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Robin Revenge in Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360)

Robin Revenge62 (25)

Obtain 78 medals on the original Arkham City and Robin Bundle Pack ranked maps (as Robin)

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Achievement Guide for Robin Revenge

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Achievement won on 01 Dec 11
TA Score for this game: 3,310
Posted on 01 December 11 at 01:52, Edited on 02 July 12 at 03:39
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Robin's missions are actually fairly easy compared to Nightwing's--and incredibly easy compared with Catwoman's. Very few of the predator challenges have requirements where you have to get lucky (I'm looking at you Triple Escrimina Stick) and there are NO maps that require you not to be hit for a medal. Robin moves a lot like catwoman in combat and his counter is long-lasting like Nighttwing's so you will always have plenty of time to plan your next move. More on this later.

-Arcane Insanity wrote an excellent overview of Robin's special moves and gadgets in the campaign solution so I highly suggest you read that.

A few quick notes here:
-To quick-use a gadget look at its position as selected from the D-pad and compare it with Batman's to figure it out. For example: the gadget selected by pressing Left on the D-pad for robin is the same quick-use button for Batman's gadget for left on the D-pad (Lt+X) and Batman's batarangs (selected by pressing down on the D-pad) are quickfired with Lt, Lt just like Robin's Shurikens which are in that same position on the D-pad.
-Robin's Zip-kick is functionally similar to Batman's Batclaw, but instead of firing and pulling your target towards you, it is fired and Robin is launched in the target's direction, resulting in an auto-kick.
-Robin has access to Explosive Gel, Shurikens, Remote-controlled Shurikens, Smoke Pellets, the Zip-Kick, a Bullet-Shield (to block bullets and bash enemies down), and a "Snap Flash" (that must be placed on a still-conscious enemy, but when detonated has an extremely large blast radius that stuns enemies).

As far as combat goes, there is little I can say besides keep your combo UP.
-The following moves give you points:
Strike (X) - 10 points
Counter (Y) - 10 points
Beat-Down Takedown (B, X, X, X, ...) - 50 points
Aerial Attack (B, A, A) - 25 points
Ground Takedown (Lt + Y) - 75 points
Special Combo Takedown (B + Y) - 50 points
Blade-Dodge Takedown (Y + Direction) - 100 points
-Each of THESE moves will increment your combo counter by one value, with the exception of the Beatdown takedown where every punch AFTER the third punch will increment the combo counter (a 21-punch beatdown takedown increments your combo by 19)

Your combo counter will multiply these base values to add to your total score.
Ex: You strike a foe to start and your combo will rise to 1, so 1 x 10 = 10 points. Next you counter an opponent--your combo will rise to 2, so 2 x 10 = 20, so your total score is 30. You next perform a beatdown takedown to completion (the henchman is taken-out at the end) and it takes 9 punches to take him out--your combo will rise from 2 to 8 (9 - 3 = 6), so 8 x 50 = 400, so your total score is 430.

NOTE: Each punch in the beat-down takedown does NOT count as a 10 point strike--but every hit after the third punch in the beatdown will increase the combo counter by one value.

At the completion of the round...
-You gain an extra 1000 points if you performed the entire round in one combo without losing it.
-You gain an extra 500 points if you did not take damage.
-You gain extra points for using gadgets.
-You gain extra points for move variation.

At the end of the Match...
-You gain an extra 2000 points if you survived the entire match without taking damage.

