles! Me = angry I think this happens most when you stop too early. Then, when you try to high step a little more to reach the egg, he gets out of whack and runs around the egg.
• If either of these happen, you will likely need to restart.

This is very tough, but use the technique I described to save as much energy as possible and stick with it. Restarting this blueprint over and over is annoying but save your lives because you may need them later.

Also, as Bozack said in his solution...you need to have about 32-31 seconds remaining as you start to roll your 5th egg. If you don't you should save your energy and restart it. All that said, you have to be flawless in order to get 9 eggs. Good luck, this one was a bear.

• I finished with 7 seconds remaining and of the 4 items I needed to pick up I got:
- 4/2, 4/2, 3/2, and 3/2 (so extras on all)
• I got an extra 15 seconds added to my next blueprint. Again, extra items = extra time!
• I would recommend getting at least 10 extra seconds for the next blueprint.

9. Ping Tac Toe. Goal - 8 (I got 8)
I finished this with 9 extra seconds and even threw one into the same cup that one was already in...that just doesn't count and they make you re-throw the same color.

• I would recommend using ONLY the front 2 rows.
• I just stuck my hand out to the side and lightly "pushed" my palm to the ground.
• For the middle row, use a medium toss. For the front row, use a VERY VERY soft toss to point your palm to the ground.
• I would throw the first ping pong ball into the middle row, then throw the 2nd one into the front row.
• Then step to either side and do the next two the same way on the new row. Then, move to the final spot and do it again.
• This will give you 2 points. You will have all blue and all yellow in the front 2 rows. Stay in the corner (whichever side you finished on) and do that same thing through 4 rounds to get 8 total.
• If you miss into the same cup that one is already in, they will make you re-throw and thats okay, you can recover from doing that once.
• If you miss into the back row of cups, you will have to eventually fill ALL the back row and that hurts your time...I would restart if you do that.

FOR THE LOVE, SKIP THIS ADVERTISEMENT!!!! If you do complete this ad, it will make you "more accurate." In turn, that will cause the next blueprint (Super Coin) to be NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE! I can get 14 on Super Coin...with this "bonus" from the advertisement, I could barely get 3. Skip the ad and you will be fine and Super Coin will be what you know it as.

I actually had to message, MemoriesOfFinal, another TA'er who 100% the game, and he was gracious enough to reply and said he had the same problem from doing the advertisement. He had an extra life so he intentionally failed the blueprint and lost a life to get rid of the bonus. That worked for him. Then he completed the game as he normally would.

I, on the other hand, had 1 life left and could not do that. I seriously about quit the show, knowing I would have to do egg roll again, because it was so much harder with this bonus. I intentionally failed Super Coin and even pressed "OK" from the stat menu...but soon after I shut off my xbox. When I rebooted, the show was still saved at "9/10" and the bonus was lost. It worked and I got lucky smile MORAL...DO NOT PLAY THIS AD AND SAVE YOUR LIVES!

10. Super Coin. Goal - 12 (I've had 14 many times using this method)
• Really the most important part is lining up your shot.
• Always stick your hand out to grab another coin RIGHT after you throw your last to save time.
• To throw the coin, I would have my arm completely extended out in front of me with my palm facing the ground and my hand flat. Bend at the elbow when moving.
• Try to find the area that is just out of the "locking point" but still allows you to move and aim.
• Once you are in the center of the jug, quickly raise your hand and snap it down. This keeps you from accidentally leaving your locked zone.
• It doesn't have to be a big movement, just make it quick.

Wow...huge solution, I know. Sorry for the length but it was necessary to describe the movements and techniques. If you find any techniques you like better, feel free to comment to help those going for this. Most blueprints aren't too hard with practice, but egg roll was just as hard as everyone describes it. Be ready for it if you are looking to 100% this game. It's truly tough.

Hope this helps, good luck! dive
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