Hanging With Mr. Pierce achievement in Saints Row: The Third

Hanging With Mr. Pierce

Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Downtown district.

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How to unlock the Hanging With Mr. Pierce achievement

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    To complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Downtown District, you must complete the following:
    - Complete 16 Activities
    - Purchase 10 Stores
    - Purchase 8 Properties
    - Eliminate 8 Gang Ops


    Guardian Angel
    Aim in front of cars with the Annihilator to destroy them. Avoid damaging Pierce's vehicle as much as you can. In the second part of the activity, use the McManus 2015 to eliminate enemies one by one, or shoot their vehicles multiple times to make it explode.

    Hard: Henry Steel Mills. Story related: Act 1, Guardian Angel. $2,000 reward.

    Heli Assault
    Use the Tornado's homing missiles to eliminate vehicles to protect Pierce. Fire the missile before you have locked on to the vehicle to take it down quickly. Fly relatively low and keep checking your radar for enemy helicopters. Allow Pierce to reach all of his stops to complete the activity.

    Easy: Henry Steel Mills. Three stops. $2,000 reward.
    Medium: Sunset Park. Four stops. $4,000 reward.
    Hard: Loren Square. Five stops. $6,000 reward.

    Insurance Fraud
    Drive to a bonus area and aim to bounce off multiple cars for maximum money and adrenaline. Large car combos can rack up money quickly. Obtain the amount of money specified before the time runs out to complete the activity. If you have adrenaline once the timer finishes, the activity will not end until adrenaline has run out. If you are struggling with earning money in these areas, go to a freeway to get hit by faster cars.

    Easy: Sunset Park. $80,000 needed. $2,000 reward.
    Medium: Henry Steel Mills. $200,000 needed. $4,000 reward.
    Hard: Loren Square. $450,000 needed. $6,000.

    Prof. Genki
    Focus on killing as many mascots as you can and evading the traps for bonuses. Shoot the appropriate targets and collect presents to make life easier for yourself. Kill mascots within a short period of time for a combo bonus, and aim for headshots for even more bonus money. Hunters are very difficult to kill. It is often better to ignore them where possible and focus your aim on the easier money targets.

    Easy: Loren Square. Story related: Act 1, Professor Genki. $1,000 needed. $2,000 reward (+anything extra you earn).
    Medium: Loren Square. $2,000 needed. $2,000 reward (+anything extra you earn).
    Hard: Henry Steel Mills. $3,500 needed. $3,500 reward (+anything extra you earn).

    Tank Mayhem
    Aim to maintain a high combo whilst focusing on the marked targets. Destroy surrounding police/STAG vehicles if you are having trouble. You should also make use of the repair stations if your tank takes too much damage.

    Easy: Loren Square. Story-related: Act 1, Tank Mayhem. $125,000 needed. $2,000.
    Medium: Loren Square. $350,000 needed. $4,000 reward.
    Hard: Loren Square. $400,000 needed. $6,000 reward.

    Aim for headshots on the enemy drivers to eliminate cars quickly. When your driver is making a delivery, eliminate as many of the enemy as possible before you set off again. You may have to headshot Specialists from choppers, shoot buyers that do not want to pay and kill pursuing police before advancing. You have a limited supply of explosives, so use these on Brutes.

    Easy: Henry Steel Mills. Story-related: Act 1, Trafficking. Two stops. $2,000 reward.
    Medium: Loren Square. Three stops. $4,00 reward.
    Hard: Sunset Park. Four stops. $6,000 reward.

    Friendly Fire, Henry Steel Mills. $5,000.
    Rim Jobs, Henry Steel Mills. $5,000.
    Rusty's Needle, Henry Steel Mills. $5,000.
    Image As Designed, Henry Steel Mills. $5,000.
    Planet Saints, Loren Square. $5,000.
    Image As Designed, Loren Square. $5,000.
    Friendly Fire, Loren Square. $100. Story-related: Act 1, Takeover The City.
    Planet Saints, Sunset Park. $5,000.
    Rusty's Needle, Sunset Park. $5,000.
    Rim Jobs, Sunset Park. $5,000.

