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How to unlock the You're My Hero! achievement

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    I first would like to give full credit to the others who posted solutions. I am just giving additional insight or tips from my own gameplay experiences while playing this game. There may be some challenges that will have similiar solutions to what has already been said.

    Note: When you first start the game, you will only have 30 challenges, as you progress the story you will unlock more.

    Nut Shots (25 times) - Remember this is for shooting enemies in the nuts, not punching

    Grenade Kills (50 times) - I found this best to do when taking down gang operations on the map. Many enemies will be standing next to each other. You can also upgrade your grenades at Friendly Fire to do more damage and have a bigger blast radius.

    Cars Destroyed (300 Cars) - This should happen naturally as you play the game and do survival missions. If you are short I would recommend using a rocket launcher with infinite ammo to finish up. Upgrades available at Friendly Fire.

    Helicopters Destroyed (60 Helicopters) - Most of these can be done by playing the campaign and survival missions. You can always get a high police notoriety and they will send choppers after you. You can upgrade the rocket launcher to lock on the targets to heat seek them out as well.

    Boats Destroyed (25 Boats) - As stated in a previous guide, the "Ho Boat" mission will rack up a few boats destoyed. You can also get some police notoriety and ride around in a boat and police boats will chase you that can be destroyed.

    Tanks Destoyed (25 Tanks) - This can be done in survival and mayhem missions. As always, if you have a high enough police notoriety they will come after you with tanks that you can destroy.

    Carjackings (250 times) - This will come naturally while playing the game. If you are short, using the LB + Y (quick car jack) will make it go faster.

    Mascots Killed (200 Mascots) - Easiest to do in Professor Genki's gameshow because only mascots are enemies. You can always replay these missions to rack up the kills you need.

    Hoods Explored (18 Hoods) - This should happen automatically as you play the game.

    Shortcuts Found (50 Shortcuts) - There are actually 263 shortcuts in the game, you just need to find 50 of them. Just look for driveways between buildings and alleys and you should find 50 in no time.

    Hostages Taken (50 Hostages) - Stand in an intersection and steal cars that have passengers in them. The game will prompt you to hit Y to take hostages. Hit the Y button to start the hostage activity, then stop the let the hostage out. You do not need to complete the activity for the hostage to count.

    Stores Robbed (15 Stores) - There are 34 stores, you just need to rob 15 of them. Enter the store, hold LT and point your weapon at the clerk, continue to hold the reticle on them for a few seconds until you are successful.

    Streaking Time (600 seconds) - Go into your wardrobe at your crib and choose to remove all clothing. When on the street, hit down on the d-pad to start streaking. Get close to as many people as you can to keep the activity going and rack up more time. You can still use LB to run which helps keep it going.

    Big Air Distance (5,000 feet) - There are many jumps around the city to use. If you are at the airport, next to the runways there are triangular objects that stick out of the ground you can use as jumps. This is nice because you can also use the runways to get some good speed first.

    Gang Members Taunted (50 Members) - Every time I saw a gang member walking on the street I would get out of my car, walk up next to them, and hit left on the d-pad.

    Vehicle Surfing Time (600 Seconds) - This can be done alone but the computer drivers act different when you are surfing and drive sporadically and turn around for no reason. This is most easily done with a friend in co-op. Just jump on the hood of a car, wait for it to start moving and hit Y to start the activity.

    Windshiled Cannon Distance (1000 feet) - Get going fast enough and ram into something and you will be ejected from the car through the windshield. I had success using the Emu with nitrious equipped.

    People Run Over (500 People) - Just drive on the sidewalk and hit people. This will actually most likely be done naturally as you play the game.

    Oncoming Lane Distance (100,000 feet) - Just drive in the oncoming lane to get this. Easiest done on highways.

    Wheelie Distance (10,000 feet) - Get a motorcycle to do this. I did it at the airport on the runways so there is no other traffic to get in the way.

    Powerslide Time (300 seconds) - Hold A and crank the wheel of your car while excelerating to powerslide. This is best done at the airport so you have more space. I had success using the car named Torch.