Gadget Variation Bonus:
-For using gadgets in your combo you gain extra points at the end of the round.
EDIT: User S3M JAMES made note that you only get three snap flashes per challenge total--so you can only get the full gadget bonus for 3/4 rounds.
1 gadget = 100 points
2 gadgets = 250 points
3 gadgets = 500 points
4 gadgets = 1000 points

Combat Variation Bonus:
-For using a variety of different moves in combat you gain extra poitns at the end of the round. You must use 4 different moves to gain 100 points, and then the scoring follows that of the gadgets above from there (but it can go much higher than 1000 points since there are so many moves--I believe up to 5000).
Strike (X)
Counter (Y)
Stun (B)
Evade (A, A)
Aerial Attack (B, A, A)
Ultra-Stun (B, B, B)
Special Combo Takedown (B+Y)
Special Combo Staff Spiral (A+X)
Special Combo Throw (A+B)
Beatdown Takedown (B, X, X, X, ...)
Ground Takedown (Lt+Y)

Here are a few tips that work for me:

-Start the match by waiting to counter an enemy. I find that this puts you in the right defensive rather than offensive mindset to keep your combo up throughout. follow-up with some punches, stun one enemy and vault over another and then use your special combo takedown (B+Y) and staff spiral (A+X) as appropriate. The throw (A+B) is less useful (and also harder to activate due to the placement of the thumb on the controller). This adds to your variation--which while not NECESSARY will go a long way to helping if you find you keep getting "close but no cigar".
-Robin's counter typically ends a lot later than you expect it to if you are just starting with the character. This is confusing at the start, but after using him consistently, you will know exactly when you will be ready to attack again. Plus since his counter lasts longer than most of the other characters (Nightwing might be tied), you can use this time to plan out your next move and rotate the camera as needed.
-Try to save knife instant takedowns, ground takedowns and beatdown takedowns for the end of the round. This is the point where your combo should be highest--and these high-profile instant-takedowns are worth a lot of points.
-Always end the round with an Ultra-stun (B, B, B) and then, as soon as your prey hits the ground, a ground takedown (Lt+Y). This is always worth more points than a beatdown takedown unless it is performed at a combo-counter of exactly zero. The only exception is against an armored thug--wherein a beatdown takedown (B, X, X, X, ...) will often increment the combo counter by at least 17.
-For levels with the lieutenants, take them down first by vaulting over their heads (A, A), punching continuously until either another henchman is about to attack or the lieutenant is about to attack again (they are fairly slow), then vaulting again and continuing. Each punch raises the combo by one and is worth 10 points. Considering the amount of damage they can take this means you can sometimes beat a map JUST with points from the round they are found in. Even when there are titans, you want to take the lieutenant down first because they have that jumping attack that can cross the entire stage--and their attack is a lot faster--just be more careful.
-Robin can ride titans, so they are your second priority after lieutenants. Ultra-stun them and punch 2-3 times, vault over them to avoid a lesser henchman's incoming attack, then continue until you can mount them.
-Attack the blade-wielding assassins with beatdowns and instant takedowns. They can often ruin combos if you're not ready for their dodges. Also their attack is delivered a lot quicker than regular henchmen.

I have included videos of the extreme Predator challenges--the regular challenges are fairly straightforward (but if you're having trouble just message me and I'll help).

Meltdown Mayhem (extreme)
You want to play this round more or less exactly as it is done in the video--which is easy to follow and has a high success rate. As soon as you get all your medals, hang back on top of the structure where you start and continuously knock opponents off ledges with the remote shuriken...Easy-as-can-besy.

Police Brutality (extreme)
This map is incredibly easy as long as you start it off with your Two-for-Two medal (and without being detected). You want to follow the henchman in the video and place the explosive gel on the first wall, then grapple and prepare to glide to the second wall. Your signal to glide there will be when you see a henchman leave the room where the wall is (you will have to wait a little--at least 20 seconds). Do not detonate the explosive gel when the counter first hits 2. The reason for this is because the game has sensed that the henchman near the first wall is in the blast radius--but he will not be KOed by the blast because he is on the wrong side of the wall (after all, the blast doesn't knock them out, the wall pieces do--the wall explodes outward from the side where you place the gel). The counter will fall to 1 soon, and then soon return to 2--this is your cue to detonate it. The rest is easy.

End of the Line (extreme)
Follow the video for the first two medals exactly and this will be very easy. Make sure when you are going for the beatdown on the thug with the sniper-rifle for the second medal (as seen in the video), that you stun him backwards into the room--otherwise you will be shot-at since you will be in the open. To take care of the rest of the map I found it better to slim their numbers a little before going for the ledge takedown. An excellent place to camp is in the grating in the corner with the weak wooden walls and the safe area behind. Play safe and this map isn't hard.