    Henry Steel Wharf, Henry Steel Mills. $6,000.
    Pick Pocket Pawn Shop, Henry Steel Mills. $1,000.
    High Rise Condos, Loren Square. $1,000.
    Fill-Her-Up Super Toy Shop, Loren Square. $2,000.
    Havemayer Estates, Loren Square. $100. Story-related: Act 1, Takeover The City.
    Odyssey Hotel, Sunset Park. $1,000.
    Stikit Inn, Sunset Park. $1,000.
    Joe Cola Factory, Sunset Park. $10,000.

    Gang Ops
    See the image below (created by myself):
    External image

    Note: The one Gang Op that people tend to have a problem finding is in the centre of the Downtown District. It is on top of the building at the marked location. You will need a helicopter to reach it.

    Note: If you want to complete an area quickly you can use the 'City Takeover' upgrade, which automatically completes all City Takeover gameplay for an entire hood. Two of these Upgrades can be used in the game. One is purchased from the Upgrades menu for $40,500 (Level 28 required), whilst the other is unlocked as a reward for completing 'Stag Party' and returning Josh.

    Please either comment below or send me a Personal Message if you have any comments or improvements.
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    LegitamateTitThe best way to get Gang ops is from a Helicopter as you can light up everyone with the missiles then move onto the next quickly and without being attacked.
    Posted by LegitamateTit on 20 Dec 12 at 04:35
    deutschZuidSo professional... Unfortunately I couldn't give you more than +1.
    Posted by deutschZuid on 30 Dec 12 at 04:08
    drabikSuch kind words. Thanks. :)
    Posted by drabik on 01 Jan 13 at 21:31
    RRIKERIf you have the full package edition, you unlock a Saint's VTOL right away, making short work of gang ops.
    Posted by RRIKER on 29 Jan 14 at 15:56
    J4CKA1If I do the city takeover upgrade will the individual achievements for say prof genki and escort missions be locked or do I have to do all of them myself to make sure I get 1000 before DLC?
    Posted by J4CKA1 on 26 May 14 at 16:07
    drabikYou can't miss those achievements by using City Takeover. Not sure, but I think they unlock automatically (been a while)
    Posted by drabik on 26 May 14 at 16:24
    NoobgamerValbohmm well i guess ihave to upvote this
    Posted by NoobgamerValbo on 31 May 14 at 12:54
    PuckJunkieAre you sure the cribs aren't included in these achievements? For instance, in this district you can buy Rondini's Boat Dock. My co-op partner is experiencing a glitch that prevents him from purchasing the boat dock or the hangar (in Colvin), and if they are part of these achievements we may as well restart now.
    Posted by PuckJunkie on 13 Aug 14 at 14:06
    drabikI'm pretty sure they're not needed. It was a while ago that I played the game, but I think I bought the cribs AFTER I got the achievements for taking over. I do apologise in advance if I'm wrong.
    Posted by drabik on 13 Aug 14 at 14:09
    PuckJunkieWish I could tell you for sure, but we restarted in case that wasn't the only glitch on his save. The world will never know. Or at least, I probably won't.

    It's worth mentioning that you can repeat "Stag Party" multiple times and unlock as many neighborhoods as you'd like. Save before the mission, finish the mission, choose to get the takeover assist. Proceed through the end-of-mission notification screens; when you take control of your player again, immediately load your pre-mission save (do NOT bring up your phone before you do so). For some reason, the game still allows you to do the takeover you were awarded. Just pull up the phone after the save loads, select the neighborhood, save, then repeat the mission. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Only works for host, I believe.

    Not sure it's 100% worth the trouble, especially if you enjoy the activities and gang ops, but somebody might make use of it.
    Posted by PuckJunkie on 19 Aug 14 at 04:54
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