    Decker Specialist Killed (50 Specialists) - This can be done during survival missions in that gangs hood. You can also get a high enough gang notoriety and for this particular gang and they will bring out specialists that you can kill.

    Luchadore Specialists Killed (50 Specialists) - This can be done during survival missions in that gangs hood. You can also get a high enough gang notoriety and for this particular gang and they will bring out specialists that you can kill.

    Morning Star Specialist Killed (50 Specialists) - This can be done during survival missions in that gangs hood. You can also get a high enough gang notoriety and for this particular gang and they will bring out specialists that you can kill.

    Near Misses (500 of them) - Just drive close to another car without hitting it. Most quickly obtained in oncoming traffic.

    Car Torpedo Damage (2000 Damage) - Get your vehicle going fast and hit Y to bail out, whatever your car damages after you bail will count. I would send a powerful vehicle like a SWAT vehicle into oncoming traffic and it didn't take long.

    Vehicle Mod Spending (20,000 dollars) - Just go to Rim Jobs and spend 20 grand on upgrades and modifications.

    Human Shields Used (150 shields) - Run up to enemies and hit Y to take them as a human shield.

    Two-Wheel Distance (2500 feet) - Best done on the highway. Veer over to the median and get your front-right and back-right tires up on median and drive. This will leave only two tires on the ground and will be done easily.

    Multi-Kills (500 Times) - Best used with grenades or rocket launcher. You can rack up gang notoriety and shoot the cars with a rocket launcher as they pull up and get multi-kills everytime.

    Basejumps Nailed (15 times) - Jump off the helipad at the Saints HQ and hit Y to deploy parachute. Then hit Y again to create a basejumping target to land in. Land in the target, run back to the elevator to the top of the Saints HQ and repeat.

    No-Weapons Kills (25 of them) - Hold B for your weapon wheel and choose the top-middle option for no weapon. Then kill people with LT and RT melee attacks.

    STAG Commandos Killed (25 of them) - This can be done in later story missions in the game easily. You can also rack up a police notoriety later in the game on they will attack you with commandos.

    Stoppie Distance (1000 feet) - Use a motorcycle, hit LT and push up on the left stick to stop. This is done the easist at the airport on the runways.

    Compliments Paid (50 of them) - Hit right on the d-pad near someone to pay them a compliment. This can be done to anyone, friend or foe. Just find people walking on the street and compliment them.

    Distance Traveled (2500000 feet) - You will get this naturally by playing the game. If you are short flying a plain is a fast way to travel.

    Gang Ops Defeated (32 of them) - I suggest doing these last. First buy all the properties and shops, then do all the activities. When you look at your map the sections of the map that you completely control will turn purple. The sections that aren't purple you know there's a gang operation in that area. Most of the gang ops you will find naturally by playing the game, but some are tricky to find. If you are having trouble, take a helicopter and check on top of buildings and skyscrapers. Flying around in a chopper is also an easy way to spot gang ops on the ground. Just look for a group of red dots and get close to them.

    Survial Completed (26 of them) - These are done by answering the phone by hitting Y when your phone rings. Only 25 of the 26 survival activities are available to you at the beginning of the game, so if you aren't getting a call for the 26th survival don't worry. The 26th survival activity doesn't unlock until sometime in Act 3.

    Emu's Destroyed (50 of them) - Find an Emu, put it in your garage, retrieve the car, then blow it up. Go back to the gargage, retrieve the Emu and blow it up. Repeat.

    Kill Brutes (50 of them) - This should pretty much happen naturally as you play the game. If you are short rack up a high gang notoriety and they will bring brutes in the back of pickup trucks to attack you.

    Headshots (500 of them) - This should easily happen if you concentrate on headshots from the beginning of the game. I found it pretty easy when just using the pistol. There is plenty of killing to do so this won't be difficult.

