Love/Hate Relationship achievement in Saints Row: The Third

Love/Hate Relationship

Taunt AND/OR Compliment 50 gang members.

Love/Hate Relationship0
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How to unlock the Love/Hate Relationship achievement

    05 Jan 2012 05 Jan 2012
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    I'm going to provide the 100% foolproof, easiest way to complete this achievement. I just unlocked it. After seeing a lot of arguing among community members as to what will or will not unlock this, I decided to just start complimenting my own gang, and I discovered it does, in fact, count. You'll even see the Challenge ticker increase as you cross each multiple of ten.

    The simplest way to do this is go to a Crib and walk in, compliment (Right Arrow on the D Pad) each gang member in there, then leave, preferably by entering the garage or heliport, then re-enter to find new gang members inside. The counter does not increase if you spam the same NPCs with compliments or taunts so it is crucial you exit and re-enter.

    If you have already unlocked the casino, that is the best place to do this because there are about 9-12 Saints in there each time you enter. With this method, the achievement takes about five minutes or less, and it is much easier than taunting enemy gang members and running away after you upset them, and you don't have to worry about what happens if you have cleared out all enemy gangs.

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    RPG Lumi@Airborne I've completed the main campaign and just unlocked this achievement today. I chose to compliment and it doesn't matter whether it's your own gang members or any of the rival gangs, it will still add towards your progress.
    Posted by RPG Lumi on 23 May 14 at 09:32
    Lord BaneJAre we suppose to 'lock on' to the gang member before doing so? My compliment doesn't seems to register.
    Posted by Lord BaneJ on 25 Aug 14 at 13:28
    aka KryptonianGreat solution! I got this in the second crib available to you, the Penthouse. There were 7+ gang members in there every time I went to the garage and back. I only played 3 or 4 missions to unlock this crib, so you can easily/quickly get this after starting the game.
    Posted by aka Kryptonian on 12 Jan 16 at 06:37
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  • Gamer186Gamer186150,907
    12 Nov 2011 12 Nov 2011 21 Aug 2012
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    Start working on this as soon as possible
    what you need to do is either press the d-pad right or left once you are close to any gang member.
    Keep following things in mind:
    -) as gang members the game only counts hostile gang members. they are marked on your radar as red points so just watch out for them
    -) you cannot get this achievement while fighting gang members. you need to "meet" them on streets. just walk up to them and press one of the two possible d-pad buttons (as long as they are not shooting you)
    -) pressing right is highly recommended as they tend to shoot at you if you press left for taunt and then youll have to run far off to have them not shoot at you
    -) policemen and STAG guards dont count towards this as far as i know
    -) you have to do this on 50 different people i think but im not 100% sure (great if anyone could confirm)

    Hope this is helpful :)

    ADD: Like westling300 mentioned it seems that you can aso do this with your own gang members too
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    Claptrap NLI've complimented 59 gangmembers and I've taunted 19 gangmembers, but still no achievement :s
    Posted by Claptrap NL on 01 Sep 12 at 10:43
    Gamer186sry to hear that dude that really sucks :/ try to get 50 taunts maybe that will work out?
    Posted by Gamer186 on 01 Sep 12 at 10:48
    steveRPGmrTo Geoffistopheles point: I hit this achievement when my challenge counter for Gang Member Taunts was only at 45 (!), so don't be [too] surprised if it seems to fire early wave
    Posted by steveRPGmr on 15 Oct 15 at 15:39
  • AndaleyAndaley140,127
    15 Apr 2012 15 Apr 2012 30 Jun 2012
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    Despite the fact that every other guide seems to state something to the contrary, you CAN and WILL complete this achievement (and the Taunt 50 Gang Members Challenge) easiest by repeatedly taunting DURING combat WITH notoriety in full effect.

    As of five minutes ago (as of this writing), I can confirm that this works, even if you've already achieved 100% city takeover. If you're looking to complete those two items (the achievement and the challenge) at the same time, simply start an activity like Snatch (something where you're on the ground and will be chased by gang members in cars). Stir up quite a bit of trouble and then quit the activity but DON'T WIPE YOUR NOTORIETY.

    So long as you have immunity to bullet and explosion damage, you can then walk right up to gang members who are actively trying to kill you and press the taunt button to see the "Taunting" Repsect charger appear in the top right of your screen. The gang member may not verbally or even physically respond to your action of taunting them (since they're too busy firing their guns at you), but the game WILL register this as counting, and you'll see your progress show up on the ticker after every 10 taunts or so.

    Again, this can and does work while in the middle of a firefight, but the same rules apply as elsewhere: you can only taunt a single gang member once to count for both the challenge and the achievement, and you may need to stand right in front of their face (hence the need for bullet damage immunity) and tap the button multiple times for it to actually take effect. Once you've wiped out your currently selection of gang members, pull out a weapon (preferably a rocket launcher with infinite ammo), clear them all out and wait for 5 more cars to show up, full of additional gang members you can taunt.

    This is in no way as complicated as many others have made it seem. Just make sure you're immune to damage and you'll complete both the achievement and the taunting challenge in less than 15 minutes.

    Edit: I made a video for proof.
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    UnkindlyKillerI also can 100% confirm this works
    Posted by UnkindlyKiller on 08 Jul 13 at 06:48
    luminosity815Thanks, this was helpful!
    Posted by luminosity815 on 05 Oct 14 at 04:17
    MaskedMan13I found an easy way to do this all at once was to taunt during a survivor challenge. I was up to level 50 and immune to everything already. There are so many enemies that come out you can get all 50 in one challenge.
    Posted by MaskedMan13 on 20 Jun 17 at 15:23
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