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How to unlock the Apprentice achievement

  • Shad0wdarShad0wdar379,685
    08 Nov 2011 09 Nov 2011 25 Aug 2015
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    You will get this achievement pretty early in the game.

    You see it on screen when you levelup, to level up, go to the magic, item, map skill screen and press up twice.
    You level by leveling your skills. So make sure you use a lot of magic spells and fight with different weapons. Make sure that after each time you level you spend your skill point in your skill tree. The only way by not getting this achievement is avoiding all monsters, never use magic and don't level your skills.
    Train all skills and you will get this in no time.

    Some easy ways to level:

    Pickpocket someone, give him money and get it back, be sure to save a lot in case you get noticed.

    Smithing, smithing is pretty easy to level, buy or mine iron ore or ingots and leather strips and make iron daggers. Just wait and buy the stuff again. A recent update made it harder to level up smithing but it still works.

    I also advice to choose one of the first three standing stones, they give you a boost so you level up faster.

    There is a glitch in the beginning of the game. After you've got your loadout, you have to sneak past a bear or kill him. Just attack the guy you need to follow and sneak behind him. This way you can level your magic, fighting and sneaking skills. (Don't know if this got patched or not).

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  • VahliyaVahliya569,103
    12 Aug 2012 15 Nov 2011
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    You will get this achievement naturally but if you want to get it easily and fast here is the way.

    When you get to Riverwood find an elven character named Faendal and conversate with him, he will give you a fake letter to give to Camilla Valerius. Do it and he will be available as a follower.

    Now ask him to follow you then ask for Archery training then pay him, go up as much levels as you can afford and then ask to trade equipment and take your money back. Rinse and Repeat until you are level 10.

    If you need money pick up the Lumbermans Axe stuck in a log behind the mill. Near the mill there is an intractable pile of logs that you can chop to make Fire Wood. You can sell these to Hod for 5 gold coins per Fire Wood.

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  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,261,833
    09 Mar 2021 05 Sep 2014 11 Sep 2014
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    Using SNEAK skill to level up as much as you want through idling boosting.

    This can be done in two ways.

    At the start of the game, when you are escaping through the caves BEFORE you exit. After you fight a few spiders, you will come across a sleeping bear which you will have to sneak around.

    A Second possibility, although it is random to find.

    If you come across a sleeping enemy that doesn't wake (I found one in a cave, but he wasn't there before, so this will only work (after you have exited the cave in the intro) when you come across one randomly.

    When you have found your sleeping enemy or bear...

    1. Make your character SNEAK and then rubberband your LS so that you are always walking into a wall with the sleeping bear or enemy in view. You can check by pulling out your weapon and making sure it is moving a bit.

    2. make sure your controller is wired.

    3. then leave it for 4-6 hours (depending on your perks, if you are just starting it should take closer to 6 hours to get to level 100)

    4. When you come back, you should be at level 100 for the SNEAK skill. Make Sneak skill legendary (which will reset it back to level 15) and then repeat.


    You should be able to get to level 17 the first trip to 100. You can save your perks and assign all of the HP, Stamina and Magica when you come back. At level 40, you only get about 3 levels per 100 skill points in Sneak. Less when you go up.

    Essentially you could rank up to whatever level you want before you really even start the game. Keep in mind you need to be at level 78 in order to have a 100% completion to this game.
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