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    GFunkRizzla187xLooking to get this myself. Hit me up. Gamertag - GFunkRizzla187x
    I'm short of a few luchadores, so would really appreciate a game inv!
    Posted by GFunkRizzla187x on 22 Feb 18 at 19:42
    InterracialGreat guide. I hadn't played this in years and forgot where things spawn etc and just in general how to play. Admittedly I only had a few challenges left to complete but this guide did prove very useful in completing this achievement.
    Posted by Interracial on 25 Jun 19 at 08:22
    The S bot 9000Just wanted to point out to anyone who still needs this that there is one survival mission that has mascots come in Emus, I got ~25 emus off of that one so it might be best to work on those first and then the other challengessmile
    Posted by The S bot 9000 on 18 Aug 19 at 05:08
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  • ll sider inc llll sider inc ll234,331
    17 Nov 2011 17 Nov 2011 20 Nov 2011
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    01. Nut Shots - 25
    You'll get this over time. Just aim for the balls.

    02. Grenade Kills - 50
    You'll get this over time.

    03. Cars Destroyed - 300
    You'll get this over time.

    04. Helicopters Destroyed - 60
    You'll get this over time.

    05. Boats Destroyed - 25
    There is one mission, The Ho Boat, where you can get them but if you fail to get a few go to the top right of the map, there are some docks there with boats. Or get a police chase going and jump in the water when you have at least 3 badges.

    06. Tanks Destroyed - 25
    You'll get this over time.

    07. Carjackings - 250
    You'll get this over time. You can also get some hostages from this.

    08. Mascots Killed - 200
    Prof. Genki is a good start. There is also a survival mission that will net you alot kills where you get mascots.

    09. Hoods Explored - 18
    You'll get this over time impossible to miss when you play the story.

    10. Hostages Taken - 50
    When you get a car with two or more people in it, take the driver out. When you get in the car the game will ask if you want to take a hostage, press Y to do it. You don't have to complete the mini game for it to count!

    11. Stores Robbed - 15
    Go in a store and have the store clerk at gun point. For a fast way look at the maps for to stores that are very close and have your way.

    12. Streaking Time - 600 seconds
    Go in a clothing store and take all you clothes off. Then go outside and press d-pad down to stark streaking. Do this for 600 seconds.

    13. Big Air Distance - 1524
    You'll get this over time. Later on when they raise the bridges there is an easy way to make jumps and on the airport there are easy ways to makes jumps.

    14. Gang Members Taunted - 50
    Do this as soon as you can. It should be possible after your done with the game but it takes alot longer. To taunt press dpad left. Police does not count. Probably missable when you deafeted the gangs but not proven missable.

    15. Vehicle Surfing Time - 600 seconds
    Jump on top of a car and when it starts driving press Y. Keep this up for 600 seconds. Should be easier with a co-op partner. Doesn't matter if you do a handstand but does make it harder.

    16. Windshield Cannon Distance – 305 Meters
    You can do this in the normal game but to do it faster and easier; Start an insurence fraud activity and crash into oncoming traffic.

    17. People Run Over – 500
    You'll get this over time.

    18. Oncoming Lane Distance – 30480 Meters
    You'll get this over time.

    19. Wheelie Distance – 3048 Meters
    Get a motor cycle and while driving hold you left stick down.

    20. Powerslide Time – 300 Seconds
    Press A to power slide, You'll get this over time.

    21. Deckers Specialist Killed - 50
    Kill 50 of the blue fast moving chicks. Can be done after you defeated all the gangs because you still get them with the survivol missions.

    22. Luchadore Specialist Killed - 50
    Kill 50 of the green grenade shooting thugs. Can be done after you defeated all the gangs because you still get them with the survivol missions.

    23. Morningstar Specialist Killed - 50
    Kill 50 of the red bald sniper guys that shoot from helicopters. Can be done after you defeated all the gangs because you still get them with the survivol missions.

    24. Near Misses – 500
    You'll get this over time.

    25. Car Torpedo Total Damage – 2000
    While driving in a car press and hold Y. For some reason it doesn't always count towards the total.