Lost City (extreme)
I suggest not following the video for the first medal (where you stun a henchman with the snap-flash after placing it on another). It is better to single-out a loner and stun him with a glide-kick or drop attack, place the snap-flash, then escape and detonate it when a friend comes-by (and trust me, they always do). Make sure that you have at least three or four people when you go for the grate takedown because with 2 or less, I find that they rarely come down to where the gratings can be found. Overall not bad though.

Natural Selection (extreme)
In the video, the player does it one way but I have NEVER been able to get that method to work, so I suggest you do it this way (which has worked every time since I started doing it this way--even with Increased Aggression on. EDIT: retried it today and failed twice, so I guess its not FOOLPROOF but its still effective. If you're going for the Predator Master campaign you may want to use your free medal here since Police Brutality is easy even with Increased Aggression on and End of the Line is a joke--but this is to preference): Follow the henchman who has come down the stairs from where you started and silently take him down as near to the wall as you can (the wall I am talking about is the one to the left). He should fall near the right corner of the doorway. Then hurry to the grate and remove it, go left and open the other grate. By now the henchman in this hallway is near the body and you have plenty of time to put explosive gel on the wall to your immediate left as you exit the vent. After the third henchman comes down (he should be armored), detonate it. People will come to investigate--I used this opportunity to take one down with a smoke bomb because it is risky to try and blow another wall--you will take them out alright, just you may not have enough people to complete the map with three medals. The rest of the map is straightforward.

Top of the World (extreme)
This map can suck a d%#k...seriously. A little luck is helpful but it is possible otherwise. The main idea is that you want the armored thugs and the thugs with the special optics ("Switching to thermals!") taken care of before you go for the smoke detector medal. Using my strategy you will not enter the building until they are all taken care-of. You want to follow the video for the double ledge takedown--then from there, move right along the ledge to the next balcony. Here you will soon (usually soon--sometimes it takes a while) take out the armored thug with the mines. Afterwards, find the guy with the optics and when he looks at a gargoyle, get ready for your shield-bash medal. Bash him after he shoots and take him out. If other henchman come, then use a smoke pellet before using the ground takedown (but after shield-bashing him) or else you could be shot--which sometimes invalidates the medal. Then move to the ledge where you can climb up into the vent that leads to the upper platform (The one next to the balcony where you performed the double ledge takedown). Soon enough the backpack thug will walk by for an easy floor-grating takedown. Grapple up to the upper ledge. From there, note the fire extinguisher on the ground near the ladder to your right side if you are facing the direction that you came from. When a henchman walks near it and pauses to look over the ledge or something, use the remote-controlled shuriken to set it off, then jump down and do your silent takedown (note that if a mine is nearby that this method typically still works). Do the corner takedown on the remaining henchman.

Black Mask Hideout:
If you're having trouble with Robin's DLC map, then follow my strategy. The video is not necessarily the best method. From where you start, move forward and look into the room at your left. Sneak up behind the henchman and shield bash and ground takedown for your first medal. Then run left into the room across from this one and slide through the grating to escape. Make your way up to the room in the video with the glass windows and set-up your glass takedown there. There are several ways of doing this if you find noone ever comes close enough to just get it outright--one of which is to silent takedown the henchman that walks through it then get one of his buddies that comes to help (smoke pellet the area so you can do this without being noticed. Other methods involve being seen there and throwing the pellet when people come to investigate. Its not as hard as it sounds. I personally had trouble with the zip-kick-off-the-ledge medal, so I found the best and easiest way of doing it is to wait near the top of a ladder, and as soon as a henchman comes us, zip-kick him and he will ALWAYS fall successfully, giving you the medal (provided you are lined-up with him and the edge.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Love-Letters? Leave a comment or PM me and I'll gladly help!
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