Hack the Planet achievement in Saints Row: The Third

Hack the Planet

Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Stanfield district.

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How to unlock the Hack the Planet achievement

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    To complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Stanfield District, you must complete the following:
    - Complete 13 Activities
    - Purchase 8 Stores
    - Purchase 6 Properties
    - Eliminate 8 Gang Ops


    Guardian Angel
    Eliminate enemies one by one with the McManus 2015 to allow Kinzie to get to her vehicle. Once she is there, you follow her around in a helicopter, shooting enemy vehicles with your Annihilator. Aim in front of enemies to destroy them quickly.

    Easy: Ashwood. Story related: Act 2, Guardian Angel. $6,000 reward.

    Heli Assault
    Use the Vulture's machine gun to eliminate vehicles, as the rockets have no homing ability. Fly relatively low and keep checking your radar for enemy helicopters. Protect Kinzie to allow her to go to all stops to complete the activity.

    Easy: Brickston. Story related: Act 2, Heli Assault. Three stops. $2,000 reward.
    Medium: Ashwood. Four stops. $4,000 reward.
    Hard: Salander. Six stops. $6,000 reward.

    Move around and use your weapons to destroy as many objects, people and vehicles as possible. To obtain high scores, chain together large combos. Areas of fencing and piles of trash/boxes are ideal for this. If you have access to the VTOL, use this to make the Mayhem missions a lot easier, especially for the harder missions.

    Easy: Salander. Story related: Act 2, Mayhem. $90,000 needed. $2,000 reward.
    Medium: Brickston. $200,000 needed. $4,000 reward.
    Hard: Ashwood. $300,000 needed. $6,000 reward.

    The contacts/hos will either be guarded by gang-members, or in a car, driven by a gang-member. It may or may not be required that you eliminate those gang members before you can recruit the contacts/hos.

    Easy: Salander. 3 contacts. $2,000 reward.
    Medium: Burns Hill. 5 contacts. $4,000 reward.
    Hard: Ashwood. 6 contacts. $6,000 reward.

    Trail Blazing (Cyber Blazing)
    Aim for the blue tanks and blue flames on the floor, whilst avoiding the red firewalls. Destroying blue tanks will give you time bonuses each time you pass a checkpoint. Pass all checkpoints within the time limit to complete the activity.

    Easy: Salander. Story-related: Act 2, Cyber Blazing. 11 checkpoints. $2,000 reward.
    Medium: Burns Hill. 14 checkpoints. $4,000 reward.
    Hard: Ashwood. 17 checkpoints. $6,000 reward.

    Image As Designed, Burns Hill. $5,000.
    Planet Saints, Salander. $5,000.
    Friendly Fire, Salander. $5,000.
    Nobody Loves Me, Ashwood. $5,000.
    Rim Jobs, Ashwood. $5,000.
    Rusty's Needle, Ashwood. $5,000.
    Rim Jobs, Brickston. $5,000.
    Friendly Fire, Brickston. $5,000.

    Meth Lab, Burns Hill. $1,000.
    Organ Blackmarker, Salander. $3,000.
    Parkview Flats, Salander. $2,000.
    Snooky's Sundries and More, Ashwood. $1,000.
    Thunder Pump, Ashwood. $1,000.
    Red Onion Herb Dispensary, Brickston. $1,000.

    Gang Ops
    See the image below (created by myself):
    External image

    Note: If you want to complete an area quickly you can use the 'City Takeover' upgrade, which automatically completes all City Takeover gameplay for an entire hood. Two of these Upgrades can be used in the game. One is purchased from the Upgrades menu for $40,500 (Level 28 required), whilst the other is unlocked as a reward for completing 'Stag Party' and returning Josh.

    Please either comment below or send me a Personal Message if you have any comments or improvements.
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    drabikNo idea, Slug. Are you going close enough to them before wiping them out?
    Posted by drabik on 15 Feb 12 at 11:39
    ResidentSlugSorry, just found it.
    It might be worth adding that the one in the middle of the second island (loren square) is ontop of the big building and you will probably need a helicopter to get it.
    Great guide, really helped.
    Thanks 1+
    Posted by ResidentSlug on 15 Feb 12 at 12:00
    drabikI'll add that to the solution for that island. Thanks, Slug.
    Posted by drabik on 15 Feb 12 at 12:03
    NoobgamerValboimage is broken
    Posted by NoobgamerValbo on 06 Nov 16 at 10:35
    InterracialThanks for the solution. I had stopped playing this game years ago and only just tuned back in to finish off some achievements. I only had one gang operation left so this was an easy one for me.
    Posted by Interracial on 25 Jun 19 at 08:32
    FaSCoRPThat Heli Assault in HARD is HARD as hell
    Posted by FaSCoRP on 25 May at 19:20
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