    26. Vehicle Mod Spending - 20000
    Go to a Rim Jobs and upgrade your car to the max and do that with a few extra cars.

    27. Human Shields Used – 150
    Get close to a human and press Y, or run towards one and press Y.

    28. Multi-Kills – 500
    You'll get this over time but probably start getting your first ones later in the game.

    29. Two-Wheel Distance – 763 Meters
    You'll get this over time.

    30. Base Jumps Nailed – 15
    Get a plain or helicopter. Go up, jump out and press y. Press y again for base jumping.

    31. Stoppie Distance – 305 Meters
    Get a motor cycle and while braking hold left stick up.

    32. Shortcuts found – 50
    drive trough allyways, dirt roads, and grassy areas youll het it over time.

    33. Gang Ops Defeated – 32
    The little pink fist thingies on the map.

    34. Survival Completed – 26
    Sometimes your crew will call you with a mission. Press y to accept the call and go to the target destination.

    35. Headshots – 500
    You'll get this over time.

    36. No-Weapons Kills 25
    Easy just select your normal fists and kill 25 people.

    37. STAG commandos Killed - 25
    You'll get this over time.

    38. Compliments
    Press D-Pad right to make a compliment. Can be done on every one.

    39. Distance Travelled - 762000
    You'll get this over time and everything counts, walking, flying and driving.

    40. Emu's Destroid 50
    Kill the little cars that look like Smart/ Hybrid cars. There is a survival mission where you have to kill Mascots when they come in these cars and in one of the activety's for Tank Mayham they score extra points and so you see them a little bit more.

    41. Kill Brutes - 30
    When your wanted level for the gangs go up to 4 starrs they will come out use rockets or a tank to kill em quick but you should get it over time. Also with the Prof. Genki activity they will spawn during the end.
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    PuckJunkieI think "You will get this over time" is fine, if it's accurate. I've completed the main story, am at level 50, and have taken over the entire city, and I don't have a number of these. It's simply untrue for a lot of them, especially carjackings - I haven't even broken 100, despite the fact that I jacked a car every time I needed to go somewhere. I don't think it always counted.

    As for taunts, keep in mind some information out there is outdated. A patch some time ago changed what counts; both I and my co-op partner got all taunts in one giant gunfight... taunt, kill, repeat as new enemies keep pouring in. It's no longer necessary to have no gang notoriety. It does not (and never did) count if you taunt your own gang members, although compliments work on them.
    Posted by PuckJunkie on 28 Aug 14 at 18:52
    Mr Rodster"You will get this over time" is not helpful by itself unless it is literally impossible to complete the game without getting it. Especially in a co-op game, I do not think many of these qualify. A guide should provide suggestions for where to get things you did not, in fact, get over time.

    Would I be reading this guide if I got these over time? Not likely...
    Posted by Mr Rodster on 30 Aug 14 at 23:10
    xFlamesRisesxdoes anyone can help my brother and i with Stag Commando's Killed we are stuck at 21/25

    we cant get any of them to show up plz help gt A Sneaky Midgit And My Brother XPhoenixRisesx
    Posted by xFlamesRisesx on 06 Dec 16 at 05:57
  • Elk4rlit0Elk4rlit0345,466
    14 Jan 2012 09 Dec 2011
    34 5 14
    i just did the taunt gang members challenge, ive beaten the game so no gangs spawn naturally around the city so go to arapice island in the luchadores area and start the hard mayhem.focus on the gang members that come in their vehicles and blow them up, once you have 5* let more gang members build up then quit the activity and kill them, go across the bridge to the tatoo shop near there and build up a large group of gang members outside the store. quickly run in out out then taunt a group of gang members, kill them again then rinse and repeat.

    just make sure you have enough gang members outside the store for atleast 4*s worth before repeating
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    SmokiestDadntry taunting in combat. I struggled for hours at 100% comp and managed 9. I then tried the mayhem suggested about to attract luchadores, jumped over the bridge towards the tatoo shop, then just taunted in combat. got my last 41 in 15 minutes. TG
    Posted by SmokiestDadn on 29 May 12 at 12:26
    Hawkins21start mayhem, taunt in combat but dont restart the activity because for me it wasent keeping the taunts i got if i restarted.
    Posted by Hawkins21 on 02 Jan 13 at 03:30
    xFlamesRisesxdoes anyone can help my brother and i with Stag Commando's Killed we are stuck at 21/25

    we cant get any of them to show up plz help gt A Sneaky Midgit And My Brother XPhoenixRisesx
    Posted by xFlamesRisesx on 06 Dec 16 at 05:58
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